MOZU Season 2 – episode 1

Let’s kick off this season with MOZU 2. Like I mentioned in the previous finale’s review, I was slightly disappointed by Season 1. The plot was slow and obviously dragged because there wasn’t much to show, yet perhaps. Maybe they’re just leaving all the good stuffs in Season 2.

Anyways, the first episode of Season 2 is a 1 hour 15 min affair. Do we seriously need the 24 min recap/digest? Since Season 1 just barely ended, I don’t think viewers would’ve forgotten what went down in the first part. My first impression when I watched the digest (actually, I skipped it), was ‘what a waste of time’.

MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.26.01_[2014.07.07_16.59.17]

The real thing begins with a snowy scene (some explosion) well whatever but then we see images of this mysterious person all over the city. Kuraki waking up from a nightmare. And yes!

You guessed it right!

He lights up a cig. I just hope he doesn’t really smoke this much in real life.

MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.26.54_[2014.07.07_17.01.12]

He’s trying to track down Ivan Tyler who he believes was connected to Operation Glarke Alpha and ultimately, will bring to surface what happened during the 72-hour from which his wife was detained.

MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.28.36_[2014.07.07_17.03.16]

Aoi Yu appears as a journalist who Kuraki asked for favor to investigate Ivan Tyler. As for Miki and Ryota, it’s nice to see them hanging out even after the previous case. Kuraki on the other hand has worked independently so neither of them know what he’s doing now.

MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.33.50_[2014.07.07_18.09.37] MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.39.54_[2014.07.07_18.15.48]

I thought Higashi died (didn’t he commit suicide or sth? lol) but anyways, glad to have him back! I grew to like him more towards the end of Season 1, regardless of his evil deeds.

MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.54.39_[2014.07.07_18.38.54] MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.55.35_[2014.07.07_18.37.01]

Miki still thinks her father’s alive and is the one who is making those calls over the past 15 years. Kuraki and Shiori (Aoi Yu) made a deal – she gets him info of Ivan Tyler from her circle of Gurujibu ‘friends’ and he leaks about the airport terrorist case.

MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.59.57_[2014.07.07_18.43.44] MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_01.02.43_[2014.07.07_18.49.51]

Apparently, Ivan Tyler’s name isn’t supposed to be spoken proven when her ‘friends’ are provoked and ends up in a fight with Kuraki. However, he didn’t get much about Ivan.

MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_01.09.29_[2014.07.07_18.56.30]

So Shingai’s twin is still alive. Bet he’s the one behind the killing (ice pick style).

MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_01.09.40_[2014.07.07_18.56.52]


MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_01.14.09_[2014.07.07_18.58.56] MOZU Season 2 ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_01.14.43_[2014.07.07_18.59.47]


Season 2’s premier isn’t bad. In fact, the pace feels faster and it doesn’t bore me (that’s the most important part). I like new characters for example, the addition of Aoi Yu’s Shiori, a journalist who likes to dig into controversial stuffs, is great (for now). I hope her character will have significance later in the show. Also, it’s good to see Kuraki not looking as hard as he was in Season 1. He still doesn’t smile but I can feel that he’s more at ease now and actually doing something proactive to investigate the truth about his wife. Ryota is as always, a pleasure to watch. None of his scenes is dull – his family interaction is fun. Miki also seems to open up more and able to joke with Ryota now.

So all things considered, I’m quite happy with this premier. Keep this up and it shouldn’t disappoint.


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