Ishi no Mayu/ Stone’s Cocoon [WOWOW drama preview]

Ishi no Mayu is WOWOW’s upcoming drama on August 16th starring Kimura Fumino as lead.


Aside from Fumino, most of the other cast is male so I find this a very nice contrast with her previous drama, Mother Game, which is a female-centered drama. Now it’s male-dominated. Aoki Munetaka, Nakamura Toyu,  Koyanagi Yu, Furukawa Yuki, Hiro Takehiro, and Watanabe Ikei joined the cast.

6-tileWOWOW released a preview and it’s really short. However the 15 sec preview looks pretty awesome already. It’s everything I imagined or rather, expected from WOWOW – dark, suspenseful and slightly spooky?

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According to Fumino, when asked about her impression on her role, Toko Kisaragi, she described her as a very ‘mottainai hito’ = wasted person. Toko is actually talented but being unable to realize that herself, she suffered loss. However, exactly because of the loss she had been through, the case becomes ‘only something she can do’. So she begins to gain more confidence while working on the case, in which she’s the negotiator with the criminal.

I’m basically hoping to see a few things in this drama. Firstly, Toko Kisaragi needs to shine. Being the lead, she has the responsibility to lead the show and audience need to empathize with her. That being said, I hope they don’t screw her character up. Since I didn’t read the novel which this drama is based upon (I tried looking for it at Kinokuniya but it’s not there, maybe it will be once the drama’s out, for promotion obviously but I don’t think I can read it with my level atm lol). Anyways, based on what she described about the character, I’m imagining Toko is somewhat a plain, normal cop who doesn’t really stand out and  not confident of herself to carry the duty. But when she becomes the negotiator for this particular case, it shall bring forth character growth so I’m mostly looking forward to see how she evolves throughout the case.

Secondly, the criminal is said to provoke the police during his conversations with them so I hope the exchange, in particular between Toko and the criminal to be intense and suspenseful. Hopefully the screenwriter can do this part well enough to keep us viewers at the edge of our seats.

Lastly, the chemistry between the cast would be a nice piece of observation. Especially between Toko and (I think) her partner who will be played by Aoki Munetaka.

Basically, I’m having my hopes up because it’s WOWOW production. But I also know it’s better to go in with lower expectation first to avoid being disappointed later lol…

Can’t wait!
(Obviously, I will be covering this drama when it’s out XD)

Watch the preview at the official Ishi no Mayu site.
Alternate link.


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