Alice no Toge ep6 [review]

UPDATE: This episode suffered another minimal decrease from 5th episode’s rating (9.5%) down to 9.0%. Well, let’s hope it’ll pick up again in the remaining episodes as we reach the climax. Currently, the average rating is at 11.43% just behind MOZU (11.51%).


Before I begin with anything…lemme just


JEEEZZZZ HOSHINOOOO!!!!!!!!! Whatever did you do that for?!

I wish I could just tell her to go to the washroom, wash her face with cold water and repeat 3 times to herself

“He was never yours to begin with.” Suck it up and let it go!
credit: Chicago PD Season 1 ep13.


This episode focused on the nurse Miura Naoko whose name was on the piece of paper Asumi found previously. It mentioned that Bandai had ordered her to prepare Catecholamine for him. The drug may cause excessive bleeding if a patient with dieulafoy lesion took it (which could have happened to her father 15 years ago). So following this lead, Asumi searched for the nurse and tried to get close to her.


Meanwhile, Hyuga was murdered and still, no trace of his killer was found. Of course, we should know by now who did it. Hence, Nishikado warned Asumi to be more careful with who she’s dealing with. That aside, the episode was dedicated to the nurse and I’d say Nishikado was almost non-existent except for a couple minutes discussing with Asumi about the progress of the case.

112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_07.28_[2014.05.17_14.08.36] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_06.09_[2014.05.17_14.07.03]

Naoko appeared aloof and most doctors don’t seem to have good impression on her. They gave her nickname ‘tetsu onna’, in other words, means ‘iron woman’. This is because, she’s known to focus much of her time in work and no love relationship.

At least, that was how we were made to perceive her character at first. Nishikado also found out that she met Bandai from time to time for dinner. He thought she might be Bandai’s mistress.

I actually quite like this episode, well I’ve not yet been disappointed by any so far. I felt that with the limited time they have, they managed to give so much insight towards the nurse, Naoko. In the end, I even sympathize her.

*This scene below…my gosh…so much silent tension! The moment Asumi appeared and the background music began, this was a memorable scene even though it was short. I think if anything, in terms of acting, Ueno Juri probably met a competitor in the ‘cool expressionless’ department.


Meanwhile, Bandai was curious as to why Asumi went to the vacation house with Yuma the other day. He wasn’t convinced that the reason was for the French arts as Yuma told him. So he asked Hoshino to give him any information whatever she knows about Asumi.

112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_09.13_[2014.05.17_14.11.24] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_09.14_[2014.05.17_14.11.17]

At first, Asumi thought Naoko might be as evil as Bandai but after getting help from her during an operation, her impression towards Naoko began to change.

As she pursued further, she found that Naoko actually had a husband who’s in vegetative state and had been staying in the hospital for the last 15 years on life support.


112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_15.17_[2014.05.17_14.25.20] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_15.37_[2014.05.17_14.25.52]

While tailing Naoko one night, Naoko collapsed due to exhaustion and Asumi brought her back to her house together with Yuma.


This marked the first time Naoko opened up to Asumi. She also mentioned “Tomorrow will be a better day” which she said was told by a doctor she looked up to. This caught Asumi’s attention.


Hoshino on the other hand, paid a visit to Asumi’s house and met her step-father. He was obviously very happy because that was the first time a friend came to find her. He also told Hoshino he was worried because Asumi always had that cool/expressionless face so she might be misunderstood by people.


Having heard that, Hoshino thought maybe she had misunderstood Asumi and decided not to dig further. But just when she was on the way home, she saw Asumi and Yuma kissing at a nearby park. That obviously made her jealousy return.



That night, Asumi was waiting for Nishikado at her place. That moment when Nishikado asked her “what’s wrong?’ I really wanted Asumi to just tell him about her and Yuma. I think Nishikado didn’t know about her pretending to be Yuma’s girlfriend. Ughh…are they seriously gonna give us some Asumi-Nishikado love? Because I’m losing hope each and everyday for this pair to even happen T_T

112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_27.55_[2014.05.17_14.44.00] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_28.07_[2014.05.17_14.44.17]

As for Asumi-Yuma plot, although reluctant, Asumi decided to carry on with pretending to be Yuma’s girlfriend. Yuma, as naïve as he is, thought Asumi was really in love with him and vowed to protect her no matter what happens, saying his confidence had increased after meeting her.


Asumi could only look on with the ‘I’m so sorry I have to use you to bring your father down’ sad eyes…as Yuma hopped happily to the hospital.

Asumi asked whether Naoko recalled Osanai sensei or not but Naoko refused to say anything.

112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_29.55_[2014.05.17_14.51.10] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_29.57_[2014.05.17_14.51.16]
But she picked up the pocket watch Naoko used to look at when she’s alone.


Hoshino was really mad because she thought Asumi had betrayed her by snatching Yuma away. She also thought Asumi looked down on her because she was just a nurse and couldn’t compete with a doctor. Basically, Asumi couldn’t say anything in this entire argument (actually not even an argument, Hoshino talked all the way >.<) Well, even if Asumi wanted to explain, I don’t see how she could without telling Hoshino the truth about her identity. There was just nothing Asumi could say back to Hoshino.


THAT SLAP though….

That was really unnecessary in my honest opinion. Hoshino seriously went overboard. Even though Asumi was also at fault for using Yuma and playing with people’s feelings just to get to Bandai, I don’t think she deserved a slap. But what’s done is done and poor Asumi T_T


What Asumi didn’t know though was that Hoshino now is working for Bandai and she’s dead serious in investigating Asumi’s history, everything, anything that could bring her down. Just because of love.

112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_33.02_[2014.05.17_15.03.33] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_33.09_[2014.05.17_15.02.55]

It turned out that Naoko looked up to Osanai back then and he had always supported her, even gave her a pocket watch with his favorite phrase “Tomorrow will be a better day.” However, because of money constraint and her husband’s condition, the only way to go on working and keep him alive (even with life support), she submitted to Bandai’s suggestion. She didn’t know the drug was going to be used to endanger Osanai’s life but when she found out, it was too late.


Wow…I love this scene. The gust of wind that blew against her as she recalled her father. “Tomorrow will be a better day” resonated so strongly!

112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_36.15_[2014.05.17_15.10.51] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_37.08_[2014.05.17_15.12.23]

Another favorite scene was the confrontation between Asumi and Naoko. When Asumi showed her the pocket watch with the phrase engraved on it, accompanied by the soundtrack was at the same time, that was so beautiful and sad. This drama’s background music is really fitting and great. Asumi decided to tell Naoko her true identity and pleaded for her help.

112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_38.05_[2014.05.17_15.15.09] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_38.58_[2014.05.17_15.17.35]

112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_38.56_[2014.05.17_15.17.30] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_38.52_[2014.05.17_15.17.20]

112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_40.43_[2014.05.17_15.20.21] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_40.48_[2014.05.17_15.20.29]

Overwhelmed with guilt and regret, Naoko promised to give her proof of Bandai’s instruction. However, when Asumi went to find her the next morning, Naoko was nowhere to be found, her husband’s bed was also empty.

112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_42.52_[2014.05.17_15.22.38] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_43.09_[2014.05.17_15.23.00]

Hoshino…you seem to have too much free time. Look at what you’ve done.

112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_43.49_[2014.05.17_15.24.07] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_43.53_[2014.05.17_15.24.14]

Bandai appeared and told her they’ve left to another hospital. He then showed the SD card that contained the proof and broke it in front of Asumi. He knew Asumi’s real identity now. Hoshino found a yearbook in her previous university with ‘Osanai Asumi’ instead of ‘Mizuno Asumi’.

112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_44.53_[2014.05.17_15.25.43] 112873457_mp4_h264_aac_hd_1.mp4_snapshot_45.12_[2014.05.17_15.26.12]




So Asumi’s in a pinch and just how will she survive in the hospital with Bandai now knowing her identity. In the preview, I think Arima sensei could be of some help. Either way, we’re almost at the climax. That said, I’m thinking whether Asumi should just dump Yuma now that it doesn’t matter anymore. I mean, Bandai already found out so there’s really no point of sticking to Yuma anymore right? Besides, Yuma doesn’t know anything about his own father mehhh…But, she could still use Yuma in her favor to spy on Bandai, who knows?

Not enough Nishikado in this episode but it didn’t matter to me because the focus was supposed to be on the nurse and I think they did a great job with her character, even though it was only for one episode. Also, are we expecting the return of Date in the next episode?

Again jeeezzzzz….Hoshino. I don’t blame her for holding a grudge against Asumi but did she really have to place her anger and frustration by digging her and everything? But either way, Kuriyama Chiaki did a great job portraying a cheerful character turned dark and filled with envy. But I have to give props to the actress who acted as Naoko. Great chemistry with Ueno Juri’s Asumi. It’s also the first time to see a heart-to-heart kind of conversation between them.

As for the rating, I hope this picks up. I’ll be happy enough to see it stay above 10% as it fell down to 9.5% last week. I saw Japanese commented on Twitter that he/she couldn’t believe the rating for this drama is lower than expected since it’s interesting. I’ll update the rating for this episode once it’s announced.


3 thoughts on “Alice no Toge ep6 [review]

  1. Nurses don’t usually slap Doctors because they basically tell them what to do with patients. Apparently this slight deviation is not welcome. The overacting from this Nurse is probably a major factor for the decrease in ratings. While I have doubts with regards to ratings (many great dramas fail in the ratings game), I think the viewers (local and otherwise) are simply annoyed.

    • You’re probably right about the locals not favoring the action, especially in Japan in where rank/status between seniors and juniors are taken seriously. So obviously for a nurse to slap a doctor, that’s going to be frowned upon.
      I think they were trying to gain some viewership with this action but somehow it backfired?

      Despite the rating, I still enjoy this drama, it’s definitely one of my favs this season. I mean, Hanzawa Naoki had tons of over-acting and people liked that. I guess there’s just no way of predicting what the locals like and hate ^^

      • Agree! I enjoy each episodes myself. As noted, it’s the great acting from the leads. This Nurse maybe annoying but still our heroine remains at a very good position to finally avenge her Dad’s death, which counts the most.

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