N no Tame ni [first impression]

If I’m to sum my first impression on this show, it’ll be THIS DRAMA NEEDS TO BE SUBBED.

N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_27.31_[2014.10.26_19.08.30]I feel like I’m watching something like Kazokugari, minus the guy character who tried to be funny but failed. Anyways, it gives me a similar vibe. It’s got the right mood and though not as intense but it sure knows how to build up a mystery.

So the title is pretty much self-explanatory – N no Tame ni translates to “for the sake of N”

N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.33_[2014.10.26_18.44.31]Now the question is, who is N? There are 3 characters in the show who share the same initial. So we can only guess that N may refer to one of them. Or all of them. A pair of husband and wife was killed one night and in the room, there were 4 people. One was caught and admitted that he did it for the sake of N.

N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.38_[2014.10.26_18.44.39] N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_00.53_[2014.10.26_18.44.55]

But the identity or the real reason of the murder was never solved. Fast forward in present day, the former island cop who knows two of the people in the room began to re-investigate the case. Therefore, we flashed back to the past when our main character played by Eikura Nana, Nozomi was a happy girl living in a huge bungalow on the island until she, her brother and mother were chased out of the house one day by the father.

N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_05.53_[2014.10.26_18.45.21] N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_12.01_[2014.10.26_18.46.07]

I’m sorry, but I have to say it here. The father is a bastard. What an a**hole. Seriously.

Apparently, he brought a woman back and just decided one day to just throw his entire family out like garbage and start anew. Yes, he literally said the word ‘throw’. I was appalled by his action. The worst part was how the mother actually reacted to it. She just accepted it like a sad puppy.


N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_25.04_[2014.10.26_18.48.59]TO THIS

N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_13.15_[2014.10.26_18.46.21]This was the house he prepared for them. Well guy didn’t even have the courtesy to clean it up for them first. Nozomi’s mother began showing some mental breakdown. She’d use up the whole month’s expenses just to buy cosmetics. Therefore, Nozomi had to gain control of their money. Every month when the father banks in money, she and her brother will go buy all the food they need for the month, without telling their mother.

Nozomi and her brother still depends on their father’s money. So when it comes to university, the brother gets to go and although Nozomi also wanted to further her studies in one, the father bluntly expressed his opinion that girls should just master the art of cooking and become housewife (well along the lines). So Nozomi held back on her intention to attend university to make sure their father won’t suddenly decline to pay for her little brother’s school fees.

Just wanna screencap this because it’s so beautiful.

N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_39.51_[2014.10.26_19.27.56]Nozomi becomes closer with Naruse when she asked for his help to carry food and stuffs to their house. Well, it’s too heavy for a girl to carry.
N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_39.44_[2014.10.26_19.28.19]

They also shared interest in shogi.

N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_42.11_[2014.10.26_19.36.44]Overall, this show is worth following if you like suspense, there’s not much of it yet but I’m pretty sure it’ll make one wonder who the real murderer is. Also, if you like dark or heavy plot with human touch, make sure you don’t miss this. I’m definitely watching this, with or without subs.

N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_46.47_[2014.10.26_19.41.43] N no Tame ni ep01 (848x480 pahe).mkv_snapshot_46.53_[2014.10.26_19.41.53]

Oh if anyone wonders whether I’m a fan of the cast in this show, there’s none. Eikura Nana was never my favorite actress nor is any of the actors, but I have to say, so far, Nana is carrying the role of Nozomi very well. In the past, I’ve never liked any of Nana’s dramas but this might just change my perception. That said, I’m not being biased when I say this drama needs to be subbed.


4 thoughts on “N no Tame ni [first impression]

  1. I really wish subs for Japanese dramas would be done faster. Sometimes it takes ages for them to come to the surface! Your words on this made me curious, hopefully enough i’ll start it as soon as possible!

  2. I think this drama is closer to Byakuyakou, dark romance, involved childhood trauma, family’s tragedies. Definitely one of the best this season.

    Same as you, Nana was never my favourite, though I watched quite a fair number of her work. She seems doing pretty well for this drama.

  3. I saw Nana in something and she made an immediate impression of syncerity and gradually I realised that she is a really good actress. I find dorama compelling but very blunt it never leaves out the painful struggle underlying indivduals lives. It is also full of sweet moments that tear at the heart. I have a great admiration of those who join the risky profession and have the talent and the humanity to portray these emotions. The ‘who dunnit’ conundrum draws us in and snares us, but only because we empathise with the trio and ‘hate’ the bastard father and his spiteful, loathsome paramour. I find this painful to watch but I will steal myself and hope the conclusion allows closure and justification to our ‘heros’.

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