Garasu no Ashi ep 1 [review]

Aibu Saki returns with a WOWOW drama and obviously, as a WOWOW drama, it’s bound to be dark and dark this is. I hope somebody kind will take this up for subbing. I watched this without subs so I won’t go into detail but only what I can understand. The file I have comes with Chinese subs but since I can’t read Chinese despite being one, I just go by ear and the Japanese subs.

Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_01.51_[2015.03.03_11.55.06] Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_05.38_[2015.03.03_11.55.48]

I last saw Aibu Saki in Last Doctor which was funny and her chemistry with Terawaki Yasufumi was fabulous. I enjoyed that drama, honestly. I wasn’t exactly fond of Aibu Saki back in the days but it was Miss Pilot that changed my perception afterwards. I’m not sure what it was that prevented me from liking her acting in the past, maybe the characters? Surprisingly, while watching Miss Pilot, I ended up rooting for her instead of Horikita Maki. Still disappointed she didn’t get to be pilot.

 Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_16.45_[2015.03.03_12.10.54]Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_16.48_[2015.03.03_12.11.00]

So when I read that she was going to star in this dark adaptation from a novel by the same name, I’m intrigued. Based on the synopsis, her role is obviously a dark protagonist, unconventional and I think every actor/actress should take on a baddie role at least once in their career. Baddie roles don’t generally sit well with audience but not me. I love them actually, just as much as model protagonists.

 Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_20.40_[2015.03.03_12.28.41]Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_20.45_[2015.03.03_12.28.50]

Aibu Saki plays the role of Setsuko Koda, married to Kiichiro Koda who owns a hotel. Kiichiro is much older than her and their relationship is more complex than one thinks. Initially, when she was much younger, Kiichiro was her mother’s boyfriend. So basically, she ends up marrying her mother’s ex-boyfriend. I think Kiichiro is more like a father-figure? They’re romantically involved but I feel Kiichiro wants to protect her from her own abusive mother.

Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_37.31_[2015.03.03_13.13.05]He supported her and lingered around until she graduated high school. Setsuko probably wanted to take revenge for how her mother treated her and hence, began a relationship with him.

  Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_33.44_[2015.03.03_12.51.21] Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_37.49_[2015.03.03_12.55.37]

In the present time, she’s already 4 years married to Kiichiro and one day, Kiichiro went out for a drive on his own. Setsuko could be seen sleeping with another guy, Masahiro. So she has extramarital affair.

Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_10.39_[2015.03.03_12.03.13]

Then she got a call saying her husband Kiichiro was involved in an accident. Doctor told her he might be in coma forever. Her mother appeared and immediately accused her for causing this to Kiichiro. It was quite obvious Kiichiro deliberately drove into the guard rail/walls on his own. He probably knew about Sestuko’s affair. Not sure why he wanted to commit suicide though.

Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_24.37_[2015.03.03_12.33.52] Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_26.52_[2015.03.03_12.41.56]

It’s hella odd and awkward to be with your own mother’s ex-boyfriend. I want to say disgusting but I’m not exactly at that point yet because of the way Setsuko is portrayed. She’s cold, undeterred, confident and hmm classy? Of course, i wish she actually built her own career rather than snatching her own mother’s partner and relying on him. Oh but she did release a poem book, called Garasu no Ashi, with Kiichiro’s financial help though.

Setsuko began to suspect Kiichiro visited her mother before his death when she recited her poem. That meant Kiichiro has given her the book.

Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_43.00_[2015.03.03_13.28.18] Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_43.07_[2015.03.03_13.29.56]

She then found out Kiichiro did indeed come to meet her mother and it was on his way back to the hotel when he got into that crash. Her mother revealed that Kiichiro never cut his ties with her even after he got married to Setsuko. Wow…this is depressing. Her mother declared that she’s the one Kiichiro can never let go. Setsuko must be boiling in anger the fact that she couldn’t make Kiichiro leave her mother for good.

Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_46.46_[2015.03.03_13.35.24]

She went on and said Kiichiro won’t live much longer anyway because he has rectal cancer. He only has about half a year to go. She continued to degrade her and say their marriage was pretence and nobody would actually love her. They got into a brawl and Setsuko ended up killing her mother.

Aibu Saki looks really good in this drama.

So far, her portrayal as Setsuko is quite good, that final scene of her breaking down on the beach was not bad.

Garasu no Ashi ep 01.mp4_snapshot_39.38_[2015.03.03_13.21.56]I’m not sure what to expect for the rest of the show because she already killed her mother and that fire she lit in the beginning, was probably to destroy the evidence. But from the preview, there’s this woman from the poem club (I think) that wanted to become friends with Setsuko. It was shown later that she was also being abused by her husband and her kid asking for Setsuko’s help. So I suppose she’ll be rescuing another woman who suffers from the same fate as her later.


3 thoughts on “Garasu no Ashi ep 1 [review]

  1. You can try first episode and see whether it’s your cup of tea first 🙂 Personally, I have a thing for dark/depressing dramas so I kinda like it.

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