Mother Game ep3 [review]

Great episode! I especially love the carp streamer festival (koinobori) part. Any kind of kid drama should never lack this.

Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_14.52_[2015.06.02_00.30.46]Without further ado, let’s get on the recap. This episode touches more on Kiko’s friend, Yuki who was sort of addicted to playing pachinko, till she forgot to pick her daughter from the school. We also got to know that Haruto was the only one who stayed under extended child care because Kiko needed to work.

Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_09.56_[2015.06.02_00.29.45]

Kiko’s ex-hubby asked to meet Haruto. It’s inevitable with his return. How long can the lie continue anyway? I’m just afraid of what kind of impact it might cause Haruto, who trusts her mother wholly and the one thing she lied about was the truth about his own father. Sooner or later, she’s got to tell him the truth. As bad as Kashiyama was, he was trying to make amends although the part where he ran off with Kiko’s 100,000 yen was arguably wrong. Perhaps he will return the money to her, who knows, we’ll find out in the next episode. I also think Kiko should cut him some slack, at least, in the fatherly department for Haruto’s sake. As a husband, Kashiyama is obviously a failure, no doubt. But it might do Haruto some good to have his father around. Plus, Kashiyama should totally work together with Kiko in their bento shop. I’m not saying Kiko should forgive him, she’s gone way beyond that and Kashiyama was a total jerk and didn’t deserve forgiveness. But at least, let Haruto mingle with his father. It would also be helpful whenever Kiko is busy with work and Kashiyama can take care of Haruto.

 Mother Game ep02.mp4_snapshot_45.24_[2015.06.02_00.03.49]Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_06.08_[2015.06.02_00.33.55]

Let’s move on with some of the side plots. Midori and that soccer coach would probably have some kind of affair soon. He obviously liked her, I mean, that kiss, duh. Midori was better off with a guy who actually cared and would love her properly too. Midori’s husband was also having the hots for his younger colleague so there was practically no love between them anymore. The only problem is that if it boils down to a divorce, her husband would totally fight for custody and I’m not sure whether Midori could handle that and risk losing her daughter.

 Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_20.23_[2015.06.01_23.51.34]

Then there’s Satoko who apparently suffered abuse on a daily basis from her evil mother-in-law. This is just downright ironic. At the school, Satoko was the one orchestrating the whole bullying towards Kiko while at home, she was practically whimpering like a puppy.

Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_27.10_[2015.06.02_00.35.44]I mean, the part where her mother-in-law ordered her to do a children’s workbook was just pitiful? I don’t know whether to laugh at that or not.

 Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_20.20_[2015.06.01_23.51.54]

Regarding the cram school scene, I don’t know whether they have a shortage in cast or they were lazy to find another actress because apparently, the Director acted as the famous cram teacher as well, under the ‘twin’ tag. So about cram lessons, seriously?! Kindergarten kids going to cram school?! These are just friggin kids man! I understand the whole competition and every parent want their children to be well prepared for school and exams and the future.

Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_21.30_[2015.06.01_23.51.12]Thinking back, I was probably just playing with my lego and imaginary friends at home when I was at that age xD It’s sort of frightening to see how early parents nowadays prep their kids. I shudder even at the thought of it.

Like I said, I love the carp streamer scene. The whole sequence starting from Haruto appearing at school with not his mother, but grandfather and then receiving cold glares from the rest of the mothers. Them whispering how Haruto was pitiful because his mother couldn’t make time to accompany him.

 Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_39.54_[2015.06.02_00.32.08]

I mean, HELLO? People like Kiko actually has something called a JOB? I bet the women were rich ass housewives who leech off their husbands’ wealth anyway or born into rich families and don’t even need to raise a hand to WORK and EARN MONEY. Strip them off their wealth and put them on the streets, they won’t survive a day. These people who speak ill of others without really knowing what is happening or understanding the circumstances are really infuriating me.

Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_40.22_[2015.06.02_00.41.34]I almost totally cheered out loud when Haruto took the step forward to Satoko and told her directly that HE IS NOT PITIFUL and HE LOVES HER MUM, just like SHE LOVES HIM. OMG, this kid. A kid that acts more mature than a grown up. I was literally bursting in tears at this point and SLAM DUNK when Kiko arrived just in time to join in the fun. Kiko running from the old folks’ home (where she took the catering order) and finally hugging Haruto, that was just BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED.

Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_40.36_[2015.06.02_00.40.59]In so many ways, this reminds me of Woman. A struggling single mother who had to work day and night. The premise is sort of similar. The only difference is the whole mother battle and some comedy while Woman was just downright depressing, I cried buckets for that show. Still at some instances, I seriously think Mitsushima Hikari would’ve suited the role, if not for her being already featured as a single mother in Woman, so if she takes this, it wouldn’t be a really good idea.

 This makes me want to buy tons of carp streamers and hang them outside my house xD

Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_42.01_[2015.06.01_23.47.58]The thing about working with kids is that you need to establish a good rapport with them. The interaction between Haruto and Kiko is really amiable and they always look like they’re having such great time being together. So the dynamic is put across on screen and that’s always good when you want to convince people, especially the bond between mother and child. It really helps that Haruto is a good child actor.

HA! I knew it! That mysterious customer who frequented Kiko’s shop was Marie’s husband!

Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_45.20_[2015.06.02_01.13.35] Mother Game ep03.mp4_snapshot_45.22_[2015.06.02_01.13.09]

I’m just wondering what exactly is Marie suffering from? What kind of health issue?


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