MatsuJun x Ueno Juri

Since Ueno Juri’s comeback in the big and small screen alike, most notably, her romantic movie with MatsuJun last year and now, the ongoing Spring drama, Alice no Toge, I’ve been watching some of the variety shows she had appeared in.
Most of them were for Hidamari no Kanojo promotion. To be honest, the more I watch the way both Juri-chan and MatsuJun interacted with the each other in these shows, I just couldn’t help but go kyaaaaa~~~~!!!!

I normally don’t do that. In fact, it’s rare that I actually like romantic movies at all.
First up, let’s just briefly go through some of the variety shows. Just a note, MatsuJun is an idol/singer first followed by an actor so it’s a given that he’s a natural in variety. On the other hand, Juri-chan is an actress, first and foremost so I definitely have already expected her to be more quiet and laidback.

I think you can see the most difference when she appeared in Arashi ni Shiyagare last year. I’m not familiar with Arashi’s shows so I don’t know the format or what they usually do. I basically only watched this because she appeared.

Arashi Meshiagare - Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_02.26_[2014.06.11_13.33.29]
There’s this waiting room before the actual show began where they talked for a bit with the guest. It’s an enclosed room, hidden from the live audience. After she came in, they were trying to think of how to greet Juri-chan since it’s their first time meeting. Suddenly, Ohno was like “Juri”. Juri-chan was like “Ehh” the rest burst into laughter xD

Arashi Meshiagare - Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_01.38_[2014.06.11_13.35.02]They asked MatsuJun how he called her. The others have not met her before so this was the first time they met. MatsuJun said he just called her as Juri-chan. That’s less formal and he wanted to create a more friendly atmosphere since Hidamari no Kanojo is a romantic movie. They asked how long did it take for him to go from the formal “Ueno-san” to “Juri-chan”. Apparently, he felt like he never even called her “Ueno-san” from the beginning lol…

Juri-chan said she called MatsuJun as either “Matsumoto-san or Matsumoto-kun”. The rest were quite surprised as that was very formal. Someone asked why didn’t she call him as “Jun-kun” instead. Then she was like taken aback and shook her head, smiling. She couldn’t do it.

“Matsumoto-san deshou?” She said. I think in this regard, MatsuJun is the more friendly type who can speak with anyone or more open while Juri-chan is more formal towards someone she’s not close with. Don’t mind! She did afterall go to Arashi’s concert xDD

I’ll just pinpoint the more interesting parts of the show. They had to tell what kind of image they think of Juri-chan.

Ninomiya: Although she appears on TV with this makeup, actually when she’s in the ‘off’ mode, her makeup is outrageous.

 Arashi Meshiagare - Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_08.36_[2014.06.11_12.28.40] Arashi Meshiagare - Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_08.38_[2014.06.11_12.28.48]

MatsuJun: She’s the type that would act on something once the thought comes to her.
Lol just look at that approving smile…

Arashi Meshiagare - Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_09.09_[2014.06.11_12.30.39]

Ohno : She has various types of costumes at home where she’d try on and act out different characters.
Lol yea, she’s an actress but I doubt she’d do that xD

Arashi Meshiagare - Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_09.37_[2014.06.11_12.38.43]Arashi Meshiagare - Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_09.39_[2014.06.11_12.38.51]

Sakurai (the most long-winding one): She’s the type that will pick up a flower and said “So pretty! Maybe I should make a hair floral accessory with this)” So she’ll make one and think “let’s make a bigger one, necklace maybe” and before she knew it, she’d made a huge floral decoration etc..”
That was hilarious xD

Aiba : She’s the type that can go to karaoke by herself.

Among all their answers, it was seriously OBVIOUS that Juri-chan was going to choose MatsuJun’s reply. You don’t even have to guess lol, she was already nodding her head in agreement with a sheepish smile when she heard MatsuJun’s reply.

MatsuJun should know Juri-chan more since they’d spent time together during filming. I bet they would have talked about their private life at some point. Anyways, I’m glad he got the correct answer. This just proves their chemistry ^^

They went on to ask how she spends time alone. She said she can eat alone outside on her own but if it’s just for tea or coffee, she’d stay home lol…she only does that if she’s traveling in foreign country but not in Japan. During holidays, she’ll meet up with friends. If she’s alone, she’ll watch different channels, movies or listen to music at home. She does go shopping for clothes alone.

Does she hate being alone? – Apparently, no. She likes alone time. (lol Aiba was doubtful and asked “honto?”)

Arashi Meshiagare - Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_10.33_[2014.06.11_12.42.13]

There was also a part where they asked where she’s from. She’s from Hyogo Prefecture, so she speaks Kansai. However, ever since living in Tokyo, she doesn’t speak it much. They asked Ohno to try speaking Kansai with her LOL

Arashi Meshiagare - Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_21.09_[2014.06.11_12.53.50]

This was funny. I thought they were chatting quite well together. Juri-chan took a while to change to Kansai but after she warmed up, it was fun to watch although I had some hard time trying to figure out what Ohno was saying.

 Arashi Meshiagare - Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_21.25_[2014.06.11_12.54.09]

Then they went on testing Kobe beef, MatsuJun prepared steak for Juri-chan. I’ll leave it at that and move on to the next show.

This was just a short interview where MatsuJun and Juri-chan appeared again for Hidamari promo.

The funniest part was when they were to choose which sports they’d go back and join if they could.

MatsuJun was given 4 choices, including one called Kabadi which I’ve never heard of. I had the same reaction as Juri-chan when the host mentioned it.

MatsuJun Ueno Juri game.mp4_snapshot_04.34_[2014.06.11_13.46.50]

MatsuJun then explained about this kabadii and it was quite hilarious…Juri-chan was like “nani sore?” lol
And he was confident about his knowledge >.<

MatsuJun Ueno Juri game.mp4_snapshot_04.41_[2014.06.11_13.47.42]

He chose basketball anyway. He also likes Slam Dunk and watches Michael Jordan.

When it comes to Juri-chan’s turn, she was only given two choices. Piano or tracks. That’s because she did those when she was young.

She was like “Ah, only two for me?” lol

MatsuJun Ueno Juri game.mp4_snapshot_06.47_[2014.06.11_13.50.18]
“Then, how about including Kabadii in it?” – MatsuJun

MatsuJun Ueno Juri game.mp4_snapshot_06.52_[2014.06.11_13.51.22]

   She was supposed to go forward and pick the flag A or B, but she was like “Piano ka na..?”
MatsuJun immediately said “No, you have to go and pick the flag right?”


MatsuJun Ueno Juri game.mp4_snapshot_07.05_[2014.06.11_13.55.13]

Anyways, she picked piano because she feels like there are lots of genre in music and she can explore those different sounds.

“You can still do it now right?” – MatsuJun

This segment is short but I laughed a lot. MatsuJun has a way for comical replies while Juri-chan is a bit blur sometimes and him teasing her was funny.

MatsuJun Ueno Juri game.mp4_snapshot_07.45_[2014.06.11_13.57.12]

They also appeared in this TOKIO show where they tried some food and had to guess whether those food were made from the usual ingredient or not.

But before that, they also had these Death Letters thingy where they expressed something to someone.
Juri-chan had two death letters for MatsuJun.

TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_03.02_[2014.06.11_14.01.46]

I think back in Kouhaku Uta Gassen 2010, Juri-chan was there (taiga drama Gou) and she heard him said in an unpleasant way “You nervous?” *something like that*

TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_03.26_[2014.06.11_14.02.17]

TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_03.36_[2014.06.11_14.04.54]
So MatsuJun was desperately trying to explain himself haha
He was just trying to calm her down that time and he didn’t mean it in a bad way.

The second one
At the Arashi concert, “You look bored?” Was that actually directed to me? – Juri-chan’s death letter to MatsuJun.

Apparently, MatsuJun thought Juri-chan looked bored especially when he was performing Love So Sweet as he looked down at the place she was sitting.

TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_05.26_[2014.06.11_14.19.08]

So Juri-chan told him “That’s not true! You were looking from above…” *I think she meant that he couldn’t have seen her real expression from above*


TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_05.28_[2014.06.11_14.19.14]

Aha! The guy from TOKIO was like “Maybe it was really BORING?”

TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_05.43_[2014.06.11_14.27.16]

Next, he asked whether MatsuJun had anything he wanted to say to Juri-chan.

He had something he was curious about. It’s regarding Juri-chan’s habit during filming.
During filming, he said Juri-chan’s a very focused person that she immediately forgot what the staff told her beforehand (from what I understand).

TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_06.28_[2014.06.11_14.30.49]

There was a scene when they were told to count from 1-3 and the camera would move towards them or something like that.
However, when the director said “Start!” Juri-chan immediately rushed to the designated place.

TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_06.42_[2014.06.11_14.31.22]

Tomoya Nagase said maybe for Juri-chan, she counted the 1,2,3 in a faster way than others haha

Juri-chan apologized for her mistakes xD

TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_06.57_[2014.06.11_14.35.45]

Then they asked what type of person she likes in real life.
She likes guys who are direct and for gestures, she likes it when someone puts her hand in their pocket while walking when it’s cold/winter.

So they asked both MatsuJun and Masahiro to act it out and let her choose who did it better.

TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_10.42_[2014.06.11_14.42.53] TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_10.53_[2014.06.11_14.42.35]

TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_11.22_[2014.06.11_14.44.06]
Everyone was saying how natural they were! ^^

Juri-chan chose MatsuJun! hahaha saw it coming anyway…

She liked that he was very gentle in putting her hand in the pocket xD as compared to the TOKIO guy.

TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_11.42_[2014.06.11_14.46.01]

TOKIO - MatsuJun Ueno Juri.mp4_snapshot_11.46_[2014.06.11_14.49.10]

I just got that VS Arashi episode where Hidamari cast appeared. Gonna watch that tonight xDDD


3 thoughts on “MatsuJun x Ueno Juri

  1. Ueno Juri attended a concert of Arashi? I was surprised. I think Ueno Juri and Matsumoto Jun no misunderstandings (they don’t understand) haha ​​
    She thought he spoke in the Kohaku was unpleasant but it was not also he thought she was bored in concert Arashi but it was not true . That said, misunderstanding. Sorry, english is not my native language.

    • Yeah they misunderstood each other haha
      I love their interaction, so cute.
      And don’t worry about your english, they’re fine ^^

      • I hope they return to work in a dorama or film. Matsumoto and Juri-chan have very different personalities but I think they’re very funny when they’re together.

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