Ouroboros ep 9 [review]

(This is going to be another long recap/review. I’m sorry if I don’t go into some details because I watched this without sub. I relied on my mediocre understanding of the language to get through. I couldn’t contain my excitement and eagerness to share my thoughts with you all so I didn’t wait for subs, though I usually rewatch the episodes after they’re released xD)


So back in episode 8, we got a little cliffhanger although based on the preview, we knew Hibino didn’t make it out alive. Konatsu told Tachibana that she walked away from Hibino to make a call to Ikuo, that was when she saw Danno then she was struck in the head, then that was all she remembered. Mishima asked whether Ikuo had any idea who killed Hibino. Obviously, Ikuo remained silent about it.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_01.37_[2015.03.15_01.15.56] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_01.35_[2015.03.15_01.16.54]

Omg I felt pain when Mishima actually gave a playful punch on Ikuo’s tummy! Remember he was shot in the gut just few days ago?

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_02.25_[2015.03.15_01.26.04] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_02.25_[2015.03.15_01.25.59]

Hibino’s working bag was filled with Mizuki’s favourite food (the same stuffs he brought during the hospital visit). He probably wanted to let her eat them after rescuing her T_T

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_03.55_[2015.03.15_01.30.53] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_04.37_[2015.03.15_01.31.40]

Chouno received information about Danno being involved so he went to find him but Danno was nowhere, only 3 very tall intimidating foreign lawyers to see him. That was kinda funny though I pity Chouno to be towered like that.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_04.56_[2015.03.15_01.32.32] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_05.14_[2015.03.15_01.34.20]

Danno had in his possession the tapes Hibino was digging furiously in the previous episode. It had information on the kids.

Good to see this trio getting more comfy now. Chouno and Tachibana couldn’t shake off their suspicion towards Ikuo and Hibino like they were hiding something. Mishima looked like he didn’t want to believe Ikuo had any relation with Danno.

Hibino when questioned by Tachibana, didn’t reveal the fact that her kidnapper was Ikuo’s childhood friend nor did she mention anything about Danno. Basically, she kept mum about their issue and just said she was kidnapped by someone unknown, and her father asked Ikuo’s help for the exchange.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_05.56_[2015.03.15_01.35.13] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_06.28_[2015.03.15_01.36.36]

Although I kinda miss long-haired Sousuke, it’s good to see him back to his natural hairdo xD
So he decided to ditch the long hair because he didn’t want police to catch him, so the change of image.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_09.24_[2015.03.15_01.46.16] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_09.26_[2015.03.15_01.46.50]

Ikuo didn’t believe that Danno was Hibino’s killer. Sousuke recalled his conversation with Danno and apparently Danno told him Hibino was not that big of a problem for him personally, he just wanted to know who killed Yuiko. Talk about dedication!

Okay that was a weird revelation. It turned out that the Ouroboros necklace was found in Ikuo’s belongings without him even knowing why. WHO PUT IT THERE? I actually thought he took it himself after Yuiko died.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_12.35_[2015.03.15_01.52.35] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_12.58_[2015.03.15_01.53.36]

When Sousuke was saying how Yuiko was also one of those Public Safety brats, Danno looked pissed.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_12.58_[2015.03.15_01.53.36]“I’ll kill everyone that was related to Yuiko’s death,”- Danno.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_15.24_[2015.03.15_01.59.17] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_15.50_[2015.03.15_01.59.48]

Mizuki took a break from work and stayed home after his father’s death. Ikuo came to visit.

The return of the NOSE-PINCH! Ikuo invited her out for meal and they both got omurice even though Ikuo was thinking to change for once. However, when the owner told Mizuki her father liked to eat omurice under Ikuo’s recommendation so they both ended up with omurice. Sweet.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_16.32_[2015.03.15_02.02.43] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_18.03_[2015.03.15_02.13.55]

I can’t read all those kanji so I’m not sure what to make out of this piece of paper but it was Sousuke’s sister’s information. I think it was a medical record because I saw blood type and all those medic stuffs.

Uh okay why would kids at Ikuo and Danno’s age even think about their last meal before death? Like I don’t think I even thought of death until I reach maybe…15 years old or so?

Anyways, they both would eat Yuiko’s omurice before they die.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_23.23_[2015.03.15_02.28.45]I’m thinking of quitting as police – Mizuki

NOOOOOOooooooo ;_;

She elaborated that initially she just became a police because of her father. She just wanted him to notice her.

Then what were all those talk about ‘I hate people who strayed from the right path’ about???

If that’s what you think, then I won’t stop you. But I don’t think you being a police was a stupid decision. No matter what kind of case, you faced them seriously. You always have right conscience. – Ikuo

We were betrayed 20 years ago by police. That’s why meeting a police like you, I’m really happy. – Ikuo

Damn Ikuo, if Hibino wasn’t moved even a bit by what Ikuo just said, then I don’t know what will.

Ikuo was convinced that Hibino was killed in order to shut his up. He thought he was killed by someone else, not Danno.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_23.26_[2015.03.15_02.28.52]That’s why our revenge is not over yet – Ikuo
Then what will you do after you avenged for Yuiko? What if I said I’ll ignore everything you’ve done? What if I said I still want to work together with you even after all you’ve done? What if I said, I want stay alive together with you?- Mizuki

(as someone pointed out in the comments, my mistake for using the wrong wording for that sentence above, hope it makes more sense now xD)


This tragic love.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_24.13_[2015.03.15_02.31.52] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_24.18_[2015.03.15_02.32.00]


Oh Sousuke told Ikuo he met Danno and he knew everything about Mahoroba and who killed Hibino.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_25.20_[2015.03.15_02.37.27] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_25.22_[2015.03.15_02.37.32]

How the hell did Mishima know where to find Danno at that rundown theater? Chouno was asked by Tachibana to follow Mishima, that I know. I half expected Mishima had something to do with Mahoroba, thank god he didn’t. Phew.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_26.59_[2015.03.15_02.40.37] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_27.20_[2015.03.15_02.41.02]

Danno wanted them to protect Ikuo. He didn’t want Ikuo to be connected to whatever he had done. He said Ikuo was different from him. He also wanted them to send a message to Mizuki about her father.

Mizuki’s father wasn’t a culprit, he was innocent. If anything, he could be considered as their savior.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_27.54_[2015.03.15_02.42.16] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_30.02_[2015.03.15_02.47.36]

Mizuki told Tachibana her guess of what might have gone down regarding her father’s case. She asked Tachibana to re-assess the whole thing and there could only be one person capable of killing her father.

Well, she didn’t say what she thought about but I have a very bad feeling about this. Oh gosh, don’t tell me she was the killer?

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_30.02_[2015.03.15_02.47.48]Then we cut to this open space hall at night.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_30.16_[2015.03.15_03.00.28]Konatsu was asked to meet them here, including Mizuki and Sousuke.

The one who killed my father was you, wasn’t it? – Mizuki

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_31.05_[2015.03.15_03.03.40]THIS INNOCENT FACE

This show is causing me to never trust anyone anymore I’m telling you. It has shattered every bit of trust I have upon people on this planet. I probably will just go one corner and weep at this revelation.

I totally didn’t see this coming.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_31.34_[2015.03.15_03.04.14]Can I just say that short but quite awesome fight between Konatsu and Ikuo was cool?

And the fact that she knew she couldn’t win all of them so commiting suicide was easier.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_33.00_[2015.03.15_03.09.26]Apparently, from what I could grasp, Konatsu’s father was the organ transplant surgeon. Also the kids at Mahoroba were like ‘goods’? Everytime they need organ for transplants, they were ready to be used. Gosh…so it’s true, Sousuke’s little sister was sacrificed.
(Pls don’t take my word 100% at this point, until the subs are out)  Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_33.04_[2015.03.15_03.09.33]Goddamn this episode!


So intense!
She shot Hibino’s father while he was digging for the tapes. Then she was planning to take the tapes and leave it to Public Safety to deal with the mess but Danno’s arrival sort of changed everything. She tried to kill him but Danno’s magical bulletproof helmet saved his life. (it being bulletproof was just my imagination)

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_33.25_[2015.03.15_03.10.09] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_34.36_[2015.03.15_03.18.55]

So she was struck by Danno unconscious and he got the tapes afterwards.

Konatsu was saved by one of the children in Mahoroba as she was also a receiver of the organs. His father after striking a deal with the police and operated on her, saved her life. However, he commited suicide because of guilt.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_34.01_[2015.03.15_03.23.37]

I won’t let you die! The heart you have was my sister’s. – Sousuke
OMG this is too sad.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_34.59_[2015.03.15_03.25.24]

Sousuke managed to shove her gun but got himself shot in the leg. Seriously, nobody needs to die anymore in this show. We have enough deaths already!

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_36.01_[2015.03.15_03.28.02] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_36.20_[2015.03.15_03.28.28]

Mizuki could’ve killed Konatsu out of revenge right there and then but she didn’t.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_36.42_[2015.03.15_03.29.09] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_37.16_[2015.03.15_03.29.47]

Ikuo asked Konatsu who was the one that ordered her to kill Hibino.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_37.55_[2015.03.15_03.30.36]Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_39.12_[2015.03.15_03.34.03]

Danno was nearby watching everything. When he heard who was the one behind Mahoroba and the one killed Yuiko, he took off. Ikuo saw him running away and gave chase.

Sousuke then told Mizuki that her father was working with Yuiko to protect the children in Mahoroba. To make sure nobody would sacrifice any of their lives anymore and to protect them from Public Safety.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_39.49_[2015.03.15_03.35.18] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_39.48_[2015.03.15_03.35.13]

Danno told Ikuo to forget about him and start living as one of the people on the other side. Danno, I know you’re thinking about Ikuo’s safety and you’re just going to shoulder all the blame and burden.

Is it just me or Ikuo looked like a sad lost puppy abandoned by his mother?

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_40.30_[2015.03.15_03.38.04] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_40.39_[2015.03.15_03.38.20]

This is Goodbye, Ikuo.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_41.43_[2015.03.15_03.41.25] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_41.49_[2015.03.15_03.41.15]

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_42.24_[2015.03.15_03.42.35]This superintendent was the one who built Mahoroba and killed Yuiko.

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_44.14_[2015.03.15_03.44.41] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_44.16_[2015.03.15_03.44.47]

Th superintendent is Ikuo’s real father?! If not for Danno saying ‘Kitagawa’ I wouldn’t have known this because I can’t read the kanji on Ikuo’s information. BUT WHY DID HE PUT HIS OWN SON IN MAHOROBA?

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.23_[2015.03.15_03.46.12]Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.27_[2015.03.15_03.49.31]

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.29_[2015.03.15_03.49.45]FINALE PREVIEW

Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.44_[2015.03.15_03.52.02] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.46_[2015.03.15_03.52.09] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.50_[2015.03.15_03.51.43] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.51_[2015.03.15_03.51.49] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_45.58_[2015.03.15_03.53.04] Ouroboros EP09 720p x265 HEVC-ER.mkv_snapshot_46.06_[2015.03.15_03.52.39]

This episode surpassed ep7 in so many ways. I’m speechless. Twists are abundant, people keep dying and killed off one by one like ants getting stepped. I’m sorry if I don’t make sense at this moment, it’s past midnight, was over my usual sleeping time so I might not be in an appropriate state to pour my thoughts. Anyways, the finale will probably be how Ikuo comes to terms with the fact that his father killed Yuiko and the culprit behind everything. It’s probably going to tear him apart and I;m expecting the finale to be intense as well.


16 thoughts on “Ouroboros ep 9 [review]

  1. Thanks again……. Omg… Talk about twists… Ikuo is such a sweetheart.. And Mizuki is ready to overlook whatever Ikuo did, and is ready to accept him the way he is…. OMG… BTW, Will it be alright for you to let me know where you watch it with subs? I was watching it on these two websites but both stopped uploading after episode 5….

  2. I love this drama. I do not know japanese but from what I read, I think I understand something. This drama taught me not to trust anyone (sad xD)
    I took some pictures, gave the corresponding credits, I hope you do not mind. If so withdraws images. Thank you very much for your comments.
    I will miss this drama and someone.

  3. I feel like Mizuki didn’t say that she wants to live with him but rather, something like keep on being alive together with him (as in, not die). But I could be wrong too since I can’t understand everything either.

    • Yeah actually that’s what she said, in Japanese context. Should’ve written ‘stay alive’ rather than living. I wasn’t thinking of ‘living’ as in staying the same house as him lol my mistake for using the wrong word.

  4. Hey,

    Thank you for the episode 9 review. I too also DL the episodes and watch them blindly without subs. After reading the review it made more sense. I thought konatsu was sousuke’s sister had i not read this lol. On a separate note, Danno’s retainer is such an under rated character. That guy’s awesome XD

    • Yeah, he’s awesome too bad he doesn’t get as much scenes but all of them are great, I like how he puts his hands together and speak without looking at Danno at all, it’s like looking at him the eye would cause him death or something xD

  5. arigatou..so next week is the finale?well..i love this show so much . i hope hibino and mizuki can be together..but maybe i cant hope so much since this story is a kind of tragedy and sad story..

    • Well they hinted in the interview that their romance will be a sad one so I’m not pinning much hope. Still, it’d be nice just to see both of them alive at the end because then, there’ll be hope, at least 😀

  6. Don’t worry about the details, in the previews comment i was stu-pi-de, i wish i could edit the message but it’s not possible.
    You described very well the episode, and if you couldn’t make more details, this is because the episode itself was vague. The truth was unknown for everyone!

    Sorry if i hurt you, and thank you for this one!! I watched it yesturday and WOW

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