BORDER ep6 [review]

It’s as if BORDER production staffs heard my complaints last week about the lack of screentime for the other cast members, for example the coroner Mika. They’ve compensated by giving us an episode for her to play a bigger role.

BORDER ep06 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_03.58_[2014.05.18_13.54.46]

Brief recap:

Two dead female were suspected to have committed suicide but she wasn’t sure about that. Suspecting something was not quite right, especially the short tree branches found in both sites, she consulted Ango. He agreed it shouldn’t be a coincidence. He then asked to see the body of one of the victims and after that, he managed to strike a conversation with the girl. She told him she didn’t commit suicide and was indeed killed by somebody. He suspected the psychiatrist.BORDER ep06 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_18.11_[2014.05.18_14.11.25]

Ango met a stumbling block when the doctor had alibi so the killer was someone else. While discussing the case with Mika, they realized the other common thing wasn’t the psychiatrist, it was the hospital they were brought to when they attempted suicide before.

Okay, to be honest, I really don’t get why the doctor did what he did to the girls. Like…he killed them to punish them and in doing so, he can be saved from suffering? What kind of logic is that? If anyone has read Dante’s La Divina Commedia, maybe you can explain if you understand? Because to me, what the guy did was just poor logic. I refuse to accept that reason >.<

 BORDER ep06 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_40.50_[2014.05.19_15.35.57]



I felt the entire episode was a bit slow paced and things just got quite intense in the last 8 minutes. Sometimes I wonder how the tech duo hacked into people’s phone and such…they make it look so easy. Like I mentioned, I’m happy they let the coroner play a bigger role. We also got to know about Ango’s older brother. These are good developments although I’m wondering whether they should’ve come faster in previous episodes. Still, it doesn’t really take away the thrill since I think, most viewers are just interested in the cases and how Ango solves them.

I wish the production crew use some efficient lighting for this drama though. I know it’s probably deliberate that they used that dark gloomy hue to match Ango’s character? But I find it really not attractive at all. At times, even in their offices, I wanted to tell them “please switch on the lights!” Can they even read in that dark environment? The dark tinted effect made me sleepy at some points.

BORDER ep06 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_15.01_[2014.05.18_14.06.44]

I hope this colleague gets an episode to shine too. His comic relief moments were pretty much the only thing that made me laugh in BORDER and less boring.


3 thoughts on “BORDER ep6 [review]

  1. I disagree on your comment about the lightning. What I love in BORDER is the dark and heavy atmosphere. I think the lack of lightning really fits the gloomy story, and it really do wonders with Shun’s acting. ❤ I really like this show. It's my very favorite this season. 🙂

  2. Haha I admit I might be too harsh on the lighting. I understand that’s what the producers wanted it to be – moody and gloomy. I suppose after watching Alice (which has brighter and more colour/effects) and then watching BORDER, the contrast somehow turned me off a little.

    But BORDER’s good nevertheless. I won’t be surprised if it gets renewed for 2nd season. Especially if Ango doesn’t get that bullet out of his head yet.

  3. “I won’t be surprised if it gets renewed for 2nd season. Especially if Ango doesn’t get that bullet out of his head yet.”

    Oh! I hope so!!!! That would be wonderful! 🙂

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