Roosevelt Game [first impression]


Is it just me or Roosevelt Game reminds me too much of Hanzawa Naoki? Having the same director, screenwriter and author who collaborated in Hanzawa previously, I should’ve expected so.


I’m not sure if I like the fact that the cast and nature of the show (suspense, over-acting) resembles Hanzawa too much. Of course, it’s still too early to judge it since I’ve only watched the 1st episode. Well, if there’s one thing I enjoyed watching in the pilot was the baseball game. At least, that brings something different than the whole ‘company on the verge of bankruptcy vs bank corruption’ like Hanzawa.

Roosevelt Game ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_00.27.34_[2014.05.08_10.29.51]

In short, all you have to know is there’s a company called Aoshima and President Hosokawa is trying to dissolve their baseball team due to economic slump. However, Chairman and founder Tsuyoshi Aoshima loves the baseball team and refuses to let Hosokawa dissolve the team. The baseball team is mainly used as a marketing tool for the company but has not achieved much for many years and begins to burden the company. 300 million yen is spent each year just to maintain it.

Roosevelt Game ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_00.27.43_[2014.05.08_10.30.18]

There are two obvious plots here – company affair and the baseball team.

Roosevelt Game ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_01.04.27_[2014.05.08_10.27.45]

I have to admit I’m more interested in the baseball team more so than the company’s struggle to stay out of bankruptcy. The whole thing just reeks too much of Hanzawa Naoki that it felt like it’s trying too hard to follow the footsteps of the mega-hit series. I think they’re trying to repeat the success of Hanzawa by adapting the same structure, script, over-acting, suspense and even familiar faces. I’m not sure I like that. I’ll give it benefit of doubt for now.

Roosevelt Game ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_01.07.20_[2014.05.08_10.28.16]

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Hanzawa Naoki and enjoyed it very much. However, if I want to watch another Hanzawa, I’d rather wait for Season 2 and not an attempt of it with a slightly different setting.

Roosevelt Game ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_00.59.06_[2014.05.08_10.28.39]

I’m turned off by this over-acting.

But if you’re a fan of baseball, this might thrill you.


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