Vote your favorite Spring 2014 drama!

I know the season has not ended entirely, but you may now vote for your favorite drama this season if you have made up your mind. For those who haven’t finished watching, you might wanna wait till it’s really over. Who knows? The finale might change your mind lol..

You can vote more than once, but it’d best to limit it to maybe 2-3 dramas per person. That way, we can see a more accurate result. I didn’t want to limit to only 1 drama per person as I think some may have more than one favorite. Also, it’d be really helpful and nice if you can explain why you think the drama you’ve chosen is the best or your favorite. If the drama you want is not in the poll, you can choose others, but please state which drama in the comments section. I’m really interested to read everyone’s thoughts and reasons. It’ll be good also for those who haven’t watched that certain drama and this might work as good recommendation method.

So…vote away! I’ll be keeping this alive till the beginning of next season. Ample time to choose!


3 thoughts on “Vote your favorite Spring 2014 drama!

  1. Well, my very favorite is BORDER. So far, I have finished only BORDER, Alice no Toge and The Long Goodbye, which was also excellent.
    I was a bit disappointed by Alice’s ending, to be honest, but I liked it a lot overall. So for now, my ranking will be:
    1. BORDER; 2. The Long Goodbye, 3. Alice no Toge
    I’m currently watching White Lab(o) and River’s Edge that I also quite enjoy so far, so they may interfere in my ranking when they’ll end.
    SMOKING GUN is so-so. I can’t stand Emily’s character. She looks like the dumbest so-called scientist, always trying so hard to be “kawaii”.
    Bitter Blood was funny at the beginning but it rapidly turned out to be really dumb. Though, I’ll watch the final episode to see how low it can fall…
    And the one that I’m not sure I’ll finish ever is Hanasaki Mai ga Damattenai. It annoys me even more than Bitter Blood…
    Now, the dramas to which I gave a try but could even finish the first episode are: Zoku. Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi, First Class (I would rather call this “low class”), Shinigami-kun, Yowakutemo Katemasu, Gokuaku Ganbo, MOZU, and Black President.
    I haven’t tried the remaining ones.

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