N no Tame ni [ episode 2 review]

Upon a request by a fellow reader to recap this drama, I’m going to start with N no Tame ni this season. I admit I haven’t been following much dramas this season because real life got the better of me and I’m busy with work, but even then, I can say without a doubt that N no Tame ni is definitely a must watch this season.

N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_10.44_[2014.10.26_23.38.37]I’ve already stated my first impression in the previous post so now let’s continue with Episode 2. Compared to episode 1, ep2 is really a tearjerker (not in the sense of how Wakamonotachi makes you weep) but suffice to say, this episode really tugs at your heartstrings. After being thrown out of the house, Nozomi now lives with her mother at the ruins of nothing but a shack. Her younger brother has gone to study In Tokyo (I assume). Hence, Nozomi is left having to deal with her emotionally unstable mother who as if out of shock, couldn’t stop spending money lavishly like before. N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_17.25_[2014.10.26_23.50.26] Watching the struggles Nozomi was going through just trying to live a normal life again makes me feel sympathy, especially when she was desperately reaching out to Naruse in the most subtle manner of all. Yes, that secret code they do with the clicking of their pencils. The moment she clicked it 4 times for Tatsukete or in other word, ‘Help’ during the class, that was one of the most heart-wrenching scenes ever!

N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_15.46_[2014.10.26_23.48.37]There’s also the inner conflict between Nozomi and her mother who wanted her to stay with her forever and never leaves her side. I guess there’s this trauma she had after being thrown like garbage by her husband so now she clings helplessly to her daughter. Of course, Nozomi is not giving up her application to study in Tokyo.

N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_15.47_[2014.10.26_23.47.39]Nozomi is feeling powerless about her situation up to the point of her planning to burn down her old house, to destroy everything of her past.

N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_21.01_[2014.10.26_23.57.00]She bought lighter fluid and headed to her old house but before she could do what she set out to, Naruse stopped her. The local policeman also saw Nozomi with the lighter fluid so he probably suspected something already. N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_21.59_[2014.10.26_23.58.03] Another heart-wrenching scene was when Naruse tried to talk sense into her. Naruse’s words were so powerful I almost teared up in this scene. “Kurushii nara, tatsukeruken” which means something like “If it gets painful, I’ll be there to help”.

N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_30.34_[2014.10.27_00.20.28]Naruse also has his own family matters to deal with. His family business is closing down and so her mother was leaving the island. With everything that builds up, he probably thought of the same thing as Nozomi. Since he has the lighter fluid in possession, one night he lighted the house up. The policeman’s wife got a call and rushed to the scene, tried to save Naruse’s father from the burning house. This actually caused her to be injured as well and later, we find out the reason why she couldn’t speak in the future.

N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_31.00_[2014.10.27_00.20.58] N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_31.18_[2014.10.27_00.21.20]

Nozomi was filling up the financial aid application forms for university when she saw Naruse’s house burning. When she got there, she found him watching nearby. She knew he did it. There’s no need for any explanation really and I feel like they’ve reached the level whereby exchange of words is no longer needed. When the policeman found them, Nozomi lied and said Naruse was with her the entire time leading to the fire. She also gave Naruse her application form and said that he dropped it just now. I was literally screaming (in my heart) to Nozomi when she did this. Like, did she just give her application up to save Naruse? It was such a huge sacrifice considering how much Nozomi wanted to leave this island.

N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_33.15_[2014.10.27_00.36.37]Did I mention how well Ieiri Leo’s new song, Silly actually sounds in the background during this scene?

So back to the episode, there’s an investigation about the cause of fire and though the policeman sort of suspected Naruse, he didn’t have much proof. Plus, I think deep inside, he didn’t want to believe Naruse actually was trying to burn his own house down. The final tear-jerking moment in this episode was when Naruse called Nozomi to talk. Nozomi decided to stop meeting him because the police was already investigating the matter and if they hang around more, it might bring more suspicion. Geez man, this scene has some really touching country-ish music and it was sad when they played it in the background.

N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_37.53_[2014.10.27_00.30.52] N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_38.12_[2014.10.27_00.31.15]Back in present time, the policeman found another guy called Nozomi Ando who was one of the guys at the murder scene. When asked, he said he didn’t know what happened that led to the deaths, he was just there at the appointed time.

N.no.Tamei.ep02.141024.720p.mp4_snapshot_42.48_[2014.11.13_17.58.01]Nozomi who is now working in Tokyo, received a message from Ando who warned her about the policeman trying to dig up the past. Later we see Nozomi telling her superior about her resignation.

I love how this show progresses, in between the past and current scenes. I absolutely loved this episode. The chemistry between Eikura Nana and Masataka Kubota is surprisingly good and engaging. They’re so convincing as two souls trapped in an island who wanted nothing more than freedom to live their lives. I’m glad this drama has been picked for subbing. So let’s see where this show will take us to. I want more dark secrets and twists so don’t let us down, scriptwriters!


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