Alice no Toge ep9 [review]

Hoshino…for once you did the right thing! What took you so long? For all the mess you caused Asumi, I’m glad you finally figured it all out in  your head and became Asumi’s most important ally in this episode.

As for Nishikado, I’ll get to that later in this recap. All I can say was…the previous trailer was kind of misleading. Or I hope so because at this point, one lesson I’ve learned from previous episodes is not to trust anyone anymore.

So after the death of Bandai, Arima now takes over Gastroenterological Surgery Department as well as maintaining his own position. Hoshino on the other hand approached Asumi and told her she had Bandai’s recorder. I was thinking Asumi would ask it from her but I guess she didn’t bother anyway because it still wouldn’t change the fact that Hoshino now knew her secret.


But this short conversation was crucial as it led Hoshino to ponder why Asumi was dead serious about taking revenge for her father even if it was 15 years ago. We’ll get to that scene later in the episode.


Arima threatened Asumi with the pictures and all the observations he wrote in his notebook.


What you’re trying to do to Kenta is murder. I’ll definitely prevent his operation – Asumi


Try and stop me if you dare – Arima



Back at home, Asumi asked what happened to the shop. her step-dad was not feeling well but assured her that he just needed some sleep and rest. *I really hope he’s fine though*

118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_08.07_[2014.06.07_12.09.37] 118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_08.07_[2014.06.07_12.09.54]

Meanwhile, after some discussion with Asumi, Nishikado decided to ask Suzu when was her previous operation. They came to a conclusion that there might be another victim in the first transplant.


She couldn’t recall the exact date and day but it was 15 years ago. She remembered sakura was in bloom. So that was around March or April. She did remember watching something burning from the window. So Nishikado gathered all the clues and found out it was the same day as his little sister died.

What was suspicious about Yui’s operation scar was the size of the incision. It wasn’t supposed to be huge. He wanted an autopsy done on his sister at the time but his parents didn’t want to do so.

118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_13.55_[2014.06.07_12.15.34] 118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_13.59_[2014.06.07_12.17.18]

They figured out his little sister was the victim 15 years ago but they needed concrete evidence. Obviously, Arima wouldn’t just waltz in and confessed.

118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_14.41_[2014.06.07_12.21.13] 118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_14.47_[2014.06.07_12.21.23]

Asumi found a method- DNA examination. Apparently, the hospital kept specimens for patients like Yui (I think) so even if it was 15 years ago, it’s still somewhere in the hospital. All Asumi had to do was to compare Yui and Suzu’s biopsy tissue. If it was a match, then they could prove that Suzu did receive an organ transplant (kidney) from Yui. (forgive me if I get this whole theory wrong).

I think I like the fact they included something informational like this. The explanation was quite simple and easy to understand especially for those not from medical background or biological research (in layman terms).

118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_16.19_[2014.06.07_12.29.10] 118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_16.39_[2014.06.07_12.30.00]

So after retrieving Yui’s specimen, her next target was to get Suzu’s as well. Arima kept it locked in the department. Hence, Asumi still couldn’t get it for comparison.

Arima saw Asumi trying to get his daughter’s biopsy tissue.


Don’t you have any sense of guilt? – Asumi

What am I wrong for? – Arima

The Arima went on his theory that any parents would save their child no matter what. He didn’t find anything wrong with taking another patient’s organs like Kenta who wouldn’t live long anyway and gave it to his daughter.


You’re crazy – Asumi

No, you’re the odd one – Arima


Hoshino met Asumi after that. She heard all the conversation between her and Arima.

You don’t have any chances to win against Arima – Hoshino


Arima on the other hand planned to bring his daughter to Singapore for the organ transplant. It would be held on the same day as Kenta’s operation. He was speaking on the phone with someone else who was helping Arima. I’m curious who it is.


Hoshino lured Arima to the place where he kept his daughter’s tissue. She lied to him that she saw Asumi there again. Afraid that Asumi might have taken the tissue, he double checked. There, Hoshino saw the pin numbers and voila!

Hoshino, you’re a star!


Hoshino’s conversation with Asumi wasn’t completely shown previously leading us to think she might betray Asumi.

You don’t have any chances to win against Arima…if I don’t help you – Hoshino

She realized why Asumi was so determined to take revenge for her father.

My family is also the most important thing to me – Hoshino


I like it when I see something familiar on screen.

118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_26.56_[2014.06.07_12.55.35] 118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_27.01_[2014.06.07_12.55.45] 118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_27.08_[2014.06.07_12.55.56] 118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_27.31_[2014.06.07_12.56.27]

With Hoshino’s help, Asumi proceeded with comparing Yui and Suzu’s biopsy tissue. The results would only be known in 8 hours (next morning).

Arima found out it was stolen. That night, Nishikado came to find Asumi for an early celebration. I thought it was nice to see them sitting down and just relax for once.


If the results are a match, I’ll tell the board in faculty meeting. That way, Kenta’s operation will be canceled. – Asumi

You’ve changed. You’ve become more like a doctor. – Nishikado

Don’t you feel like you’ve changed? – Nishikado
I’m not sure about that…- Asumi

Asumi told Nishikado she’ll quit after her revenge is over. Nishikado said that would be a waste.


Well, maybe you should take a rest after this. Maybe a vacation? Any place you’d like to go to? – Nishikado
Oxford. – Asumi
Oxford, as in United Kingdom? – Nishikado

Asumi explained because that was where Lewis Carroll studied. *the author of Alice in Wonderland*

When she asked about Nishikado, he shrugged and said he might just go on as he had been.


Something was definitely brooding within Nishikado.

The next morning, Kenta’s condition suddenly changed for the worse. This was Arima’s doing. He knew he didn’t have much time since Asumi had begun analyzing his daughter’s tissue.

118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_31.34_[2014.06.07_13.13.21] 118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_32.14_[2014.06.07_13.14.00]

That smug on Arima’s face.



The moment she held those films and merged the results together to a match, I was like YES!


Slow-mo worked brilliantly here.


It was a match so this proved that Suzu did receive organ transplant from Yui 15 years ago.

You can’t run away now – Asumi


Gosh I hate it when Arima suddenly laughed! I seriously thought it was the same case as Bandai’s confrontation.

That was good. But you’ll soon be held responsible for murder – Arima


Arima explained he had planted the drugs used to kill Hyuga in her desk. He had asked someone to go check. So everything from her motive to take revenge and led to murder of Hyuga and Bandai was perfect.
I knew he’d frame Asumi for the murders.


After a long winding explanation of all those…

I forgot to tell an important thing to you. Everything you just said, is being broadcasted to everyone on the monitors all around hospital by that camera. – Asumi



Hoshino, you’ve come to your senses!


The only way you’re going Arima…is DOWN.


Asumi couldn’t go after Arima because they needed her support for Kenta’s operation. So she asked Nishikado’s help to stop Arima from escaping after telling him the results were a match.

118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_40.39_[2014.06.07_13.30.55] 118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_40.58_[2014.06.07_13.30.13]

Nishikado messaged Suzu and he found out they were planning to go Singapore.

118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_42.30_[2014.06.07_13.32.36] 118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_42.43_[2014.06.07_13.34.31]

There’s something I have to apologize to you. I’m going to have to betray you. – Nishikado

Huh? Where are you? – Asumi
Kanto International Airport – Nishikado
Airport? Why? – Asumi
I just can’t forgive Arima for killing my sister. – Nishikado


Nishikado went in to find Arima and his family. He had this paper knife and the last thing we saw him do was about to slash someone with it.

But who?

118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_46.14_[2014.06.07_13.42.19] 118896623_mp4_h264_aac_hd_2.mp4_snapshot_46.19_[2014.06.07_13.42.29]

Of course, the only person was Arima. But with all the unforeseen twists and turns the screenwriters had been giving us, I dare not guess anymore.


I really feel sorry for Nishikado in this episode. Imagine having your little sister or brother being sacrificed for another person’s kid deliberately. It’s unthinkable. Asumi was right. Arima really was crazy. The doctors in this hospital are scary.

The trailer for next episode revealed that there was another person behind all of these. I just can’t think of any other person to be honest. Who’s left? I’d hate it if Asumi’s step-dad turned out to be evil too (

We can see Asumi asking “The one who killed wasn’t you, was it?”

I’m so curious she was talking to who!

Then Nishikado’s back was shown. They probably deliberately edited the trailer this way to convince us Nishikado wasn’t as good as we all think he was. I hope this wasn’t an indication of Nishikado being the person who had been assisting Arima. Okay, I know I’ve said I didn’t want to make any guesses or theory but this is what I think if they’re going for Nishikado, the murderer angle.

Let’s say Nishikado was the one who sent the surgical records for Asumi 15 years ago. For some reason, he didn’t take any action back then but decided to wait for Asumi. When he finally found Asumi in the hospital, his plan began. He assisted her (more of using her as the main tool for the revenge). At the same time, when he found out all the culprits, he finally couldn’t bear the grudge and killed Hyuga and Bandai in the process, although the drugs might need someone else’s assistance to obtain – Arima came to mind. He would benefit too since Hyuga and Bandai might expose everything as long as they’re alive. He let Nishikado do the dirty works.

It’s crazy I know! But I’d be more than happy if this theory is wrong after next week’s episode. That person must be someone else!

If Nishikado ends up a killer, that’ll mean a TRAGIC ENDING for the pairing I loved so much! I mean, I just want both Asumi and Nishikado to find happiness after this ends. Is that too much to ask??? T___T

Somewhere deep in my heart, I just knew there are chances this drama will not have a happy ending.

OMG I’m seriously gonna cry my heart out IF that’s how this ends next week.

Don’t miss the finale!!!


4 thoughts on “Alice no Toge ep9 [review]

  1. I may be wrong but I think someone else who held the strings kills Arima and Asumi is asking Nishikado if it was him….maybe. But definitely I think the father sent in the surgical records to Asumi and adopted her with maybe guilt, he is probably involved in some way

  2. You may be right! As much as I wanted her step-dad to have nothing to do with this and remain innocent (because everybody else turned out to be evil), with him getting sick suddenly, closing the shop, probably won’t live long and never even once pry on Asumi what she’s doing…it’s as if he knows something. But I’d really hate it if he wasn’t as good as they made him out to be.

    So many possibilities at this point, I just want Nishikado and Asumi to gain happiness in the end.

  3. I guessed from the beginning that Yui’s and Osanai-sensei’s deaths were related. As soon as they introduced Suzu and said that she needed a transplant, I also knew that it was related.
    However, for Nishikido, I think that he may harm Arima, but killing him with a cutter will be harder, in my point of view. As for the 2 previous deaths, I think it was Arima’s doing (at least for Bandai’s one).
    Regarding Asumi’s adoptive dad, I’ve never liked him. I’ve always thought that he had a fake smile and was way too enthusiastic about everything. I didn’t like how he gave information about Asumi to Hoshino without having heard from her before. I mean, his adoptive daughter is a surgeon, so she has a job that is highly exposed, and you don’t give secrets nor talk to strangers when someone works in such a sensitive environment, especially if they are your family. So, I don’t know what’s his problem or if he’s related to the case, but I don’t like him anyway. “Too good” people have usually something to hide…

    Anyway, I’m really exited about the final episode. I hope as everybody that I won’t be deceived… crossing fingers!!! 🙂

  4. I hope the writer won’t let Nishikado kill Arima. I really want to see him and Asumi live happily at the end.
    About Asumi’s stepfather, I don’t know why but I think there’s something wrong with him. There is always surprises in each episode so everything can occur.
    Too curious about the final ep! thank you so much for the review!

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