Mother Game ep 2 [review]

This is a pretty relaxing drama to watch or to kill time. Without noticing, I’m already breezing through the 2nd episode. So what went down? Let’s do a brief recap.

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_01.41_[2015.06.01_19.05.05]Picking up from where we left off in the first episode, Kiko’s ex-husband (yes, she handed in the divorce documents after he fled with all her savings just to fulfill his dream of visiting Paris) returned much to her disgust. Despite her anger towards his appearance, he still seemed pretty lax about the whole issue and hung around, not to mention, he even borrowed money straight from the cash register and left a note to inform Kiko. I can see why Kiko was desperate to divorce him.

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_02.47_[2015.06.01_19.04.51]But it still is awkward because Haruto genuinely thought his father died and prayed/talked to him every morning. Now that’s creepy.

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_05.10_[2015.06.01_22.04.18]At the school, Kiko was still struggling to blend in with the high class mothers. Yano Satoko handed in a petition from 99% of the mothers to suggest Haruto be expelled immediately. However, after Kiko promised to mend her attitude, the Director gave her leeway. I secretly think the Director was keen to keep Kiko and Haruto around just to spice things up. I’m not entirely sure of her real intention but who doesn’t like drama? The fact that Kiko stood out like a sore thumb is a brewing storm that one would want to watch everything unfold.

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_28.20_[2015.06.01_21.58.23]Satoko also showed a slight disapproval towards Goto Midori whose daughter, Rika was a bit of a yankee-ish child. Due to her constant disruption of scuffles in the school, Satoko and the rest felt Midori needed to step up her game as a mother and instilled good manner in Rika. Midori’s marriage is in peril. Her husband didn’t appreciate whatever she did at home and with Rika’s attitude, Midori was a failure as a wife and mother.

 Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_07.57_[2015.06.01_19.06.03]

Much to everyone’s surprise, The Queen of the pack, Marie was getting closer to Kiko, even to the extent of offering her a ride to the kids’ outing. She also paid her bento shop a visit. Marie is certainly not a simple woman. I bet she has something up in her sleeves. We did see Satoko being friendly with Kiko, only to lead the pack of mother wolves to banish Kiko. So I won’t trust Marie’s sudden change of heart yet, although, she did seem to have some kind of medical issue.

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_24.12_[2015.06.01_19.02.14] Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_24.19_[2015.06.01_19.02.26]

I thought this scene where they celebrated Kiko’s birthday was cute, especially when Haruto gave her coupons as presents. The coupons being household chores he could do to help her awww….

As opposed to what his father gave Kiko (most probably with the 5000 yen he ‘stole’ from the cash register before). I mean, that’s one huge rock but what the hell is a halite anyway?! DId some googling, they’re rock salts aka. crystals.

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_26.33_[2015.06.01_21.40.57]That contrast between the rest and Kiko+Haruto. Them kids practically sitting on chairs and have proper stands for their canvas while Haruto sat on the grass, like any normal kid would do tbh.

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_30.08_[2015.06.01_22.11.10] Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_30.11_[2015.06.01_22.11.18]

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_30.22_[2015.06.01_22.12.02]Sorry, I just had to post that Kumamon bento xD

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_31.09_[2015.06.01_22.14.30]Kiko’s bento is as expected, unusual. Plain, simple onigiri with different flavors. They’d battle with each other to see if they get their favourite.

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_31.48_[2015.06.01_22.18.02]Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_31.47_[2015.06.01_22.17.43]

Marie suggested Haruto to take examinations since he’s pretty smart. Kiko thought that was impossible. Afterall she only let Haruto enrolled in the school because she couldn’t find a daycare.

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_32.33_[2015.06.01_22.21.23]Kiko sensed Midori was overdoing her parenting towards Rika. Though she tried to talk to her, Midori cut her off almost immediately.

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_34.35_[2015.06.01_22.25.24]“What is wrong with playing with mud?” – Kiko

Take home message for the episode lol

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_35.51_[2015.06.01_22.28.40]Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_36.06_[2015.06.01_22.29.08]

Rika disappeared with Haruto and they both went to play with mud, losing track of the time and causing the others to wait for them. They thought they were missing. Kiko was with them. When they came back, Rika presented her mother with a lump of mud, balled up like onigiri xD Poor Rika was scolded by Midori.

Truth be told, I’m a pretty hygienic person and normally I won’t deliberately play with mud. However as a child, I remember playing in the drains with friends. Those were the days. We’d catch drain fish and watch the toads etc. It was fun. So yeah, kids are kids. Geez, let them play like kids for once!

It’s supposed to be mud ball xDD

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_37.10_[2015.06.01_22.34.32]Rika’s brief crying scene brought me tears. The part where she asked her mum “Do you not want me anymore?”


Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_37.36_[2015.06.01_22.36.09] Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_37.39_[2015.06.01_22.36.17]

Kiko declared once and for all to everyone that she has no intention to change herself just to match up with the rich ones. She has her own way of bringing up Haruto and firmly believes that as long as she’s working hard to make Haruto happy, then that’s fine. Well said.

Still trying to figure out whether they’re meaning to pair him up with Kiko? Or will Kiko go back to her unreliable but laidback ex-hubby?

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_42.56_[2015.06.01_22.45.59]

There’s also this particular customer who seemed to always linger around Kiko’s shop. First, he complimented her cooking. Second, he complained that the price was too expensive. So he proposed her to come up with an almost ‘impossible one-coin bento’. So Kiko was trying to pull down the price to 500 yen and so we’ll see whether that works or not next episode.

This customer though hasn’t revealed his true identity but judging from his manner and pocket handkerchief (I mean, how many people would wear them right?), he’s probably not just a simple customer.

Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_14.53_[2015.06.01_19.03.59]Good development so far. I’m liking where this goes. Watching the kids’ activities make me feel nostalgic about my childhood so I don’t find that boring. Kiko’s an interesting character too, a few quirks here and there and it fits the show. I’m actually pretty glad I gave this a try.


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