Hidamari no Kanojo [recap & review]

The_Girl_in_The_Sun-P1 Starring: Matsumoto Jun, Ueno Juri

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for this since the release last October. But since I don’t live in Japan, I can’t just waltz into a local cinema to watch it. So now that the Blu-Ray is finally out, let’s see what this movie is all about!


If you wish to not be spoiled, do not exceed past the Impression & Thoughts section as I will be posting a very lengthy recap of the movie in detail below.

IMPRESSION & Thoughts:

To be honest, when I first heard that Matsujun and Ueno Juri will play as a couple in a romantic movie, I wasn’t very keen about it. In my mind, I always thought that Ueno Juri + Tamaki Hiroshi (Nodame pair) is the most perfect combination ever and no one else can surpass. The only other guy who I always support is Eita. Remember Last Friends and Sunao ni Narenakute? Eita has to pair up with her again! I am not satisfied with how Sunao ended (even if they got together in the end) but no, not enough.

That being said, I can’t really imagine seeing Juri with any other guys lol…Also the fact that the only romantic role she ever had was Nodame. I try not to recall Sunao (cast was perfect but plot was really bad) which was a waste. I haven’t watched Shitsuren (haven’t finished really) and so I can’t say who fits Matsujun or has on-screen chemistry with him. Overall, I was skeptical. VERY skeptical.

But 30 mins into this movie, I was dead wrong. They had so much chemistry together! I was even surprised! That said, my biggest worry turned out to be a huge relief. As for the plot, nothing truly original. I think hints were given throughout the movie about Mao’s true identity. Even then, I feel the plot was executed quite well and not too try-hard. I’m not a huge fan of romantic movies to be honest. I always find myself squirming when there are cheesy scenes and all. I’m glad this movie didn’t turn me off, instead, enthralled me. I’m pretty certain it’s the cinematography and camera angles. I want to thank the director for giving us so much amazing scenes. That explains why I ended up with tonnes of screencaps. Soundtrack was fitting (I’ll look out for it) and who can say no to the famous Beach Boys song?

If there’s one thing I have to praise though for this movie, it’s not the plot, not the direction (this comes in a close second). It’s the performance of both Matsujun and Juri. Like I said, great chemistry even though this was the first time working together. I’m thinking how can Matsujun be unpopular with that look? But then he came off convincing as a regular office worker and he worked those comic reliefs as well. As for Juri, I never doubt her even once. I know she’d nail it and she did. I think her character fits her very much and I’m pretty sure there’s no other actress out there who would pass off as Mao as convincingly as Juri. I always have this worry that her acting will be compared to Nodame. Even I begin to compare whenever she plays a slightly playful or quirky role. But fear not, no Nodame (except maybe the one dress she wore which would’ve fitted Nodame lol) but it’s great she handled the character of Mao very well. Actually, her role is harder to play than Matsujun’s Kousuke. *I may sound biased here* I think performance-wise, Matsujun was overshadowed by her.

  Anyways, kudos to whoever did the casting. Even the younger versions of both Matsujun and Mao (in particular) was brilliant. I hope to see more of those young stars in future works. Let’s not forget the other side characters, even though they don’t have much screentime but they served their own purpose.

Overall, this is a very good movie. I will watch this again ^^

*Note to Juri fans: Be sure to catch her ongoing drama, Alice no Toge. Having watched her play a dark role there and to watch this as playful and cheerful Mao – that transition is very surreal.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.05.09_[2014.05.05_14.41.26]

Meet Okuda Kousuke (MatsuJun) who is still single and just…unpopular. He has a younger brother who crashes into his place once in a while when he doesn’t feel like going home. In the opening, we get a glimpse of a fragmented memory during his childhood. There are lots of flashbacks throughout the movie which are very much necessary to explain the background of both Kousuke and Watarai Mao (Ueno Juri).

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.08.42_[2014.05.05_15.22.58]

At the workplace, he invites a girl colleague who he has taken interest in or just trying his luck, but is declined immediately. The girl is already planning to get married with someone else. So basically we know Kousuke is a shy type of person who is not popular, despite his good looks. One day, while meeting a client (lingerie company), he meets an ex-classmate during junior high – Watarai Mao.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.09.32_[2014.05.05_15.07.51]

Seriously though, I have to give the director or whoever picked the cast, a huge thumbs up for finding the perfect girl to play the younger version of Mao. They’re almost identical!

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.09.03_[2014.05.05_14.45.30]

Upon meeting her, Kousuke, our lead guy, fell head over heels for her. I guess it’s the typical ‘love at first sight’ kind of setting BUT! in the flashbacks, we know Mao who was the transfer new girl in school, was bullied and called stupid. Kousuke defended her and that in turn, caused him to be outcast by the class as well. Since then, they spent time together to study and etc…hence, I won’t call it a typical love at first sight. I think it’s more of a rekindled connection to someone from the past? *forgive me I don’t make sense*

Moving on!

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.15.30_[2014.05.05_14.52.59] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.15.33_[2014.05.05_14.53.05]

There’s  a visible obstacle that Kousuke needs to leap over though. He’s not sure if Mao is still single and available. Moreover, Mao’s boss has taken a liking for her. Boss is a playboy though.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.19.48_[2014.05.05_15.27.09]

 As someone who’s into photography myself, I put in extra focus whenever I see a camera on screen and my brain will start working out what camera are those…I’m gonna place my bet that the camera he’s holding there is Olympus Pen. *just a guess*

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.26.04_[2014.05.05_15.29.42]

Kousuke’s boss thinks the advertisement for Mao’s company is a bit too revealing and doesn’t allow them to go forward. Kousuke then goes around the railways surrounding Tokyo for some research on lingerie adverts.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.25.38_[2014.05.05_15.32-tile

I like how they portray Mao’s character in the movie. There’s just something so whimsical or magical about her. The english title of the movie is “Girl in The Sunny Place” and so whenever the director films Mao against the sunlight, it just looks very appealing.

I try not to compare this with Juri’s Nodame character. I tried so hard. In the end, I thought there’s a distinct difference in character between Nodame and Mao anyways. Sure, at times, I couldn’t help but notice some Nodame-ish quirkiness in Mao but thankfully, only minimal. I know it’s not fair to always, always compare Nodame with any quirky character Juri plays.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.27.13_[2014.05.05_15.34.45]Mao stumbles into him one day and he explains the reason why he’s taking those ‘obscene’ billboards lol…so she decides to hunt for them together with him.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.28.35_[2014.05.05_15.39-tile

I don’t know about any of you out there, but I would feel awkward taking pictures of those billboards whole day lol..

Matsujun should just be Olympus’s ambassador. I feel like I’m watching a camera advert.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.30.16_[2014.05.05_16.19.00]He manages to prove to his big boss that there are other more ‘obscene and revealing’ ads around the city and the one he’s trying to put for Mao’s company is not. So the project was accepted.

Oh yea, there’ll be tonnes of screencaps, so brace yourself.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.31.32_[2014.05.05_16.24.33] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.31.45_[2014.05.05_16.24.54]

Almost every scene I watch, I can’t help but to pause and save the screencap, everything looks so pretty!

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.31.58_[2014.05.05_16.25.10] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.32.13_[2014.05.05_16.25.28]

You know you’ve been waiting for this! I didn’t see it coming. I saw the trailer last year but this totally, totally, LITERALLY MADE MY HEART FLUTTER!!!

I’m not big on romantic movies to be honest but this sealed my heart. Awwww…..

Okay, I should explain this scene. Basically Kousuke says it’s great to meet her again, even if by chance. Mao then says it’s not by chance and I don’t know what comes over her, she just stands up and kisses him!

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.32.41_[2014.05.05_16.28.38]


Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.32.48_[2014.05.05_16.28.49]

More flashbacks!

Okay, Mao’s not afraid of height and likes to stand on rails.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.33.55_[2014.05.05_16.46.01]

She scores better than Kousuke even though he was the one who helped her with studies.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.34.08_[2014.05.05_16.48.12] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.34.06_[2014.05.05_16.48.06]

Kousuke told her he’ll go to Tokyo and she said she wanted to follow him too. Ahh…kids.

That wasn’t the first time they kissed?! *Last time, Kousuke was the one who kissed her btw*

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.35.05_[2014.05.05_16.53.47]

Back to present.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.35.58_[2014.05.05_16.55-tile

Can I say again how much I love the cinematography for this movie? A lot of well-thought scenes and camera angles.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.40.41_[2014.05.05_17.05.46]

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.42.02_[2014.05.05_17.07.54]

Kousuke is afloat in the heavens after the dating began…

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.42.16_[2014.05.05_17.11.55] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.42.18_[2014.05.05_17.12.00]

Shindo tries to ask Mao out but she already has plans with Kousuke, leaving a dejected Shindo.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.43.30_[2014.05.05_17.11.05] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.43.33_[2014.05.05_17.10.40]

Perfect dating spot.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.44.48_[2014.05.05_17.15.15]

I think some clues are already being given every one and then about Mao’s real identity. Even here, she is saying the fish “looks delicious“. Of course, Kousuke doesn’t think much of it given how quirky and playful Mao is, or was from the start.

Shindo stalks people he likes! HAHA

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.44.57_[2014.05.05_17.15.39] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.45.42_[2014.05.05_17.18.22]

I think I’ve seen these Enoshima spots before in one of those Hello Project TV.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.45.59_[2014.05.05_17.19.30] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.46.09_[2014.05.05_17.20.15]

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.46.58_[2014.05.05_17.22.03] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.47.14_[2014.05.05_17.22.23]

Kousuke brings her to his favorite spots where lots of cats are staying. There, we get some indication of Mao’s nature. There’s a lady who dresses like a witch (maybe not), that Mao knows. While she asks Kousuke to get somethng warm for her to drink, she chats with the lady. Shindo would’ve been able to overhear their conversation if not for his stupid girl he brings along.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.49.04_[2014.05.05_17.26.37] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.49.08_[2014.05.05_17.26.44]

What is Mao’s secret?

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.49.18_[2014.05.05_17.26.57]

She then forces Kousuke to drop by her house – Kousuke is nervous meeting his future father-in-law who is a retired policeman.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.49.55_[2014.05.05_17.29.35] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.50.18_[2014.05.05_17.30.06]

Suddenly, Mao bursts out that she’s getting married with Kousuke (who is as surprised as her parents lol).

Mao’s father tells Kousuke about Mao’s situation. Apparently, she has amnesia. She doesn’t recall anything from before 13 years-old which was when she was adopted. Basically, she doesn’t remember where she came from, who her real parents were. Her father worries that she might have a relapse in the future.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.52.21_[2014.05.05_17.40.06]

Hold it right there, Kousuke! Just how much do you know Mao?

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.55.31_[2014.05.05_17.46.07] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.55.49_[2014.05.05_17.46.29]

Jeez…they bumped into Uchioda who used to bully Mao. When she finds out that he’s with Mao, she begins calling her names including ‘Pervert’. How does having a messy hairstyle and a pervert relate to each other anyway?

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.56.25_[2014.05.05_17.48.26] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.56.28_[2014.05.05_17.48.32]

Step it up, Kousuke!

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.56.39_[2014.05.05_17.48.58]

I’m glad Kousuke doesn’t go all RAGE with Uchioda. Instead, he takes the quiet, mature route of telling her straight in the face that both the past and present Mao is more important than anything in the world for him. He walks away with Mao and shame on Uchioda.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.58.01_[2014.05.05_17.53.03]

Omg, we’re only halfway the movie haha

They got married!

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_00.58.52_[2014.05.05_17.55.20]I think a man smiles best when –

1. He gets the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

2. He gets the approval from parents-in-law.

3. He becomes a father.

The list can be long but you get the gist.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.00.39_[2014.05.05_17.58.03]

LOL Mao names their pet fish after The Beach Boys.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.03.29_[2014.05.05_18.02.33]

Newlyweds are always sweet to watch.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.04.51_[2014.05.05_18.05.16]

Even the next door kid is curious.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.05.15_[2014.05.05_18.07.53] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.05.17_[2014.05.05_18.05.47]

Mao asks about a scar on his hand, it was from when he tried to rescue a kitten. I have some inkling this is connected to Mao. Somehow.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.06.36_[2014.05.05_18.09.48]

Mao lost her ring. Amnesia kicking in already?!

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.07.55_[2014.05.05_18.13.22]

Kousuke finds the ring and realizes Mao has been losing weight. The ring doesn’t fit anymore and so Mao wears it around her neck.

Kousuke also notices Brian (one of the goldfish) is missing. *Yes, Mao ate him.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.09.37_[2014.05.05_18.15.58] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.09.47_[2014.05.05_18.16.11]

Losing that much weight should be worrying Kousuke! You gotta notice something already…

Mao also begins to have hair fall, a lot. Or should I call it ‘shedding’?

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.10.15_[2014.05.05_18.18.15]

After some checkups at the hospital, the doctor can’t find anything wrong with Mao. Except he tells Kousuke, it might be more of a psychological problem. Mao might have some stress about not recalling her past and it may be taking a toll on her.

Hence, Kousuke meets her father to discuss the issue.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.12.08_[2014.05.05_18.23.18]

12 years ago, Mao was found lingering, naked, on the road and that was on her birthday. Her father created the name Mao for her since nobody knows her real parents, nothing of her past. Her age was also based on predictions via knowledge test and doctors’ assessment.

Mao is indeed…very mysterious.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.15.00_[2014.05.05_19.48.48]

Mao begins to show eagerness to spend more time with Kousuke – honeymoon in New York and such.

One day, after collapsing at work, Shindo drives her back to Enoshima. She drops the charm Kousuke once used to lure the kitten he saved.

By now, I think there are certain things viewers should’ve guessed.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.20.00_[2014.05.05_19.48.22]

Mao is a cat.

According to the cat lady, she may not live until the new year.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.21.52_[2014.05.05_19.53.27]

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.25.54_[2014.05.05_20.05.16]

Mao keeps getting weaker and weaker. Shindo finally tells her that he heard what she and the cat lady was talking the other day at Enoshima. Sometimes being a stalker to someone you like is not such a bad thing afterall. *This is not directed to you creepy stalkers out there though*

Mao pleads Shindo to let it go and assures him that she’s fine. But Shindo doesn’t know the truth about Mao being a cat. He only overheard the part Mao only has until new year to live.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.26.43_[2014.05.05_20.04.33] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.27.58_[2014.05.05_20.07.47]

Kousuke confronts Mao and demands to know what’s really going on. Just when Mao wants to confess her secret, their neighbour kid gets himself in a situation *as you can see below* God knows how he ends up almost falling off…

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.32.23_[2014.05.05_20.19.46]Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.33.18_[2014.05.05_20.21.05]

Mao saves him by leaping out to catch him when his mother can’t hold him back. Cats can leap and land from high places.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.34.44_[2014.05.05_20.25.17] Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.35.51_[2014.05.05_20.25.03]

Since that incident, Kousuke doesn’t know how to communicate with Mao. He’s probably too shocked. One morning, Mao disappears and her parents don’t remember having a child, her colleagues don’t know who Mao is no matter how much Kousuke asks.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_01.49.19_[2014.05.05_21.05.04]

Kousuke’s the only one who still remembers her. He runs back to Enoshima, pleads help from the lady cat but to no avail. Since there’s no turning back and time is running out (they only have till sunset before Mao disappears), they spend the remaining time just doing what a normal couple would.

In the end, Mao disappears, basically everything related to her was erased. Only Kousuke still remembers her, must be the love.

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_02.04.53_[2014.05.05_20.58.41]

While I thought that’s the end, seems like Mao gets her wish granted. Since cats have 9 lives, so they say, she’s reborn and meets Kousuke at the park. She still wears the ring around her neck ^_^

Wait but does that mean Mao will disappear every once in a while?

Hidamari no Kanojo 2013.mkv_snapshot_02.04.59_[2014.05.05_20.59.12]


6 thoughts on “Hidamari no Kanojo [recap & review]

  1. Pingback: Feature – Ueno Juri | Ritsu no Dorama Land

  2. This movie is absolutely gorgeous, sad, and very romantic! I can’t believe I got to see my favorite actors/actress (Matsumoto Jun, Ueno Juri, and Kitamura Takumi) star in this amazing film. One thing that confuses me is that Mao is revealed “not human” in the movie, and everyone but Kousuke looses memory of her. I still don’t get why everything seems to rewind back from the beginning of the movie without Mao. After all, this film was very sad because they couldn’t live life as a married couple, I kinda teared at the scene where they talk at the swings as adults when she said “was I a good wife?” It is very depressing that they had to seperate, and then they meet again with her not knowing who Kousuke is. The film itself is a beyond tragic yet beautiful story. Thank you for reviewing this film.

  3. that review of yours was great!! the screenshots are so beautiful!!! I was only able to watch to it on 2015 and it was everything as marvelous as I was expecting and more!!!
    as an Arashi’s fan and Jun-baited (HanaDan) I was sure that this movie would be a success!! Jun is the King of Romance!!! and he was a petto and now he has a petto!!! I love Jun, I love cats and I want a Momo!!!
    but about the movie. I didn’t know Juri well, but I loved her on Last Friends and Ouroboros. I tried to watch to Nodame Cantabile but is not all women on comedy that appeal to me. and Nodame scared me away. but I loved Juri as Mao!!!
    as for the title in English, I would prefer “Her Sunny Side” instead of The Girl in the Sunny Place.
    seeing Jun so cutely married with kitty Juri made my heart flutter!!!
    I knew the song Wouldn’t It Be Nice before, but now I have something beautiful linked to it!!!
    oh! and I think that Ushioda called Mao pervert because of the fact that she was naked when she was found.
    this movie was so beautiful…. I cried so much!!!! I will never get over it!!!

    • Thanks for visiting my blog and glad you loved this review ^^ I guess you could see how much my love shows for this movie with the review lol
      I really think both Jun and Juri had a great chemistry here, hence making it very believable. So I got so invested in their characters.

  4. I’ve watched the movie many times, but I noticed only now that there is no explanation forthe amulet that Mao had. Does someone know about it?

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