Kiri no Hata [special drama review]

Kiri no Hata is basically about injustice and how it affected the poor and the under-privileged. The story centers around an ordinary girl named who works in a food processing factory. She has a younger brother who is mentally challenged and hence, she dedicated most of her time to look after him. This means no hanging out with co-workers after work. In order to save money she even waits till the store that sells her beloved brother’s fried squid puts out the discount sign. They are living happily until a tragedy struck one day, almost uninvited.[2014.12.14_12.08.04][2014.12.14_12.08.17]

Masao, her younger brother works at a bakery that hires special people like him and on the day he receives his salary, he stumbled upon one of his neighbours. This neighbor is seen sending a man off on a bike and she was dressed rather scantily. She noticed Masao after the man left and walked to him. She asked Masao to keep quiet about her encounter (probably shady business) and shoved 10, 000 yen note into him. Masao doesn’t quite understand what is going on and goes back with the extra money.[2014.12.14_12.08.38]Kiriko finds out about this and promptly asked him to return the money. Masao goes back the next morning to return the money where he finds the woman dead in her house. Things start to escalate as Masao is convicted and trialed for murder. Kiriko seeks help from a distinguished lawyer who is known to help innocent clients from wrongful conviction. However, the lawyer Kinzo turned her down even after she pleaded.[2014.12.14_12.09.20]I won’t go into details as to not spoil this show for those who haven’t seen it. Horikita Maki is quite convincing as the loving sister who lost her brother to injustice. However, character development is a problem here. Viewers can grasp the reason why Kiriko changed from an innocent loving sister to a person bent on revenge, but too little is shown to portray her change. It is mostly done in a quick manner and hard for me to be thoroughly convinced. I also find the lawyer scenes to be slightly boring to be honest. There’s also the fact that there is little for the journalist to do. Sure his article did give an impact, but overall, he didn’t seem to serve much of a purpose other than just another character, the drama could even do without him.[2014.12.14_12.09.48]

Verdict: If you’re not a Horikita Maki fan, don’t waste your time to watch this.


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