Ueno Juri to join Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun in Ouroboros

Ouroboros is an upcoming police thriller adapted from the famous manga by author Kanzaki Yuya. A while ago, it has been reported that both Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun will act together for the first time after 8 years since their last drama, HanaKimi (remember this?). I was already kind of looking forward to this because I love and have a soft spot for detective dramas.


But today, things get even better when Ueno Juri is reported to join them as leading lady, Hibino Mizuki, a no-nonsense cop graduated from Tokyo University. She will be working together with Ikuta’s character.

So fans of Ueno Juri, REJOICE!!!

After that terrific suspense drama, Alice no Toge, I was waiting desperately for a new Ueno Juri drama or movie and now this. Awesomeness.

You see, this will be her first detective role so it’s going to be significant. I’ve been wondering for ages why she has never played a cop when most of her peers have at least done so once over the years. According to Tokyohive article, she has been resisting the role. So I assume that she has been offered detective roles before but rejected them. Apparently, she explained that detective roles often have the image of being serious and of one upholding justice. She agreed to this because she felt the character has inner conflicts of having to deal with liking Ryuuzaki but at the same time, suspecting him of doing something bad. I think I understand her reasons and I’d say, yes, most police roles are serious and it’s no fun but there are quirky, fun and eccentric cop roles too. Anyways, this just proves that obviously she had been offered detective roles before but she’s quite picky when it comes to accepting them. Guess she likes challenging fresh and different types of roles. Glad she gave this a shot.

Also, Ikuta Toma mentioned there’ll be romance but it’ll be a sad one. Thanks for spoiling it, Toma. I read all 5 volumes of the manga out of curiosity today right after I saw that Ueno Juri was added to this cast. There’s not much romance at all to be honest, if anything, probably only hints of fondness from Hibino towards Ryuuzaki. But nothing bloomed. So from what he mentioned, I think the plot will be slightly different and so we can look forward to some romance ^^

But anyways, let’s see. Her character has long hair. So does this mean she’ll grow her hair for this role? Has she got enough time to do so? Plus, she’ll be wearing glasses. I seriously can’t wait. You have no idea how excited I am for this drama. Such a star-studded cast, there’s no way I’m going to miss this.

 I just hope it won’t disappoint and please, at least let it have a good budget (something similar to MOZU will be nice, I mean the budget, not the plot).

So folks who have been following my blog, you can look forward to me doing reviews/recaps of this upcoming drama. Filming starts in December and it will air in January 2015.
* Judging from the dates, looks like they will face quite a challenge because it’s winter. Gonna be super cold ^^


One thought on “Ueno Juri to join Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun in Ouroboros

  1. the director used to work for Shinzamono and S saigo no keikan, so i quite promising they wont mess up the drama

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