Alice no Toge Finale preview ver2

TBS just posted another preview for the finale. Well to be honest, a 31 seconds preview couldn’t give much but goshh…my curiosity just peaked so high!

Let’s break down what we can see in this.

Asumi in rage, pulled out a knife and shouted “Give me back my father!” Now…which ‘father’ is she talking about? The real father or step-dad? Because …next we see his step-dad possibly kneeling/sitting down as someone pours water (or gasoline?) over him. He looked grim. Someone trying to kill him?


U1ntitl2ed 3

Then, a scene of fire (I couldn’t make out which place) , the shop?


Nishikado telling Asumi there’s another person behind all this.

Asumi pulling the Last Card.

Hella curious who’s the last enemy xDD

Team Alice is still filming….wow…I mean, it’s only 4 days left till the airing of finale. The editing team must be working midnights.



2 thoughts on “Alice no Toge Finale preview ver2

  1. Wait….I saw that hat somewhere…….EBISU!!! He’s the only one who remained at the hospital the whole time…without doing anything? Chihara is back at the countryside….

    • Someone pointed out that the hat seen at the park definitely looked like Ebisu’s.
      Another thing is, Arima’s wife mentioned Suzu with another name, Minami at the hospital. Now, who is Minami and why are they calling Suzu with another name or they have another daughter?
      Maybe Asumis step-dad is related somehow. So many possibilities.

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