Spring 2015 – what to look out for in this brand new season?

Winter has ended and as the sakura blooms everywhere in Japan, we’re also getting ready for a new wave of Jdramas to hit the screens. This list will not be complete but rather what I feel might be interesting enough to try.

April 8th.
Kokoro ga Pokkito ne (Fujiki Naohito, Abe Sadao, Kiko Mizuhara)
Expectation: Mediocre
CBpUoZHUMAAJBQx.jpg largeThis fell under my radar, I’ll give my first impression soon. I kinda miss watching Fujiki Naohito so having him back is nice. Not a fan of Kiko Mizuhara but maybe this will convince me she’s more than just a model getting pushes here and there.

April 9th.
Ishitachi no Renai (Takumi Sato, Yuriko Ishida, Aibu Saki)
Expectation: Mediocre

Ishitachi_no_Renai_Jijou-p1Takumi Sato gets his first lead role, he’s alright imo but has yet to really impress me. I’ve seen him in a bunch of dramas. Nothing much stood out before. Hopefully with this lead role, he gets to shine. The other reason why I’m actually giving this a try if because of Aibu Saki. Too bad she’s not playing lead, she’s just a supporting character. But she’ll act as a mother in this so this is something new. I’m not really into the plot of Takumi falling in love with an older woman but yeah, giving this the benefit of doubt. Read the synopsis here

Friday, April 10th, we’ll be graced with the first episodes of Tenshi to Akuma and Flower.

Tenshi to Akuma (Watabe Atsuro, Gouriki Ayame)
Expectation: Moderately High

Tenshi-to-Akuma-Mikaiketsu-Jiken-Tokumei-Koshoka-spring-drama-2015CCJkHcjUkAA7mdT.jpg large

Basically, this is a mystery and suspense drama so I’m pretty much on board. I love this kind of genre. Having Watabe Atsuro and Gouriki Ayame is like a win-win situation for me too.

Flowers for Algernon (Yamashita Tomohisa)
Expectation: Mediocre

CBpVA96UsAAOnpx.jpg largeTo be honest, I’m not a fan of Yamapi and has never been impressed by his acting. I always thought he has stone face and just kinda boring to watch. But I will still give this a try because he’s going to play a retarded genius. I believe this role is not easy and should be able to pose some challenge for him so if he’s able to convince audience like me he can do some serious acting, then this might just be a breakthrough for him.

April 15th
Dr. Rintaro (Sakai Masato, Aoi Yu, Kichise Michiko)
Expectation: Very High

CB5PApLUoAADgep.jpg large CB5OFCAUMAElSqZ.jpg large

Sakai Masato is back! Get hyped! He’s such a versatile actor and i’m pretty convinced he’ll rock this role, even if he’s acting as a gentle and kind doctor (instead of the sarcastic lawyer he was in Legal High). Also, we have Aoi Yu! She’s going to play a geisha. Not sure but I think there might some romance between them? Definitely in my MUST WATCH.

April 16th.
I’m Home (Kimura Takuya, Aya Ueto)
Expectation: Moderately high
Home_zpsrqaqtjudKimura Takuya as a stock holder who lost his memories. He doesn’t recognize his current wife (Aya Ueto) and 4 year-old kid. I’m not sure if Aya Ueto will be wearing a mask in the drama, but this sounds quite interesting. I will try this.

Yamegoku ~Yakuza Yamete Itadakimasu (Oshima Yuko, Kitamura Kazuki)
Expectation: Mediocre
CBpTc71UsAAt8Us.jpg largeSo Oshima Yuko lands her first lead role in this drama. She’s going to be a cop and we are to expect some action scenes from her. I thought she’ll be a yakuza and it reminded me of Majisuka Gakuen. Anyways, I’m happy to see Kitamura joining the cast.
Well, that’s all for now. Nothing really jumps out at me actually, except maybe Dr. Rintaro. I have quite high expectation for that.


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