The Last Cop [first impression]


Fancy some comedy cop show? Don’t need to look far. In the latest offering this season, The Last Cop features a young and old combination that instantly reminds me of Bitter Blood. While Bitter Blood is more like father-son conbi, we have total strangers in this new show. Karasawa Toshiaki portrays Kosuke who went into coma for 30 years after being injured in an explosion. Year 2015 arrives and one day he suddenly wakes up.

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.00.31_[2015.06.28_20.13.29]

Look at that caveman hair! LOL

Don’t they help shave and cut patients’ hair in the hospital?

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.02.14_[2015.06.28_20.15.23](Him 30 years ago xD)

That fake looking CG explosion that is eerily similar to I’m Home’s first episode xD

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.02.49_[2015.06.28_20.17.19]After waking up, he went straight to his house only to find his wife had remarried and had a new family.

[NOP] The Last Cop - 01 [Raw] [Clean Screen] [720p].mp4_snapshot_00.10.13_[2015.06.28_20.09.27]He still thinks he’s 22 years old lololol

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.08.12_[2015.06.28_20.33.07] The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.08.15_[2015.06.28_20.33.18]

Turned out his ex-wife had married his own junior xD

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.11.04_[2015.06.28_20.37.26] The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.13.00_[2015.06.28_20.40.14]

So seeing how genki he is, the Chief asked him to come back to work. There, he met younger colleagues, including those who had first arrested him for the commotion. Ryota (Kubota Masataka) was then made his partner.

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.22.02_[2015.06.28_20.50.07]

So begins the journey of these two partners. Kosuke, being stuck from the world 30 years ago, has never known the existence of TV, smartphone and other advanced techs. He’s got lots to catch up.

 The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.22.07_[2015.06.28_20.50.17]

The moment Funasshi appeared, I burst out laughing. That thing!

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.25.34_[2015.06.28_20.57.41]

Look at him fly!

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.28.05_[2015.06.28_21.03.24] The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.28.06_[2015.06.28_21.03.32]

Then into the ambulance lol

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.32.31_[2015.06.28_21.08.42]

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.31.34_[2015.06.28_21.07.18]

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.32.12_[2015.06.28_21.07.39] The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.47.48_[2015.06.28_21.26.59]

Kosuke met his daughter who never knew his existence but thought the ‘father’ she has now is her biological one.

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.47.37_[2015.06.28_21.27.15]

That confrontation at the end. What the hell lol

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_01.19.44_[2015.06.28_21.45.26] The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_01.20.04_[2015.06.28_21.45.52]

Saved by the smartphone.

First impression:

Quite an enjoyable drama.  It’s the kind of drama that I don’t take seriously because it’s supposed to be action comedy. Hence, I don’t really think anything heavy will happen except for some occasional action involving some gunshots and fights. But even those are laced with humor. Not quite whether I’ll be watching in the long run, maybe not, considering I have quite a number of other shows in my list already. But I guess if you like Kubota, then watch this, he’s got lots of expressions, which I don’t think you’ll see in his other dramas.

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_01.13.12_[2015.06.28_21.40.01] The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_01.13.14_[2015.06.28_21.40.07]

For example, you can’t take this seriously right? There’s so friggin way he could jump that far.

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_00.46.02_[2015.06.28_21.25.02]

By the way, am I the only one who thinks Kubota acts a little bit sissy in this show? I wonder if that’s what the director wants for his character, the slightly gentle partner with a tougher one.

The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_01.13.18_[2015.06.28_21.42.03] The Last Cop - 01.mp4_snapshot_01.25.39_[2015.06.28_21.51.22]

Kubota has a huge mouth.


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