BORDER ep 4 [review]

FINALLY, we get something exciting from BORDER.

Bomb explosions!

Sorry, couldn’t help it. BORDER never made my heart thump, to be honest. From the pilot episode until now, I thought the sequence and the pace was a bit slow and dull. I can’t get over how uninteresting Ango looked like, but that’s basically the point I guess.

So to see an explosion at the beginning of the episode makes it more thrilling.

BORDER ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_00.48_[2014.05.04_16.32-tile

A killer planted a bomb underneath a victim’s body as bait. Ango suspected something from his conversation with the victim but it was too late when he went to warn the coroner to not move the body.

Coroner was injured and I thought for a second there that Ango probably will be able to see her spirit and started talking to him. But yeah, there’s no way she’ll die so fast right? But if I were the screenwriter, I’d make her hang in between life and death and having Ango getting glimpse of her spirit. That’d be kinda cool.

Moving on, yet another victim was found with a seal. This time, no bomb was used. Ango waited for the victim to appear. After getting a clue that there was burn mark on the killer’s right hand, Ango heard a phone ringing which led to the killer telling him there’s a bomb under a vehicle.

BORDER ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_26.42_[2014.05.04_17.11-tile

Okay, I’m now wondering why didn’t Ango just shout to everybody that there might be bomb in the perimeter and asked their help to check? I mean, that way, it’d be faster, no?

I don’t get why the leader keep ordering them to take a rest? How can they possibly just let go when they’ve already made contact with the killer? I just thought that order was dumb. Just let them carry on with their job.

Can you really remember something someone told you 2 years ago? I can’t even recall where I had dinner last night!

I don’t know to LOL or what when the guy from the forum Ango pinned down told him that he heard from his colleague about the bomb. Perhaps, because it’s a bomb that he remembered till now, still I find it a bit hard to believe. And he still can remember where he lives?

That aside, it’s nice to see the other policeman is actually doing something in this episode. For the last 3 episodes, all we saw was Ango working alone. That made me feel like this is a one-man show and the other characters just serve no purpose whatsoever, except for the usual Hi-Bye interactions.


BORDER ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_40.10_[2014.05.04_17.31-tile

Ugh … there’s no suspense at all when the coroner woke up and told Ango a clue about the killer. I was slightly disappointed with that actually. So yea, cut the long story short, Ango found the killer thanks to the victim who stood by the killer, hinting that he was the guy.

I think this episode was alright, would’ve wanted more explosions to be honest but it fell short of expectation. Is it just me or anybody else thinks there’s just something that’s missing in BORDER? Like, something major? I’m not sure whether it’s the way they film it, dark, moody and just dull. Anyways, Oguri Shun’s acting is fine but his character is just, uninteresting. I can’t find any other word to describe.


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