Kimura Fumino a natural enemy of AKB48 actresses?

This is not in any way to criticize AKB or idols in general. When I saw Yuko and Fumino in Zeni no Sensou, then Acchan’s  Initiation Love movie, I was thinking ‘Fumino does have a tendency to appear frequently with AKB members’. Hence this particular topic caught my attention while browsing 2ch so I just thought of sharing. Of course, since it’s 2ch, rude comments may appear every now and then, we all know they’re to be taken lightly.

My personal thoughts will be at the end of this post.

0520_1**The pic above was not in the original post, I just added it in case people don’t know who they are.

1.:名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板:2015/05/28(木) 18:58:06.13

Is Kimura Fumino a natural enemy of AKB48 actresses?

  • Kimura Fumino vs Oshima Yuko (co-star in Zeni no Sensou) = Kimura’s victory
  • Kimura Fumino vs Maeda Atsuko (co-star in Initiation Love movie) = Kimura’s victory
  • Kimura Fumino vs Watanabe Mayu (*drama same time slot showdown) = Kimura’s victory

Top AKB idols beaten by a single actress.

*Kimura’s Mother Game (TBS) was aired at the same time slot as Mayuyu’s Tatakau! Shoten Girl (Fuji TV)

2.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/05/28(木) 20:54:41.98
Though it’s normal to like Fumino, it’s rude to compare her whose main business is acting to the likes of AKB members.

3.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/05/29(金) 02:22:29.34
Even if not Fumino, anyone would win against AKB members right?

4.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/05/29(金) 03:26:40.35
Even though Fumino won against 3 of them straight in a row, it’s only natural not to feel too happy about it right?

5.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/05/29(金) 07:12:22.43
Who would you put in No.1 if Fumino enters sousenkyou?

6.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/05/29(金) 07:17:47.32
Not being biased.
Between Fumino and AKB,
it’s an overwhelming victory isn’t it.
Even if their age is different.

7.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/05/29(金) 07:20:14.50
The only person to lose against AKB?
Only Horikita right?

(Is Horikita Maki really that horrible? Personally, I liked some of her older dramas, but lately she seemed to fall victim to poorly written roles)

9.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/05/29(金) 07:27:33.61
I’m not flattering her but Fumino is indeed great. In Zeni no Sensou for example, it’s likely because of Oshima’s bigger screentime that Fumino couldn’t unleash her fullest.
Furthermore for Zeni no Sensou, even though Oshima’s the heroine, the Best Supporting Actress (Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix) went to Fumino.

10.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/05/29(金) 07:44:44.39
It’s only right Fumino won. Though it’s rude towards her.

16.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/05/29(金) 17:45:29.71
Even though Fumino’s face is just normal, her acting is good.

19.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/05/29(金) 21:14:58.47
Acchan’s makeup is too thick.


20.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/05/29(金) 21:17:59.98
Oshima’s easy loss too.


37.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/01(月) 16:03:20.43
She may play different role next time but she needs to survive Mother Game first.

41.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/02(火) 05:40:39.58
Fumino (9.5%) > Oshima (5.2%) + Mayuyu (3.3%)

42.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/02(火) 06:05:59.60
Mother Game is definitely a success. Fumino Kimura has proven she can take on a lead role.

47.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/02(火) 12:46:46.41
Everyone wants to watch Mayuyu preciously so they recorded her drama instead of watching live. That’s why the outcome of the rating is like that right?

50.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/02(火) 14:29:31.35
Even with recording, it’s still Mother Game’s victory.

56.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/02(火) 22:01:42.87
Only AKB wotas think Watanabe, Oshima and Maeda are popular.

59.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/03(水) 00:03:30.49
Maeda and Oshima’s era is gone right? From now on, Fumino will be pulling the world of theater ahead.

60.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/03(水) 08:24:57.86
Fumino Kimura >>>>>>>>>>>(Unbreakable wall)>>>>>>>>>>>> AKB (laughs)

61.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/03(水) 13:14:43.81
This is probably the difference between an actress and an idol.
It’s not only the girls, guys like Johnny’s and EXILE too are losing their visual appeal.
In the beginning, there’s already a difference between their acting skills so if they even lose visually, there won’t be any more competition right?
In Japan, there are people who tend to prefer incomplete goods. That’s why not only idols but also entertainers and talents have their place here.
Only Japanese people involve themselves with viewing rates and so forth.

65.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/03(水) 20:13:09.01
After this, the only thing I don’t want to hear about is Fumino’s love scandal.

66.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/04(木) 12:08:40.80
Well, this comparison alone is rude to Fumino herself.

67.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/04(木) 19:42:32.32
Don’t compare between a professional and amateurs.

70.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/04(木) 22:22:13.24
I don’t even care if FujiTV is dead.

71.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/04(木) 22:25:47.45
I don’t care about FujiTV but if Fumino appears, I will watch.

74.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/04(木) 23:57:55.08
I don’t really know whether Fumino is good in acting or not, but what surprises me more is the fact that she has wotas to support her.

76.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/05(金) 09:24:01.50
Since she posted quite a lot of self-cooked meals displaying her cooking skills, I wonder if some of those were among the meals she also prepared for everyone at company.
Having a skill like that, she’ll be a good wife. That’s the type of actress-wife that people would like to have.

(Her Instagram)

77.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/06(土) 21:41:02.45
All AKB’s top ranked members are uglier than Fumino.

(plain rude but it’s expected in 2ch)

80.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/09(火) 23:20:19.10
As I thought, Fumino is cute ^^

81.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/10(水) 10:55:56.67
Fumino is really pretty.

82.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/10(水) 11:12:04.22
>>1 You’re a Fumino wota.

90.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/19(金) 11:43:27.27
Maybe because Fumino is beautiful.

91 .名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で :2015/06/19(金) 11:58:24.18
I feel happy for Fumino finishing Mother Game, but it was boring.

92.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/19(金) 12:06:16.03
I’d go to a school where beautiful mothers gather. (*referring to Mother Game)
Previously, I stopped watching the show where ugly nurse Horikita was in.

(*I don’t know why Horikita was suddenly dragged into this, there was another one above)

93.名無しさんは見た!@放送中は実況板で:2015/06/19(金) 13:28:32.64
Maybe because of bad personality or reputation, she’s always going on a journey and eating alone. Maybe she doesn’t want her colleagues to know about her true personality. Perhaps even infidelity.

(lol yeah it’s not a secret one of her favorite past time is to go on journeys alone, she mentioned it a lot in interviews, even if it’s just riding a train alone watching the scenery. But to stretch it so far to speculate her being involved in some kind of infidelity is hilarious. Some people, me included, just like to have alone time.)


My Thoughts:

Personally, I’ve watched Zeni no Sensou just recently and I think Oshima Yuko did a fine job portraying her character or what was needed for the role. Fumino Kimura’s screentime was limited in Zeni no Sensou, obviously far less than Yuko’s and to be honest, I didn’t quite expect her to win the Best Supporting Actress in Nikkan Sports Grand Prix Winter 2014 – difference in votes between her (370) and Oshima Yuko (166).

As for Acchan, I only saw bits and pieces of her in Kageri Yuku Natsu and that movie Seventh Code. I’m still not sure what to think about her yet. I find myself not having particular interest in her projects, most probably because they’re not my cup of tea. I was appalled by the HanaKimi remake so I dropped after first episode but that’s not to say she was bad in acting. Since I haven’t watched enough of her material, I can’t judge. I didn’t watch Mayu’s drama too so I remain neutral. Either way, it’s like what #2 & #67 said, a bit unfair to compare between pros and amateurs. Obviously Fumino Kimura has had longer career and more projects under her belt (10 years since her debut) so she’s definitely more experienced. I love her drama Mother Game, she did an excellent job there. I’m glad she finally moved from being supporting to lead roles.


8 thoughts on “Kimura Fumino a natural enemy of AKB48 actresses?

  1. Apparently Maeda is a decent actress and Oshima is a former child actress, I’ve never been too fond of Maeda and Oshima is okay depending on the role. The first time I saw Kimura was in Maki’s asadora, Umechan sensei weher Kimura portrayed the deadpan hilarious nurse who married Takeo.
    I don’t think Maki is bad, as you pointed out she’s fallen victim to bad roles and maybe her agency push her to accept the, Movie wise she’s much better.

  2. One of these Akb47 girls said that the movie World of Kanako was trash, I think it was Oshima. Not even seen her in any movie and to think someone who merchandize herself for a living is confident enough to say something like that…. Hmmmm she has bad taste in movies most probably. Maeda is quite decent as an actress.

    • Really? I didn’t know that she said that, if it’s true, that’s not something an actress should do. Even if one doesn’t like a movie or it’s not their taste, it’s still inappropriate to criticize another people’s work to that extent, especially within her field. I have always had better impression of Oshima compared to Maeda but if this is true, then I lost some respect for her.

    • I see. Hmm I haven’t watched that movie so I won’t judge but it’s still a bit harsh for her to express it that way. Sometimes being too honest in the industry can bring backlash.

      • I focused on Movies, but lately I’m doing a lot of drama reviews as well. I noticed that many idols and other celebrities are also part of some series. I don’t have much respect for someone who do dancing and singing and think that acting is just part of the job. I think it’s an insult to those who are working hard to become a good actor or actress.

        • It can be quite frustrating for someone like me who have been watching dramas/movies for years to see idols coming into the acting industry and hogging the spots when other actors/actresses are more deserving. Of course, it’s a different story if they can actually act but that’s rare tbh.

          It also irks me when some actors/actresses who clearly had been in the industry for so long and more experienced have to end up in the supporting roles because current/former idols get the lead. It’s like ‘shouldn’t it be the other way round?’ I just think it’s unfair.

          • It is unfair for the real actors and for the audience and reviewers/bloggers like us. We deserve the best, and while there are times we compromise for the sake of how much we love watching Japanese movies and shows, it is still a pain in the a$$. I don’t like to compromise too much, and I think it is our job to be critical of something that is unfair and only serve injustice to the real actors who sacrificed a lot already, now they have to bow to these idols and act like they are inferior talents…

            I’ve heard how many of these idols compromise their own selves to have a “career” and while it may also apply to some of the real actors, it just show the kind of double standard being practiced in Japan.

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