Feature – Eita


When it comes to Eita, I seriously do not know where to begin because his filmography is so long and covers a wide range of genre. To think that he’s only 31 years old and having that much work under his belt. I don’t quite remember which of his first work that I actually noticed him. But I suppose it should be Nodame Contabile, just like how I discovered Ueno Juri.

I’ve not watched all of his work, some are hard to find now especially his earlier projects. So, I’ll list some of the more recent and famous ones.

Well, let’s begin with Nodame Cantabile since it was most probably how I got to know him. Since then, he’s somewhat been under my radar and becomes one of my favorite Japanese actors.



He acts as the happy-go-lucky golden haired violinist in the drama. His role wasn’t the lead but still very very memorable as Mine. I enjoyed all of his scenes, whenever he appeared, the mood just brightened up. Of course, the character itself is fun and hilarious but Eita should be praised for bringing Mine to life. I feel like they can do a dozen different styling when it comes to his hair lol…


In Last Friends, he proved he can lead a somewhat more mellow character, as opposed to the exaggerated Mine in Nodame Cantabile. As Takeru, he appears more gentle, calm, composed, caring and yet holds a secret he can’t share or open up with anyone, except with Ruka. Takeru is definitely my favorite character in Last Friends.



Another masterpiece which is actually my all-time favorite work of his, is Soredemo Ikite Yuku. His character, Hiroki lives a very depressing life ever since the death of his younger sister who was murdered. His unkempt hair and messy image in the first episode is just…sad. It’s an overall very depressing drama with heavy script but trust me, it’s worth watching. He captivated me with the awkwardness and body language. I think this is definitely one of his finest works ever. You can’t help but feel sympathetic towards him and definitely one that you wish will lead a happy life.

I was going to mention Sunao ni Narenakute as well, but since it was just an average drama for me, I won’t recommend it much. However, if you’re a fan, like me, then by all means, watch it because he plays the lead.


He plays a medical student in VOICE (2009). His character is slightly quirky and again, awkward, but different awkward than in Soredemo. I couldn’t remember much of this drama but it was quite nice.


He also acted with Matsumoto Jun in Lucky Seven. Although his character is rather enjoyable and the bickering between him and MatsuJun’s character is fun to watch, I didn’t finish this show. I gave up once he disappeared midway. MatsuJun wasn’t enough to make me stay. I think the plot prevented me from really taking it serious. Still, I think it’s nice to see him with MatsuJun lol…the bromance….



Just like Soredemo Ikite Yuku which I feel was his best work up to date, Saikou no Rikon came in second. His character is this annoying married man who constantly complains about his wife at the dentist he goes to. He is slightly awkward, a bit nerdy, likes animals and has the ability to speak fast without taking a breath. It’s pretty amazing to be honest. You’d think viewers will hate him for being annoying but that’s also exactly why we love him in here. I’m really satisfied with this drama, it’s not very typical and heavily ridden with script. However, it also depends highly on the performances of actor/actresses, which in this case, Eita did an amazingly great job.

What about movies?

Compared to his dramas, I’m not as familiar with his movies. These were those that I’ve watched.

Wild 7

If you like action, then this is a good combination for you. Eita+Action is always great. Nice chasing and shooting scenes as well.



I’m moved by his performance in this movie. His character is just so sad. A loving husband but does not have the wealth to take care of his wife and children which pushed him to a corner. Quite heartbreaking.


The Silver Season

Eita snowboarding is one of the best things ever lol…there’s also a little romance in this.



I think his hair is definitely one of his trademark alongside his huge ears. I don’t normally like actors with messy hair, it makes them look unkempt but with Eita, I can totally forgive it. He just looks so good with them lol.





With so many dramas and movies, and countless pairings with actresses…which are my Top 3?


 Both of them have worked a total of 8 times and even referred to as ‘the Golden Couple of Heisei Era” in Japan. I have yet to track down all the 8 movies+drama but from the few that I’ve watched, namely Last Friends, Nodame Cantabile, Summer Time Machine Blues and Sunao ni Narenakute, these two become my favs in no time.


What I love most about this pair is how comfortable they are with each other, like best buddies. Yes, I know although this is supposed to be pairing for romance, I don’t really see it that way. It’s a different type of ‘romance’. They have tonnes of chemistry and look very natural on-screen, no sense of awkwardness at all. They appear to be very comfy with each other, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering how many times they’ve worked together. They just sort of ‘click’ very well. Also the reason why a lot of people loved their interactions in Last Friends very much. My wish now is for them to get together again in a real romantic drama/movie because Sunao doesn’t count.


The couple who couldn’t get together in the tragic drama, Soredemo Ikite Yuku. I rooted so much for this pair in the show and when they left it open in the end, I was kind of devastated. He was also paired with her in Hara-Kiri movie. I think they have superb chemistry, you know, the unspoken one. I wouldn’t mind to see them together again, although not on my top of list. But guess what? They’re gonna be in a drama together again next season,  ‘Wakamonotachi’. This time, as siblings but I’d love to see how they interact again.



This is another lovely pair in Saikou no Rikon. Despite their constant argument and love-hate relationship with each other, there’s just something that pulls them back together. I think this is the first time they work together and it was quite good.



Well as much as I wished he is still available so I can still hope he is paired with actresses I like lol…he’s married!

His wife is Kaela Kimura who’s a singer. They also have 2 children.



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