Shi no Zouki ep 1 [review]

Shi No Zouki Ep01 (848x480 x264)(1).mp4_snapshot_04.03_[2015.07.21_01.01.01]

Numazaki Kyota is a TV director leading a group into the deep forest one day to search for people who have commited suicide. That’s pretty creepy if you ask me. But he’s doing a documentary I think. He stumbled into a female body and was wondering if she had commited suicide.

Shi No Zouki Ep01 (848x480 x264)(1).mp4_snapshot_03.37_[2015.07.21_00.32.17]However, the police investigation headed by Shiori was slow and hasn’t harbored much information other than the woman had frozen to death and carried a surgery scar.

Shi No Zouki Ep01 (848x480 x264)(1).mp4_snapshot_03.41_[2015.07.21_00.31.45]Shi No Zouki Ep01 (848x480 x264)(1).mp4_snapshot_06.11_[2015.07.21_00.32.44]

At the hospital, we’re introduced to Dr Seiichiro Hino who has a dialysis patient. The patient’s daughter asked him to perform surgery on her and donate her kidney for her mother but Hino adamantly refused. One day, two patients came in the emergency ward and both were found to have similar surgery scars for organ transplants. After some questioning, the patients confessed to having been involved in some organ trading.

Shi No Zouki Ep01 (848x480 x264)(1).mp4_snapshot_25.05_[2015.07.21_00.56.01]Numazaki has a dark past. He once covered a stalker case and the article he wrote led to the death of the victim girl. He had since been burdened by the guilt and left him building up a wall around him.

Shi No Zouki Ep01 (848x480 x264)(1).mp4_snapshot_33.38_[2015.07.21_00.57.36]

His ex-girlfriend who also works in the same company still tries to advice him every now and then.

Shi No Zouki Ep01 (848x480 x264)(1).mp4_snapshot_29.22_[2015.07.21_00.57.05]

They revealed that Dr Hino is involved.

Shi No Zouki Ep01 (848x480 x264)(1).mp4_snapshot_34.44_[2015.07.21_00.57.42]

I didn’t expect Hino to be quickly exposed already as the prime suspect but I think this is done on purpose to perhaps, let us think, he is involved. Well, we know he IS involved in some ways or another, but there might be something larger behind all this façade. I won’t be surprised if some big shot politician or figure is behind, they always do that with crimes like this…hmmm reminds me of Ouroboros.

 Shi No Zouki Ep01 (848x480 x264)(1).mp4_snapshot_46.01_[2015.07.21_00.58.11]

Numazaki and Shiori met at the forest where the woman was found. Numazaki asked why Shiori didn’t think twice and ordered an autopsy immediately. Shiori told him he suspected it was probably murder and not suicide because of the shoes. Both of them have the same thought and most likely will work together to pursue the truth behind this in the next episode.

Shi No Zouki Ep01 (848x480 x264)(1).mp4_snapshot_48.06_[2015.07.21_00.59.26]

I think the pacing of the first episode is quite fast with a number of things already revealed. Firstly, we have Numazaki’s troubled past. It may have spawned the easily agitated and aloof character he is bearing now but mostly, it makes him more attentive to cases like these. He has no need to investigate further but bearing the guilt from the mistakes he had done before that cost a life, it may have pushed him to save innocent lives now.

Secondly, we have Hino as the suspect and he has been rather tight-lipped when questioned by police. I hope the secret behind this won’t be dull. 4 more episodes to go. The background music especially the one with oriental elements is nice and it complements the sorrowful atmosphere of this show.I also quite like the colours, slightly dark but they kept it vibrant. Sometimes, I’m really tired of the dull blue-ish ones you see on most of the dramas. Here, they use tints and that’s nice. Well, I guess WOWOW dramas in general have slightly higher budget in terms of production perhaps. Some shots really look like they can easily be a movie instead of a drama.


4 thoughts on “Shi no Zouki ep 1 [review]

    • Unfortunately, there’s no English subtitle available yet. WOWOW dramas rarely get subbed sadly 😦
      Hopefully someone will pick it up just like Kageri Yuku Natsu few seasons ago.

      Oh but I’m not sure whether it’s subbed in Chinese, I heard there are more Chinese subbers than English ones and most of them are fast. If you can read Chinese, maybe you can try search around. I can only rely on English as I can’t read Chinese, despite being one myself. Kinda regretted not learning Mandarin now.

      • woah thanks, i found chinese subs so maybe i’ll start watching soon. Never thought of using chinese subs but thanks for the reminder ^-^ On the bright side, you can understand japanese and that’s something amazing too!

        • Glad you found it ^^ I envy people who can read Chinese now haha
          I’m still learning Japanese so although I get the overall gist, the experience would be 10X times better if with subs 🙂

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