Mozu [episode 1] review

If you recall the Japanese remake of HK movie, Internal Affairs, by the name of Double Face, then you’d know the two lead casts in this show.

Yes, from the same screenwriter of Double Face and both actors, Nishijima Hidetoshi and Teruyuki Kagawa star in this police drama. I’ve always liked Nishijima’s past dramas/movies. For some reason, he’s a perfect fit for being hard-boiled character, brooding eyes, dark and depressed roles. It’s no different in this, at least from what I’ve seen. In fact, he reminds me of his character in Double Face. Nishijima plays the role of Inspector Kuraki from Public Security 1st division. His wife was killed in a bomb explosion.

As for Teruyuki, he’s a veteran and I expect no less from him. He gave such a great performance in Hanzawa Naoki as villain. Here, he plays Assistant Inspector Osugi Ryota who goes by the book kind of police and expressed his honest displease towards Public Security. Hence, he’s already seen butting heads with Kuraki the moment they met.

Lastly, we have Maki Yoko who acts as police officer Akeboshi Miki in Public Security 2nd Division.

 This pilot episode is 90 minutes long by the way.


Miki was at the bomb incident when it occurred and therefore, Ryoto believes she may have seen the bomber’s face or know something about him. However, Miki insists that she knows nothing about the villain.

MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.03.18_[2014.04.14_22.24.46]

Ryota met Kuraki for the first time when he came to identify his wife’s body from the incident. Kuraki showed a cold hard face even after identifying the wife, or what’s left of his wife. This made Ryota a bit taken aback.

MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.07.32_[2014.04.14_22.25.22]

So it seems that Kuraki had a dark past within his family. Is that his daughter drowned?

MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.14.13_[2014.04.14_22.26.26]MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.13.50_[2014.04.14_22.26.35]

I just love Ryota in this show. I like how he distrusts Public Security as a whole and never ceased to show how pissed he is whenever dealing with Public Security. It’s funny and I am amused.

MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.30.52_[2014.04.14_22.51.17]

Okay, what was the brief brawl about at the subway station between Kuraki and Miki? I actually thought they were going to kill each other.

MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.32.19_[2014.04.14_22.55.10] MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.32.59_[2014.04.14_22.55.56]

Miki revealed to Kuraki that she was tailing a man called Shingai and he was at the crime scene when the bombing happened. Somehow his whereabout is unknown after that.

I noticed they smoke a lot in this show. Both Ryota and Kuraki. Have yet to see Miki light up as well…

MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.38.50_[2014.04.14_23.06.21]

So there’s another side of the story on Shingai, the villain. Apparently, after a falling out within the gang he was in, he fell from the cliff and ended up injured, lost his memory.

MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.53.52_[2014.04.14_23.23.03]

Kuraki opened up to Ryota about his daughter and wife. I find it haunting how he never knew whether his daughter’s death was accident or actually killed by his wife. His daughter was found drowned at the bath tub, with his wife sitting nearby. I guess since then their relationship has never been the same.

Now I find it a bit odd how Kuraki opened up to Ryota, despite the fact they were aloof to each other, almost to the point of “I’d rather not see your face” kind of reaction. In that case, I’d rather the screenwriter not make him tell Ryota about the past, rather giving some hints or letting Ryota himself find out. So at this point, it didn’t click with Kuraki’s character…but I guess now we know what happened in his family.

MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.53.33_[2014.04.14_23.21.51]

Shingai couldn’t recall what he did and so this girl who helps people who lost their memory helped him. The gang then tried to kill him.

 MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_01.03.02_[2014.04.14_23.52.50] MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_01.03.22_[2014.04.14_23.53.14]

Guess it’s not easy to kill a professional killer huh…

Is it just me or I find the people Athena Security asked to kill Shingai are amateurs? You’d think of getting more experienced pros to kill a professional killer right?

Also when Shingai’s eyes turned black all over, I don’t find it spooky (if that was the intention) but a bit annoyed. Are we supposed to think that he has some supernatural power now?

MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_01.14.07_[2014.04.15_00.05.47] MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_01.19.16_[2014.04.15_00.11.04]

Shingai had killed so many people in the pilot I wonder how many more will he kill hmmm…

MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_01.21.51_[2014.04.15_00.13.43]

So Miki can actually smile. She looks like a stone the entire episode I didn’t think she’d even crack a smile.

MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_01.23.46_[2014.04.15_00.18.13]

This is long. It’s midnight now so my mind is challenged.

MOZU Season 1 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_01.27.31_[2014.04.15_00.21.13]

First impression: It is as I expected it to be. Dark, moody, slow-paced, suspense police drama. It’s similar to Double Face really so I’m not disappointed. However I’m not super impressed as well. I just feel there’s not enough Ryota! Half of the episode is dedicated to Shingai’s side of story, we still don’t know whether he actually has a sister or not and he’s on the quest to find that out. I wonder how long can he keep himself out of danger with Athena Security and police chasing after him.

So far, my fav character is Ryota. I tried to sympathize with Kuraki, he lost both wife and daughter, but, I just couldn’t, yet. Is Nishijima’s role challenged by playing Kuraki? I find it very similar to the past roles so I don’t find it particularly different. Maki Yoko also showed the same hard face. I need to see more to judge.




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