N no Tame ni ep 7 + 8 [review]

I’m going to combine both of these episodes to make my life easier. I watched them continuously so it’s better to compile everything, how I felt about the progression of the plot and the characters.

N no Tame ni ep07 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_06.46_[2014.12.07_22.41.52]At the end of episode 6, we found out that Nozomi was diagnosed with stomach cancer, which leaves us viewers who have been rooting for her since episode 1 with no choice but to accept the fact that our beloved heroine might not have a happy ending. Unless some miracle happens in the medical field with some cancer cure, we’re made to expect her to die within a year from now. She doesn’t seem to be too sad about it either, rather, she gave me the feeling like she has accepted her fate. I can go on and on and rant about this issue since Nozomi is my favorite character in this show (besides Naruse), but I guess we’re not supposed to hope for any happy ending for this pair right from the start. It’s as if they were meant to be doomed. But I won’t rant. I shall instead put confidence in the scriptwriters to deliver us some twists and a satisfying ending (even if it’s not a happy one). We’re not watching some Disney movies now.

N no Tame ni ep07 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_36.15_[2014.12.07_23.21.11]So now that we know how Nishizaki began to have an affair with , things start to make more sense. For example, the N mission. I should say, N part 2. Nishizaki managed to ask Nozomi to assist him in this mission to rescue Naoko from the violence his husband inflicted on her. Ando has no idea what they were doing while Naruse was coerced into the mission as well by Nishizaki because Naruse now worked in this high-class restaurant that the husband and wife frequented. So during Christmas Eve, they planned to disguise themselves as the food caterers from the restaurant and get Naoko out. The mission sounded easy. I mean, it’s basically 3 against 1 but god knows what went wrong. That’s the twist we’re still unclear about.

N no Tame ni ep07 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_31.09_[2014.12.07_23.14.01]N no Tame ni ep07 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_31.34_[2014.12.12_14.28.19]

By the way, fans of Nozomi x Naruse should rejoice because in episode 7, they’re reunited and quite a lot of good moments. I found myself grinning from ear to ear. It’s sad that Naruse decided to quit college but if being a chef is what he wanted to pursue, I don’t see why quitting is bad for him. Although, I do feel sorry the fact that Nozomi gave up her scholarship application for him and it sort of went to waste.

N+no+Tame+ni+ep08+(848x480+x264).mp4_snapshot_29.54_[2014.12.12_21.27.27]Am I the only one who finds Ando suspicious especially the part where he locked Noguchi’s front door. I mean, why the hell would he do that for? Of course, I’m not going to pinpoint anyone being a traitor now because things are still not clear about what truly happened on that day. But the tension I see building between Ando and Noguchi might lead to some dispute between the two. Afterall, Ando helped to gain back an important contract and was praised directly by their boss while Noguchi was set aside (boss telling him to learn a thing or two from Ando). A man with so much pride and ego such as Noguchi sure as hell won’t admit he’s in any way inferior of a new staff like Ando. So I think something must have gone wrong between the two which somehow added to the tragedy.

N+no+Tame+ni+ep08+(848x480+x264).mp4_snapshot_40.53_[2014.12.12_21.29.06]Naoko tried to contact Nishizaki for help when Noguchi brought her out for a meal. She was caught at the public phone and all hell breaks lose. Guess Noguchi would never even let her out of their apartment anymore. Nishizaki could only watch helplessly as Noguchi dragged Naoko inside.

As for the ending scene, I knew it! I knew Natsue was hiding something about the fire from years ago. She probably saw Naruse set fire to his own father’s restaurant but decided to keep it to herself as that kind of secret wouldn’t do anyone good anyway. She probably sympathized Naruse’s condition as well. Of course, this is only my own prediction. To be honest, it could very well be Naruse’s own father who lit the restaurant up out of frustration and trying to get the insurance money, who knows. But it seems like Natsue wrote a letter to tell her husband, Takano everything she knew.

Till the next episode!


5 thoughts on “N no Tame ni ep 7 + 8 [review]

  1. Dear avanpiper87,

    I wonder if you will review ep 9-10? I really would like to know what you think about the conclusion, twists and everything leading to the finale scene.
    Thanks a bunch for taking time reviewing the series and pssstt… *SPOILER* …

    I’m just happy my ship didn’t sink 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Hi bee, first of all, thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to read ^^
    I’ve no idea why I didn’t finish reviewing this drama when it was one of my favorites ^^;; I’ll probably revisit the last two episodes when I have time and sum up my final thoughts about the show. I’ve been quite busy recently so it might not be so soon though.
    Thanks again for all the comments and it’s always nice to hear comments from others 🙂

  3. Hi avanpiper87,
    I’m beside myself with excitement to read your response. I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts on N’s final episodes.

    PS: bookmarked your blog and am reading your Ouroboros reviews 😉 I didn’t plan to watch it but now am so much tempted to because of you.

    PPS: Would you mind to share your most favorite series. I know it’s not easy, but maybe you can mention like five titles of those having left a good impression the most recently? 🙂
    Oh, one more thing, I wonder if you’ve watched ST Aka to Shirou no Sousa Paire and Yokoso, Wagaya e? What is your overall opinion of either series? recommended? (I’m sorry I asked so much xD)

  4. Hi bee, I think you’ve read my Best of 2015 so that should give you a rough idea of what dramas I like this year hehe I think Tenno no Ryoriban should be a good start (be prepared for some tear-jerker moments though). It also depends on what kind of genre you like but I’ll probably just list down some from different genre which I hope will be helpful for you to have a rough idea, but this is based on those I’ve watched so I probably will miss some.

    Human drama/slice of life:
    1)Tenno no Ryoriban – think I’ve said enough about this show lolz
    2)Kounodori – basically an Obs/Gyn medical series but equally touching, a show with a lot of heart and I like how they delve deeper into different issues and keep it on the realistic side.
    3)Mother Game
    4)Mondai no Aru Restaurant
    5) Okashi no Ie – Pacing may be quite slow for some but I did like some of the episodes.

    Crime dramas:
    1) Ishi no Mayu – It being a WOWOW drama already makes this a notch better and it shows in the overall directing quality with amazing OST. One of my fav crime dramas this year and it’s short/compact with only 5 eps. Gripping suspense.
    2) Tantei no Tantei – A revenge series with a strong female detective on the hunt for the killer of her younger sis.
    3) Siren – not your average cop drama and it’s not case per episode. Focuses on the 3 main leads with lots of twists and best villain of the year.
    4) Yami no Bansosha – I really recommend this since it’s another great WOWOW production. One of my favs too this year.
    5) Okitegami & Ouroboros – you’ve watched this judging from your comment earlier ^^
    6) Kazokugari – this is old (2014) but if you haven’t watched this, you should give it a shot. It’s dark and got lots of batshit crazy stuffs towards the end lol

    As you may already noticed, I’m not really into rom-com or romance but just to name a few from this year- DATE, Koinaka and 5-ki kara 9-ji made (I did end up dropping these though but I’m going to continue DATE ^^) Gisou no Fuufu is probably my favorite of this genre this year, it’s not really rom-com though but close enough.

    Have you watched Saikou no Rikon (2013) btw? I loved that show.
    I’ve heard good things about Yokoso Wagaya e but still haven’t got around to try it, but judging from feedbacks/reviews, I think it’s worth checking out. I did watch a couple eps of ST but I think I dropped it after a while, couldn’t recall why though ^^;;

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