Tenshi to Akuma [first impression]

724px-TenshitoakumaWhen I heard that Watabe Atsuro is going to be in this drama, I was already pretty thrilled because he’s a versatile actor and has never disappointed me. His last drama was Kageri Yuku Natsu and I highly recommend that series.  In this drama, he plays a lawyer who can see through the lies within people like a second nature and so he is the ‘demon’ here.

635The absolute opposite in character with Gouriki Ayame’s, they end up cracking unresolved cases together. They make a good conbi from what I see so far.

goriki_tenshitoakuma_579w_1In the first episode, there was a girl who was murdered one night and Hikari (Gouriki) was part of the investigation team responsible for the case. However, as a rookie among her seniors, she didn’t get first hand experience to learn or do anything for the case because her superiors were basically ignoring her very existence. She was like a shadow and her seniors only felt she was a burden. Being a pretty naïve girl in nature, she didn’t know her boyfriend was having an affair behind her back until he announced he was getting married. The woman was even pregnant with his child. He asked her to break up. So in the first 10 minutes or so in the drama, we get to see Hikari’s character who trusts people way too easily. Halfway through the investigation, she was transferred to another section of the police, which I think required her to input cases’ data into the computer for storage? She seemed to be the only one in her new office or uh dusty basement.

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A year later, a lawyer appeared, Chajima (Watabe) and told her he came to assist in the re-investigation of old unresolved cases. He was filled with confidence, an air of pride apparent around him as he looked down on Hikari who was totally lost in his presence. Both of them began asking the people related to the woman’s murder.


The atmosphere, lighting and background music is giving me WOWOW production vibe even though it’s under TV Asahi. I like the pacing of the investigation as they unearth clues, led us to think the real murderer had been captured but only to make a sudden turn of twist for the underlying truth. That being said, it seems to have good script so far and Watabe Atsuro is really good in his role. He’s obviously leaps and bounds more experienced and ahead of Gouriki Ayame in terms of acting and it shows. As for Gouriki, there’s still room to improve. Since her character is naive, honest, too trusty and while being a passionate rookie cop in carrying out her duty, she has lots to learn from Chajima about the tricks and works of the world. Normally, a character like hers is not exceptionally demanding so I don’t really see how she can prove herself but as far as what the character requires her to do, it is suffice. I love how the first case unfolded. It was thrilling and equally chilling to watch what really happened at the murder scene at the end of the drama.

3 (2)The only thing we have to ponder is whether or not we agree about how Chajima dealt with it. In order to get the real murderer convicted, he made a deal with the accomplice. The accomplice shall be granted ‘innocence’ if he revealed the truth about the murderer. It’s a bit unfair the fact that the accomplice should be convicted as well but gets away with it because of the deal. I guess with old cases like these, it’s tough to find evidences so perhaps, this is the only way. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. As Chajima carries out the deals, I think we’ll see how Hikari battles to accept the plea bargaining as a method to solve cases. At the end of the episode, it could be observed that Chajima was brought onboard by the higher ups and since plea bargaining is not yet acknowledged by the public, it was kept a secret only a few knows. I have a feeling that Chajima doesn’t quite enjoy being the one to carry out these things from his expression.

This needs to be subbed!


2 thoughts on “Tenshi to Akuma [first impression]

  1. i actually really liked the first episode as well. yeah totally surprised by production value LOL (even though i guess a lot of it was just filters but woteva i’ll take it; plus the awesome music!) i think what made me like this was the beginning part where all her coworkers were ignoring and being super rude to her and then when the lady politician made speech about gender equality in the workplace she was like “…lies =(”

    i feel like it’s a much more sympathetic look at the rampant sexism in japanese society than we’re used to in dramas.

    on a cattier note, i seriously find gouriki lacking in all the dramas she’s been in. she can’t really act at all. i wonder why they keep pushing her into all these interesting projects…

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