Ouroboros ep 6 [review]

I’m still a bit disappointed they cut off the entire side story about Hibino’s undercover case which was in the manga. They completely ignored it. Well, I understand they have to chase the story since this drama is slated for only 10 episodes. I know for a fact that Hibino is just a side character and we’re supposed to focus on both Ikuo and Danno. The downside of them cutting so much from the manga though is the side characters suffer from lack of development. I personally thought that undercover case would let Hibino’s character grow. Anyways, don’t mind me. I’m just letting this off my chest.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_02.57_[2015.03.01_21.46.14]This episode is action packed! I love this episode so much xD But before that, let’s get on with the rundown.

Hibino’s dad clearly has a liking for Ikuo. Ikuo was asked for the questioning after he shot the gang member who held Hibino hostage at the club earlier. Kunihiko (I’m gonna call him by his name now to differentiate between him and Hibino) helped to get him out that trouble. So why is he helping him so much? It’s kinda vague now whether he’s the good guy or bad guy at the moment. This can still go both ways.

You know what, I actually didn’t expect Yuiko to have so many scenes, yes they’re all flashbacks but I thought it’d just show her dying. But we clearly got more than that and it’s only going to add on. Well, I like Ryoko Hirosue so I really don’t mind all these flashbacks, as long as they’re not overly repetitive.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_01.54_[2015.03.01_22.06.44]In the flashback from the start of this episode, someone sent Ikuo to Mahoroba and he met Yuiko and Danno there. But the question is WHO sent him? And WHY Mahoroba? Right now, I’m curious what kind of benefit would an orphanage have towards the police?
Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_06.25_[2015.03.01_21.53.41] Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_06.27_[2015.03.01_21.55.31]

So it was kind of random and funny that Tachibana suddenly asked whether Hibino was dating Ikuo, to which she denied, flustering. After the previous incident, it seemed that Hibino had made up her mind to trust Ikuo as she told Tachibana directly that she didn’t think Ikuo was a bad guy.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_07.10_[2015.03.01_21.56.19]I pity Chouno a bit in this episode. Having your own aibou to betray you is one of the worst things to happen. His aibou failed to kill Chouno and ended up dead. I was quite surprised by this change of events, really didn’t see this coming. He needed money and was promised a good sum of those if he killed Chouno. However, Chouno couldn’t get him to tell him WHO ordered the kill during the struggle. He was killed afterwards most probably to silence him. I’m putting my bet on ZERO.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_08.30_[2015.03.01_22.09.10] Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_08.31_[2015.03.01_22.09.14]

Kunihiko had a talk with Ikuo and sort of told him about Hijiri abusing his power in the police force. I think he kind of hinted Ikuo to help him prevent this or something like that. Ikuo couldn’t shrug off the fact that he was wearing a gold watch. So he asked him directly whether the reason he transferred him to Central because he knew of his past. (And yes, that Yuiko dying scene again, seriously, they need to stop that).

Kunihiko denied it so that conversation didn’t proceed any further.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_17.30_[2015.03.01_22.21.47]Chouno was warned by any anonymous caller (must be the ZERO members), that he would share the same fate as his aibou if he pursued Danno any further.

That’s so gay by the way lol…so Mishima knew something was up so he decided to follow Chouno and asked him directly to tell. Chouno told him about ZERO and his suspicion towards Ikuo.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_19.28_[2015.03.01_22.27.29] Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_19.34_[2015.03.01_22.27.38]

Hibino made Ikuo bento and of course, his beloved omurice! Hibino gave an excuse that it was to thank him for rescuing her previously. C’mon Hibino, just admit that you love making bento for him and seeing him smile sheepishly complimenting your cooking. She also opened up a bit on why she wasn’t in good terms with her father.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_19.45_[2015.03.01_22.28.35] Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_20.27_[2015.03.01_22.30.25]

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_22.18_[2015.03.01_22.35.04] Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_22.48_[2015.03.01_22.34.43]

That motivated Hibino to make Ikuo more bentos lol…even though he was on leave that day. Embarrassing!

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_24.23_[2015.03.01_22.37.35]Danno and Ikuo managed to find Yamashiro’s son at the theme park.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_25.39_[2015.03.01_22.40.14]They exchanged information and came to a conclusion both those ZERO members were the ones behind all the killings in order to silent them.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_27.17_[2015.03.01_22.42.02] Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_27.21_[2015.03.01_22.42.24]

Things sort of escalated here when Ikuo got a headache again and recalled the faces of the 4 guys at Mahoroba.  Hijiri was the guy who ordered and threatened them to keep quiet!

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_28.37_[2015.03.01_22.44.51]Ikuo was shot by the same ZERO members who was after the president and Yamashiro.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_30.20_[2015.03.01_22.47.28]Was Ikuo a bit over-reacting with the pain? Coz…Danno was all COOL and UNDETERRRED when he got shot previously. Oh right, Ikuo was the more childish one, hence the weaker one.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_31.39_[2015.03.01_22.50.05]Danno had to call Hibino in the end to come rescue Ikuo because if he was seen together with Ikuo any further, it wouldn’t be good.

Danno’s precious person was Yuiko xD I knew it!

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_36.19_[2015.03.01_22.56.05] Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_36.33_[2015.03.01_22.56.28]

I love Danno’s fight scenes. Ikuo was supposed to have better moves (based from what I see in manga) but Danno definitely wins in this! Though the ZERO guy was much stronger this time.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_40.27_[2015.03.01_23.08.08]So this time, Hibino got to be the hero. Though, Ikuo insisted to go help Danno (hmm obviously he’s not going to be of any use now right?) It was still a heartbreaking scene.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_42.36_[2015.03.01_23.02.10]I bet Hibino must be cursing herself for telling Ikuo ‘to disappear if he has anything to do with Danno’ now.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_43.47_[2015.03.01_23.03.46]The bad guy asked Danno whether he had Yuiko’s Ouroboros necklace. Is that some sort of key for something?

In the meantime, Ikuo was nowhere near Danno. Geez man, you should’ve just let Hibino get you to the hospital.

Ouroboros EP06 720p x265-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.42_[2015.03.01_23.09.25]Great episode, I have to say, things are pacing faster now. There are only 4 more episodes so let’s see how they’ll end this.


2 thoughts on “Ouroboros ep 6 [review]

  1. OMG! I love your review. I’ve been trying to search for some reviews on this episode of Ouroboros to see if anyone agrees with me on how awe-inspiring this episode is. I just love seeing Ikuta Toma and Oguri Shun together! They’re just soooo handsome. </3 *dies* Luckily, I stumbled upon your blog. I was surprised on how you got everything so organized. You deserve two thumbs up for adding humour which made me draw more of my attention. I'll make sure to visit this blog more often 🙂

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