Ishi no Mayu – New trailer looks amazing!

WOWOW is spoiling me too much at this point. When the first 30sec trailer was out, it was enough to evoke a sense of high anticipation and expectation from this crime suspense based on a novel by Asami Kazushi. Today they released a longer 60sec trailer revealing more intense new scenes.


The murderer’s muffled voice adds to the menacing atmosphere as he/she communicates with Toko Kisaragi (Fumino) who acts as the negotiator.

I’m not sure about the casting yet or who plays who, but Nakamura Toru (picture below) might be Toko’s father? Coz the sentence – The promise made with deceased father. He was saying “Make sure not to become a police”. If so, I wonder if her father had some secret in the past.

木村文乃が主演!連続ドラマW「石の繭」予告編.mp4_snapshot_00.23_[2015.07.20_00.37.35] 木村文乃が主演!連続ドラマW「石の繭」予告編.mp4_snapshot_00.26_[2015.07.20_00.37.42]


Those cemented bodies are creepy to say the least. I’m glad they didn’t hold back with the graphics (judging from the trailer).

木村文乃が主演!連続ドラマW「石の繭」予告編.mp4_snapshot_00.35_[2015.07.20_00.48.53] 1

I’m really liking the combination between Aoki and Fumino. I hope their chemistry will translate well on screen as partners/colleagues.


They better not screw this up like how they handled MOZU. Speaking of which, MOZU’s movie’s new posters look great but I hope it’s better than the drama version.


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