Gokuaku Ganbo Episode 1 [review]

Fuji TV is airing Gokuaku Ganbo which stars so many actors/actresses that I can’t be bothered to recall their character names. It’s one of those dramas with one lead and tons of other co-stars who may not play huge roles but they all come together to make a story.


In this show, we have Kanzaki Kaoru. All you have to know about her is that her useless ex-boyfriend Kazuma caused the loss of their savings (which they dreamt of building a restaurant business) and landed them a 2 million yen debt.

Gokuaku Ganbo ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_03.32_[2014.04.17_14.51.14]Gokuaku Ganbo ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_07.34_[2014.04.17_14.55.25]

Not to mention, this useless ex-boyfriend disappeared and left Kaoru to deal with the guy they’re in debt with. Two guys came in at the same time and offered to settle her debt, alongside another girl’s. These guys belong to Koshimizu Management Consultant company.

So now, Kaoru’s debt is settled but she’s forced to work for the company who helped her. Is this win-win position?

Oh another thing is this show’s all about money or…yen yen yen!

I have to thank Jdrama Weblog for the synopsis. It helps me to understand the show better, especially, without subs. This needs to be subbed though.

Gokuaku Ganbo ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_08.54_[2014.04.17_14.56-horz

I’m still spinning my brain cells around that marriage fraud, how could that earn them money?

Gokuaku Ganbo ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_17.22_[2014.04.17_15.18-tile

Things we know from pilot episode:

1) Kaoru is too nice; helps the other girl pay when she’s having 2 million yen debt. This kindness can land her in more trouble in the future, which is true by the end of the episode.
2) Kaoru’s ex-boyfriend makes delicious potato salad.
3) Kinpatsu guy and cool guy look like they’re on good terms, I believe otherwise, they like to compete with each other.
4) Cool guy is the nicer employee in Koshimizu. At least, he doesn’t recommend shady jobs like Kinpatsu.
5) Kiriko (Naka RIisa) has a soft spot for cool guy and gets excited when he’s around.
6) Cool guy is an ex-police officer and at times, asks help from Tamotsu (Joe Odagiri), his former subordinate.
7) Joe Odagiri! Yes, I didn’t know he’s in this too besides Alice no Toge.

That last one was just my own excitement that I couldn’t contain.

Gokuaku Ganbo ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_34.29_[2014.04.17_15.58-tile

First impression:

I’m happy to see Ono Machiko back in dramas, she’s amazing in Saikou no Rikon. To be honest, I gave this a try just because of her. I wanted to see how will her character fare in this, is it any different from Saikou no Rikon? Well, I don’t see huge difference but we do see a less sloppy person (or Eita’s character was just too hygienic), more independent, doesn’t falter too much when it comes to right or wrong…at least in the beginning. But when a person is saddled with 2 million yen debt, it’ll change the person, tremendously.

We’re gonna see a cool Kaoru soon. I’m anticipating when she starts working in the underworld in the company xD As for the other characters, they’re all great so far. Though I wonder the significance of old Mr. President of the company who only appeared twice in the entire pilot. I will continue this just to see the various kind of fraud they come up with and how Kaoru pays back her debt.



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