Mondai no Aru Restaurant ep 4-5 [review]

One thing I absolutely love about this show and all of Sakamoto Yuji’s work actually, is that we can analyze the characters in depth and detailed as possible, they’re just so raw and cut wide open for everyone. A lot of things are really left for our own interpretation and to ponder upon. There are a lot of social stigma present in this drama. I’m not sure how it is in the West but Asian countries, not just Japan, is mostly a male-dominated society and so coming from Asia, I can totally relate. Mondai no Aru Restaurant ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_23.42_[2015.03.03_00.48.18]Episode 4 focused on Nitta on the surface but in reality, we were presented with two examples of people with the same origin/past but used different approaches to handle their lives. We know Nitta had been butting heads with Kawana since the beginning, their hatred for each other is no longer a surprise. However they have something in common – Sailormoon Jupiter.

Mondai no Aru Restaurant ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_23.22_[2015.03.03_00.48.11]Mondai no Aru Restaurant ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_30.10_[2015.03.03_00.50.39]

First we got to hear Nitta talk about something very personal during an interview which stunned all her interviewers. From the story of her childhood, we found out why she’s the ‘odd girl’ that exceled in her studies but ‘awkward’ when it comes to cosmetics or romance. She told of a childhood game where she was always left with ‘green’ colour in reference to Sailormoon Jupiter, while everyone else would choose Red (the popular one). Now I don’t watch Sailormoon so I don’t know who’s popular or not, I assume Green doesn’t have as much fans as Red? Anyways, to me, it’s not that she was left with no other choice, she was lacking confidence, believing the fact that she had already lost even before the game starts.

Mondai no Aru Restaurant ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_30.46_[2015.03.03_00.50.46]As an act of reverse defense to this syndrome, she became condescending and since she was from Todai, she used that as an excuse for nearly everything. Looking down on other people and trying desperately to believe that she’s better. Kawana on the other hand, now she is also interesting you see. She revealed to her boss about her taking the same green colour as well.

But unlike Nitta who was actually lacking confidence (inside) and putting on tough ‘armor’ on the outside, Kawana accepted everything that is thrown at her without complaining a single thing. Later in episode 5, we saw she made a reference of Shizuka from Doraemon who never gets angry for long even though her friends were literally ‘bastards’? Sadly, there are women like Nitta and Kawana in this world. I don’t know who’s more pathetic really. People like Kawana will be victims of sexual harassment and whatnot, and it’s scary to think that they would just keep quiet and accept it like it’s normal. It’s not! People like Nitta can easily be victims too when they lack experience in romance department and for example, she was used by Hoshino and her money cheated. Well, Kawana was supposed to have more romantic experience but she too, fell victim when her colleague beat her up for refusing to be her girlfriend.

Mondai no Aru Restaurant ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_29.05_[2015.03.02_20.15.40]One of my favorite scenes in ep5 was the Kawana’s part about her being taught by her training schools that being touched on the butts are fine and normal. What kind of training schools are those?! Tamako then interrupted her and said, ‘Don’t let someone you don’t like touch you.” I mean, this entire scene was powerful. I don’t know but it just hit right home you know, well, I’m a girl so I can relate? I don’t care if people who watch this show says it’s filled with feminism or these things don’t happen. Or how men in this country don’t mistreat women. Bullshit. They do. Snap out of that pretty world where everything’s rosy. That’s a delusion and this is reality. THIS is exactly what’s wrong with our society now.

So thank you Sakamoto Yuji for this astounding drama. I will recommend it to all my friends without reserved feelings. It’s something that needs to be shown and acknowledged.

I never got the chance of being thrown a cake before. I wonder how it feels.

Mondai no Aru Restaurant ep04 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_40.00_[2015.03.03_00.53.39]Oh this lovely scene of Haiji getting complimented for his delicious dessert. Can we get a full proper episode just about Haiji please? Like seriously, Haiji deserves one.

Mondai no Aru Restaurant ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_38.31_[2015.03.03_00.55.14]


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