Ouroboros ep 8 [review]

If anyone recalls, episode 7 was hella confusing and tons of things happened all at once. I’m at the point where I find it hard to trust anyone, although I have suspicions towards Mizuki’s father, Hibino. He stands to gain the most once Hijiri is ousted. Anyways, let’s pick up where it left off.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_01.06_[2015.03.07_19.32.25] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_02.39_[2015.03.07_19.33.11]

The superintendent that was shot earlier came back to work and praised Hibino for his work on the case. In Hibino’s office later, Tachibana told him if needed, he can use her team to work on Hijiri’s case further. I think she has her suspicion towards Hibino and so she’s trying to get closer to him and if Hibino trusts her and (if he’s the bad guy afterall), he would start asking Tachibana to do some dirty work for him. And that will great evidence for Tachibana to prove him wrong. But Hibino doesn’t seem like an easy guy who would let his guard down carelessly. He then changed the subject to saying how he’d like to get closer to his daughter (some flashback to little Mizuki watching him leave for work).

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_03.51_[2015.03.07_19.34.30]Mizuki was held hostage by the mysterious freelance writer (acted by Ayano Gou). I thought his long wig was hilarious.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_04.30_[2015.03.07_19.35.20] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_05.37_[2015.03.07_19.50.13]

Danno found out that the surgeon that was mentioned in the pendrive information, committed suicide 20 years ago. It seemed that he didn’t leave any suicide letter though. His field was in the organ transplant, a renowned surgeon back in the days. (Why do I get the feeling that Mahoroba kids might somehow be victims for organ transplant? Remember Alice no Toge?).

Ikuo went to question Hijiri who was the one that ordered him, or basically who was the mastermind behind the case 20 years ago. However, Hijiri was tight-lipped and told him it’s better he doesn’t dig any further and like what he had warned them 20 years ago, they didn’t see or hear anything. He said this is for their own good.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_05.54_[2015.03.07_19.51.22] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_05.55_[2015.03.07_19.51.26]

Freelance writer told Mizuki everything about Ikuo and Danno. So now she knows that both of them were from the same orphanage and one went into police and the other yakuza to take revenge for Yuiko.

By the way, that Superinetendent was wearing gold watch too. Another suspect.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_08.40_[2015.03.07_20.02.24]He was with his sister living at Mahoroba with Danno and Ikuo as well.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_09.47_[2015.03.07_20.05.33]Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_10.26_[2015.03.07_20.07.39]

Uh, okay kids and their childhood proposals xDDD

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_10.29_[2015.03.07_20.07.46]She was transferred to another orphanage afterwards. However, that was the last time he ever saw her. He never heard from her anymore. He overheard Yuiko on the phone with Hibino-san (Mizuki’s father?!) and she told him she would give him the rest of the data that can be found in her Ouroboros necklace.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_10.58_[2015.03.07_20.09.39]Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_11.44_[2015.03.07_20.11.14]

He tried to flee from Mahoroba but then got admitted to hospital for acute appendicitis. Hibino Kunihiko then met and asked him to forget about his sister.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_13.17_[2015.03.07_20.16.24] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_13.21_[2015.03.07_20.17.34]

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_12.46_[2015.03.07_20.14.20]Sousuke (freelance writer) suspected his sister was already dead and Hibino knew about it.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_14.27_[2015.03.07_20.19.25] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_14.29_[2015.03.07_20.19.30]

Ikuo was starting to get really worried about Mizuki and thought of calling Danno for help. Mishima’s sudden appearance stopped him from doing so. On the other hand, Chouno and Danno had some private talk too.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_16.03_[2015.03.07_20.24.33] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_16.19_[2015.03.07_20.24.55]

Apparently, Danno was thrown away when he was baby and since then had grown up in various orphanage.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_17.00_[2015.03.07_20.25.52] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_17.10_[2015.03.07_20.26.19]

OMG this was so cute hahahha

He tried to escape but Yuiko would follow him all the way so when he asked her, “Why?”

“Because you’re family. Everyone in Mahoroba is.”

That basically sold it for him probably lol because even if he was thrown away by his own parents, he had someone who actually appreciated his existence.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_18.58_[2015.03.07_20.33.03] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_19.06_[2015.03.07_20.33.15]

“From that moment onwards, that person’s existence is everything to me.” – Danno

Sousuke went to find Danno. He was such a scaredy cat! LOL

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_23.33_[2015.03.07_20.44.52]

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_24.19_[2015.03.07_20.46.31]Ikuo was told by Mishima to go check Mizuki’s apartment after she went missing for no reason. Her room was ransacked and at the same time, her father and Tamura arrived.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_25.18_[2015.03.07_20.47.54] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_25.28_[2015.03.07_20.48.08]

Mizuki managed to get to her phone and called Ikuo. After her father grabbed the phone, she demanded to know what happened 20 years ago with Mahoroba, leaving him speechless.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_26.34_[2015.03.07_20.50.32] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_26.46_[2015.03.07_20.50.47]

Then, Sousuke came back and dealt with his father, saying he would arrange an exchange for Ouroboros necklace later. But Mizuki told him there was no need to for the exchange because the necklace was in her possession all the while.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_28.12_[2015.03.07_20.52.30]“I’ll tell everything that happened 20 years ago, if you can get Mizuki back, safely.” – Hibino

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_29.35_[2015.03.07_20.56.23]

Danno was reluctant to help Ikuo save Mizuki.

“Why must we get involved with Mizuki when our motive was just to find out who killed Yuiko?”

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_31.46_[2015.03.07_21.01.14]He was afraid that everything was Hibino’s trap and if it was, then they won’t be able to solve anything.

“Even so, I can’t just leave this alone.” – Ikuo
“It’s got nothing to do with me. If you want to it, do it yourself.” – Danno

This friction in the brotherhood, damn.

Oh so their gold watches hold come secret codes as well.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_34.42_[2015.03.07_21.09.30]Danno was the one who told Ikuo Sousuke’s hiding place. So Ikuo went ahead and saved her. Danno went to the exchange location by himself, without telling them.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_38.58_[2015.03.07_21.13.56] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_39.08_[2015.03.07_21.14.09]

Danno’s right hand told him that there was a rumor that the surgeon was involved in some illegal organ trade.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_40.03_[2015.03.07_21.17.06]Uh ok, those codes are supposed to be coordinates where the information was kept?

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_43.37_[2015.03.07_21.24.17]Oh damn, Danno!!!

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_44.10_[2015.03.07_21.25.36] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_44.21_[2015.03.07_21.25.55]

Did he kill Hibino?

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_44.30_[2015.03.07_21.26.25]

So what do I think about Danno’s action? Well, if he really did shoot Hibino, I can understand why. I mean, Yuiko meant the world for him and every flashback we’ve seen so far, expressed his feelings very well as an abandoned child who found no reason to live until Yuiko appeared in his life. So whoever killed Yuiko, for whatever reason, I know he was going to take revenge without any reserved feelings, as opposed to Ikuo who was more like black and white kind of guy.

But that’s not to say I agree with what Danno did. For all that matters, Hibino could still be charged in court and sent to prison if he really had anything to do with Mahoroba’s secret. Okay, we’ll have to wait till next week to see what exactly went on between Danno and Hibino. I’m sure they’ll show us their conversation.

We’re still not sure whether he really was the one who shot Hibino. It might be the Public Safety guys too to silent Hibino.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_44.43_[2015.03.07_21.27.29]I do feel slightly sorry for Mizuki, yeah she hated her father to death and probably cursed him tons of times in her inner heart from young. But still, to actually see her own father lying on the ground, motionless, it’s still a bit hard to accept.

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.29_[2015.03.07_21.28.18] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.30_[2015.03.07_21.28.26]

Danno’s words to Ikuo during the preview.

I knew everything that happened at Mahoroba 20 years ago. I also knew who killed Yuiko. That’s why, this is my farewell. We won’t be connected any longer.


Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.58_[2015.03.07_21.38.14] Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_46.02_[2015.03.07_21.37.53]

So Hibino died and Ikuo told Mizuki he was glad to have met her (is that his way of confession?) HAHA

Yuiko left a video message regarding the case!!!

Ouroboros EP08 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_46.07_[2015.03.07_21.36.55]


9 thoughts on “Ouroboros ep 8 [review]

  1. I must thank for reviewing the drama Ouroboros, it helps me to understand the story. I love the drama, I like the actors, the characters, the soundtrack. I know the dorama has flaws but I love it so much. Sorry, English is not my native language.

  2. Thank you for the reviews. I am unable to watch the episodes following the 5th ones because of various blah blah reasons. Anyhow, your blog gives me an update of each and every episode and the screencaps make it easier to visualize the situation. And ikuo and Mizuki look amazing together but well…. Things might not turn out the way I hope… T-T
    Thank you for fl your time and effort.

  3. Thank you very much for this review on this drama, the episode 8 let me want to see the rest … It’s end abruptly in my opinion…. The actors are really really really great, ikuta toma and oguri shun are really great in those kind of role

    Again thank you very much for sharing you thoughts about this drama!!


  4. I really like to read your review. It very helpful to understand better this drama. It take a long time to wait for subtitle..
    Really appreciate if u can review for episode 9 too..Love the chemistry between ikuta toma and ueno juri . I hope they can have another drama together

    Thanks a lot ….

  5. Thank you everybody for the response. I really like this drama too, hence I’m always excited to share my thoughts with others. I will review ep9 once it’s available. Also, the subber is planning to release 2 subs at once very soon so don’t worry, you’ll all have double the treat once they’re up ^^

  6. I still don’t understand about the organ trafficking.
    The little girl received an organ transplant or they removed form her an organ ?
    Because, Fukamachi said Saotome performed an organ transplant on a kid secretly (i guess, the little sister of Nachi), but i don’t have any information. I came here to get more information, but i still don’t understand the details

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