Hidamari no Kanojo [Deleted Scenes]

I finally got to see the scenes that didn’t make it into the cut of the final version of the movie. I also did an unboxing post for the Memorial Edition of the DVD boxset if anyone’s interested. You can see the postcards and booklet pictures.

Memorial Edition [unboxing]

As for the deleted scenes…did some screencap.

Just a very very short scene of Mao dropping documents as she passed to her boss. Just another sign of her weakening situation.
Yea, the movie can do without it really…
Director’s comment: He thought he wanted to continue giving the sweet/happy “dating” period for both Mao and Kousuke so in the end he didn’t include this as this will somehow ruin the sequence.


This scenes was a little meetup between Okuda’s colleagues and both Mao and her senior, Minegishi introduced herself as a replacement for Kousuke. Basically, Tanaka joked he thought both Shindo and Mao were dating. To which Mao replied with a laugh “no…” and Shindo was like “Even though I actually wished for it..”
Then Minegishi was saying how she’d choose Shindo who then joked “then..shall we get married?” Tanaka the joker then said as he looked around the office “I wanna get married too…anyone?” LOL

Director’s comment: This was a scene after both Mao and Kousuke’s marriage. He wanted to focus on the marriage life of KousukexMao so this didn’t make the cut. Although I thought it’d have been a nice and quick comic relief.



Kousuke comes back and found the coffee stain on the carpet and broken glass in the sink. Mao is nowhere to be found.


Mao is seen sitting by the beach (my guess is Enoshima because she was wearing the same clothes as when she fainted at the office and Shindo drove her there as requested. This should be after she had that talk with the cat lady).

Mao looking sick and a call came for her from Kousuke but she said she’ll talk during the meeting. Shindo looked at her worriedly because he felt it was weird she doesn’t pick up his call.


Shindo then talked to her after work. He asked “You didn’t go back home to Okuda did you last night?” This is the day after he drove her to Enoshima. To which Mao brushed away saying she did properly go back home. However, Shindo wasn’t convinced.

S#63(7) S#63(8)

And then….before he could ask further, Kousuke appeared to find Mao.

S#63(9) S#63(12)


Mao gives an excuse that she was too tired that night and somehow just spent the night at her parent’s house.

HA! Kousuke was jealous! He thought Mao and Shindo had something going on. Mao told him to phone her mother to check if he doesn’t believe. Kousuke brushed it off saying he won’t do so…

Kousuke told her if she’s not feeling well, she should inform him first. Mao assured him she will in the future. Made up after that xD


Anyways, I can’t really get what the director commented on this scene, he explained the sequence and what those scenes represent and such but somehow it didn’t make it into the cut. I don’t quite understand what he was trying to say.

But I’d have loved for the Shindo scene outside the office and this park scene to be included. Then again, it won’t make much of a difference.


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