Wakamonotachi ep 4 [review]

Episode 4 was truly dedicated to the third sibling of the family, Sato Haru. Haru as we all know had a theater group and he dreamed of one day holding shows on stage. That day had finally come. However, one of the actors stole the remaining 300,000 yen needed to pay the rent for the theater and fled.

Wakamonotachi 2014 ep04 (848x480 x264).mkv_snapshot_08.50_[2014.08.10_21.44.28] Wakamonotachi 2014 ep04 (848x480 x264).mkv_snapshot_04.14_[2014.08.10_21.39.40]

We also got to know about why Sato hated Shinjo so much. The grudge was due to what happened 3-4 years before he was arrested by the cops. Apparently, his girlfriend, Mizuki, was also an aspiring actress but had to quit because she had heart disease. It could be cured by heart transplant but would need a lot of money and needed to be carried out internationally (higher percentage of getting donors). However, this detail wasn’t told to Satoru. By the time he heard about this from another doctor, he was too late even though he managed to swindle 30 million yen from the old lady in episode 2. Mizuki succumbed to her illness and died.

Wakamonotachi 2014 ep04 (848x480 x264).mkv_snapshot_28.37_[2014.08.10_22.04.05]

Asa-nii helped Haru to find the actor who stole the money. I don’t know about you guys out there but I thought the fight/wrestle between him and Haru was a bit exaggerating (the one under the rain and in the mud). Aside from that, I have no complains for this episode.

Wakamonotachi 2014 ep04 (848x480 x264).mkv_snapshot_03.48_[2014.08.10_21.39.10]
When I saw Ryoko Hirosue’s picture as Mizuki, I actually laughed in delight, because I didn’t expect her to appear at all. I liked new characters and surprises like these. Anyways, I thought it was a nice touch to insert her character as Satoru’s girlfriend and in the play halfway.

Wakamonotachi 2014 ep04 (848x480 x264).mkv_snapshot_52.06_[2014.08.10_22.26.39]

Considering the fact that it was actually her idea for Haru to pick this play. It was quite touching to see Sato broke into tears as he imagined Mizuki acting on the stage she loved so much but a dream she couldn’t realize.

Wakamonotachi 2014 ep04 (848x480 x264).mkv_snapshot_52.16_[2014.08.10_22.27.24]

And then, the cliffhanger.

Wakamonotachi 2014 ep04 (848x480 x264).mkv_snapshot_56.52_[2014.08.10_22.26.12]
Azusa’s pregnancy wasn’t going well when Asa-nii found her lying with blood everywhere. Seeing her like that, it really made me realize how being a mother is not easy task, at all.

I hope nothing life-threatening would occur upon Azusa as she’s probably my favorite character aside from my bias Eita in this show. Just look at Asahi and her both, they’re so sweet together!

Wakamonotachi 2014 ep04 (848x480 x264).mkv_snapshot_03.43_[2014.08.10_21.39.00]



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