Alice no Toge episode 5 [review]

As usual, before posting my thoughts/opinions, here’s a recap of episode 5.

Let’s see…Humpty Dumpty is back! Lol…

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_02.30_[2014.05.10_11.13.10]

Nishikado told Asumi about the argument between her father and Bandai a few days before he died. That piqued their curiosity whether the argument might have led to the ‘medical error’. Hence, Asumi went back to Humpty Dumpty for more details about it. Humpty Dumpty didn’t know anything about the argument but he felt the father’s operation was a bit suspicious with the sudden excessive bleeding – almost like a dark magic had cast over them.

Hoshino shared her happiness with Asumi about Yuma complimenting her cooking was good. She was thinking of asking him out and asked Asumi to join in. Probably to make things less obvious lol…

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_03.57_[2014.05.10_11.15.00]

Asumi wasn’t too keen about it but we’ll see if later she needs to use Yuma or not.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_04.03_[2014.05.10_11.15.09]

So I guess there’s always a possibility that the characters that were cast away will return. For example, Humpty Dumpty appears every now and then. This time, Hyuga also made a return. He looked so shabby and no more ‘smart/clean lawyer’. Yuma being a the gentle and naive person he is, said how his father was worried about Hyuga. Obviously, Hyuga didn’t believe it after all the things he has revealed in episode 3 regarding the ‘medical error’.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_05.01_[2014.05.10_11.16.22]Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_05.02_[2014.05.10_11.16.26]

Asumi saw Hyuga and made a call, most probably to Nishikado?

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_05.14_[2014.05.10_12.12.44]

Hyuga blackmailed Bandai and asked for money. He offered Bandai his holiday villa that holds all the dirty secrets he had on Bandai.

Nishikado must have been able to travel at the speed of light lol…he was already waiting for Hyuga after receiving the call from Asumi.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_07.28_[2014.05.10_12.20.31]

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_07.50_[2014.05.10_12.22.10] Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_08.05_[2014.05.10_12.22.47]

I always can’t help but notice Nishikado’s messy hair. Well it fits him xD

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_08.27_[2014.05.10_12.23.28]

The showdown between Asumi and Bandai is just about to start.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_09.17_[2014.05.10_12.24.42]Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_09.12_[2014.05.10_12.26.24]

Nishikado started digging around, asking staffs about anything they recalled 15 years ago between Bandai and Osanai. Asumi on the other hand, focused on getting some info from Yuma. Yuma told her that his father seemed to have bought Hyuga’s villa.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_13.32_[2014.05.10_13.10.16]

Arima questioned Asumi about the photographs where she was seen with Hyuga’s ex-mistress and also when she entered Bandai’s office. Asumi managed to give adequate reasons about the photographs – great excuses! I thought for sure Arima would have forced Asumi to tell the truth about her connection with all the victims. I guess that was really a close call.

After hearing about his family from Arima, Asumi thought about her relationship with her step-father. That night, she asked him why he never directly asked anything from her. He said there should be reasons why she wouldn’t say or open about. But if she has something to tell him in the future, he assured her he’ll be able to accept anything.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_16.37_[2014.05.10_12.43.38] Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_16.36_[2014.05.10_12.57.35]

Asumi went with Nishikado to visit his younger sister’s grave. Nishikado wondered how it his sister would’ve been if she were to live.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_19.04_[2014.05.10_13.07.02]

I like this actor who plays the role of young Nishikado. Very fitting.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_19.29_[2014.05.10_12.48.08]

His younger sister believed young Asumi had a crush on her brother because she was always looking at him haha…she wished that Asumi will stay by her brother’s side even after she’s gone.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_19.35_[2014.05.10_12.48.18]

I like this scene a lot because of the transition. It depicted the relationship both Asumi and Nishikado had before the incident. They were close and on good terms but after Osanai’s death, everything fell apart. There’s a sense of regret and wonder how things would’ve been if not for her father’s death from the way Asumi looked at Nishikado in this particular scene too.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_19.24_[2014.05.10_13.06.23]

Nishikado asked Asumi whether she can dig more about the villa from Yuma. She said confidently she can talk about anything with Yuma to which Nishikado jokingly compared her to a ‘honey trap’. But he also told her not to force too much of herself.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_20.31_[2014.05.10_12.50.21]

Nishikado finally found a cleaner at the hospital who was working on the night of Osanai’s incident. He mentioned watching Bandai holding two cups but immediately hid them in the pocket when he greeted him. After a while, he was called to clean up some blood at the room by a nurse. He thought it was normal for some blood since it was a hospital. However when he saw the amount of blood, he thought it was unnatural. Afterwards, he heard that the blood was Osanai’s.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_23.38_[2014.05.10_12.55.09] Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_23.56_[2014.05.10_12.55.59]

Asumi suspected that Bandai had given Osanai something like steroid to induce his condition to get worse, excessive bleeding and unstoppable. If their hypothesis was correct, then Bandai was a killer. The ‘medical error’ was just a guise to his real intention.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_25.37_[2014.05.10_13.22.54]

Bandai met Hyuga to discuss about buying his villa. Hyuga said he kept all the files in the villa including the one where Bandai ‘killed’ Osanai.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_27.23_[2014.05.10_13.28.01]

Asumi told both Hoshino and Yuma she found a good place for their little get-together. It’s located at Kawaguchi, where Hyuga’s villa is at. Without suspecting anything, both of them agreed. Asumi’s plan is working.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_28.26_[2014.05.10_13.30.30] Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_28.38_[2014.05.10_13.30.46]

Yay for getting out the city! I thought it was a nice change of pace.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_31.13_[2014.05.10_13.35.29] Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_31.17_[2014.05.10_13.35.14]

Asumi had to get into the villa before Bandai in fear of him destroying any secret files related to her father. Nishikado is watching him while Asumi has to convince Yuma to let her inside the villa as soon as possible.

Is that Mount Fuji?

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_32.21_[2014.05.10_13.40.53]

Hoshino apologized to Asumi for misunderstanding that there was anything going on between her and Yuma.

I just feel pity for Hoshino. She’s just an innocent nurse who wishes to pursue a guy she’s in love with. But a the same time, I feel sorry for Asumi too. The GUILT she has to bear! The LIES she has to tell Hoshino, knowing sooner or later, Hoshino will be hurt.

As she’s racing against time, she has to convince Yuma during the trip. But how will she do it without hurting Hoshino?

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_32.37_[2014.05.10_13.41.46] Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_33.08_[2014.05.10_13.42.45]

She persuaded Yuma to go visit the villa later but to no avail. Yuma worried the cold weather might affect Asumi and didn’t want that to happen.

I don’t get it, Yuma. Here’s this woman who you obviously is in love with, inviting you to your dad’s villa and you said no?! He’s pretty dense at times.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_33.54_[2014.05.10_13.47.19]

Asumi called Nishikado to tell that Yuma won’t go to the villa until tomorrow. Nishikado said he could only hold Bandai back at the conference only for so long. No matter what, she had to enter the villa before Bandai does. Asumi said it’d be hard for her to explain to Bandai about her presence at the villa without Yuma around as an excuse.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_34.34_[2014.05.10_13.52.13] Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_34.49_[2014.05.10_13.52.34]

So what will Asumi do?

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_35.10_[2014.05.10_13.55.14]

How will Asumi be able to get to speak to Yuma alone when Hoshino’s all clingy to him?

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_35.33_[2014.05.10_13.55.56]

Yuma noticed that Asumi kept on speaking with someone on the phone. He then asked Hoshino whether she knows Asumi has some she likes or not. OMG YUMA…must be heart-breaking for Hoshino. She said she doesn’t have any idea. The wine’s finished so she went to get another.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_36.06_[2014.05.10_13.57.44] Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_36.19_[2014.05.10_13.58.02]

When Asumi saw that Yuma was finally alone…she made her approach.

Asumi saw Hoshino behind them but she had no choice but to pursue Yuma about the villa.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_37.36_[2014.05.10_14.01.47]

Asumi struggled again with her inner conflict.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_38.14_[2014.05.10_14.05.32]

Will she keep on pursuing?

Finally, she decided to go ahead using the only reason she could think of at the time.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_38.29_[2014.05.10_14.04.56]

Hoshino….oh…poor you

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_38.33_[2014.05.10_14.04.45]

She finally managed to convince Yuma to visit the villa.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_40.09_[2014.05.10_14.10.17]

But it was too LATE!

He was already burning all the documents!

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_40.44_[2014.05.10_14.11.11]


I think…that must have been what Asumi felt at the moment she saw him through the window.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_40.58_[2014.05.10_14.11.32]

So close…So helpless…

As she watched Bandai burnt all the files marked with year 1999.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_41.41_[2014.05.10_14.18.23]

Just when I thought this week’s episode is over…Bandai told Yuma that he heard news about Hyuga’s body being discovered this morning.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_42.09_[2014.05.10_14.18.06]

Hyuga was murdered?!

Asumi dug the remains hoping to find something that can still be salvaged but everything was burnt to ashes.

I just felt this scene was quite painful to watch T_T

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_44.15_[2014.05.10_14.22.51]

Just when I thought she was giving up already, she caught a glimpse of a piece of paper.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_44.57_[2014.05.10_14.28.18]

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_45.09_[2014.05.10_14.23.53]

Could it hold some clue to take Bandai down?

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_45.15_[2014.05.10_15.23.42]Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_45.19_[2014.05.10_14.27.53]

How will she tackle Bandai soon?

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_46.00_[2014.05.10_14.29.47]


WOW…such a roller coaster ride. My heart was thumping as I watched her and Nishikado racing against time towards the end. I thought for sure she was gonna make it before Bandai. Anyways, another good episode with the right amount of exciting scenes, thrilling at times and ultimately, it continues to give suspense.

From ‘medical error’ to ‘murder’? Who knew it could advance to this?

I liked that it explored the relationship between Asumi and Hoshino with Yuma in between. I thought Hoshino was just a really really minor role judging from her few appearances in the first 3 episodes. But the scriptwriters are saving her role for the later episodes. Now that Asumi has angered her for making the move towards Yuma, how will Hoshino treat her?

There’s also character development involving Asumi herself. You can see that while in the first 2-3 episodes, she was a lone wolf, she begins to open up to Nishikado now. I just love every scene of them together, that grave visit was nicely captured. Something normal between Asumi and Nishikado, without talking about the case.

I continue to be amazed by the performances of the actors in here. I’m liking Joe Odagiri more and more. I should also add that Koichi Iwaki who plays Bandai is very very convincing as a villain. If you’ve watched Miss Pilot, you would know his character was such a happy-go-lucky person there. Always cheerful and sensible. But he is awesome here as an evil doctor. That icy cold stare. I think casting both Ueno Juri and him was a great idea. It’s exciting to see both of them go against each other soon! Lastly, Juri did good again for this episode. My favorite scene was when she was contemplating on whether to use Yuma or not as she was going out of time. Another favorite was at the end as she dug helplessly at the incinerator for any clue. You just can feel her frustration and being powerless.


 Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_46.06_[2014.05.10_14.30.28]

I know the whole jealousy thing between Hoshino and Asumi is cliche but I’m glad anyways they decided to include it in here. It makes things more exciting to stir the relationship between the three. Hoshino looked so dead jealous in the preview. She even slapped Asumi!

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_46.15_[2014.05.10_15.27.36]

This love triangle is so tragic.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_46.23_[2014.05.10_15.32.40]

Asumi found out about Bandai’s mistress but from the looks of it, she doesn’t seem the type that will tell anything.

Alice no Toge ep05.mp4_snapshot_46.32_[2014.05.10_15.27.25]


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