Ishitachi no Renai Jijou ep 1- 5 [review + impression]

I normally like medical dramas though not as much as detectives. This was in my list of to look out for this season, which I stated moderate expectation. I’ll just break it down in a simple way below.

Ishitachi_no_Renai_Jijou-p1The GOOD

Ishitachi no Renai Jijou ep05.mp4_snapshot_25.55_[2015.06.06_14.23.32]

  1. Side characters

Yes, I’m actually more drawn towards the side characters in this drama than the main ones. For example, Aibu Saki’s role as an anaesthetist and also a single mother. What makes her character interesting is that she’s sort of desperately looking for someone suitable as her son’s father, likes a doctor but doesn’t want to show her affection towards him. She doesn’t have much screen time but her scenes are mostly fun to watch. There’s also another pair, Dr. Nishi (Tsuyoshi Ihara) and Dr. Ichikawa (Yuka Itaya) who are having an extra marital affair. Ichikawa’s been trying to have a child with her husband who’s not supportive about the idea while Nishi is being pressured by his own wife to get promoted to Professorship. Both are devastated by their own miserable married life and find solace with each other. Things escalate when Ichikawa gets pregnant with Nishi’s child, so what’s going to happen now?

Ishitachi no Renai Jijou ep05.mp4_snapshot_24.47_[2015.06.06_14.26.28]Hiroyuki Hirayama plays a playboy doctor who Aibu Saki’s character, Kawai Nana has feelings for and though he was kind of annoying at first, he starts to show more stability and I can’t wait to see how he and Nana will proceed. Are they going to end up together?

Ishitachi no Renai Jijou ep05.mp4_snapshot_05.17_[2015.06.06_14.25.26]


  1. Main characters

Gosh, Takumi Saito is such a bore to watch. Remind me again why is he playing a lead here? To be honest, he’s not all that good looking either and he is expressionless. His last drama, Hirugao with Aya Ueto was kinda horrible too. I can’t, I just can’t really stand him. I actually fast forwarded about 50% of his scenes. He plays the self-righteous idealistic doctor who considers patients’ feelings and that’s probably his only good part. The older woman he likes, Dr. Kondo (Yurika Ishida) falls in the same plane as him, though she’s not as boring as he is. But again, the combination between the two…there’s something that sort of doesn’t click well with me. I just don’t feel for these two, despite them being the main characters. In all honesty, the show would probably be better without the two of them. There, I said it.

Ishitachi no Renai Jijou ep05.mp4_snapshot_21.08_[2015.06.06_14.26.14]

  1. Evil bureaucrats in hospitals

This has been shown over and over in most medical dramas. The higher ups who only think of money and money and money. They do not care for patients but only the $$ they can bring in for the hospital. It’s getting a bit stale so there’s nothing new here.

  1. The concept of women who can’t handle both work and family

This is almost non-existent in the West but in Japan, or maybe Asia (though I don’t see much of the problem in my own country, my mother is a perfect working mother and she still raises us well), it’s always so over-exaggerated in Japan. Okay so maybe being a woman surgeon will take a toll on your family/personal life but I don’t see that as an excuse for men to expect you to give up your career. It’s totally weird. I know Japanese society has this concept, heard and read it a lot that most women stopped working after they married in order to take care of the family. I hope this will change soon for the better.

As you can see, the Bad outweighs the Good. Which means, this drama is so-so. It’s still ongoing but I don’t think anything drastic will save it. I’m really just watching because I want to know what happens to certain characters – the side ones of course and can’t care less about the rest. I won’t really recommend it either for people who loves medical dramas. It’s not Iryu and it’s not focused in medical stuffs, as the title states, it’s about the romance of the doctors. That said, don’t expect anything from this, unless you have a favourite actor/actress in this.


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