Ishi no Mayu (石の繭) Press Conference

This is one of my highly anticipated drama of the season so I paid slightly more attention to the progress of this show. Yesterday they finally finished filming the upcoming WOWOW drama, Ishi no Mayu. They held a press conference today. The drama will start broadcasting on August 16th.

(Brief translation from multiple sources)

The director Uchikata Akira, Fumino Kimura and co-star Aoki Munetaka appeared. They shared some behind the scenes experience and interesting bits during filming.


Speaking about her feelings, Kimura said “Since it’s also Toko’s first time dealing with a tragic criminal case where up until now, she has never had to pull out her gun and my first time to act as a detective, I could feel the link between the two in terms of ‘first-time experience.” Even though she played a beautiful modern lady in the movie Initiation Love, she said this current role is her most feminine and it was pretty tough to truly express Toko’s swaying emotions.


Kimura Fumino’s character, Toko Kisaragi has a small stature. The character stands at only 152cm in the novel and often called ‘chibi’ by her colleagues. Because of that, Fumino (who in real life is around 164cm) wanted her character to really show that petite stature. Hence, even though the size of her clothes are usually Size 9, she decided to try fit a size smaller and ended up cramming herself in Size 7 clothes throughout the whole filming. She also cut her bangs a little. (I think this is wise because it actually makes her look younger like a kid. Her character Toko Kisaragi is also described physically as child-like in the novel).

Kimura Fumino doesn’t sweat even under intense heat?

Speaking of the weather, they were also shooting under the rainy season during summer. Aoki Munetaka mentioned the situation was so hot that they would wear swimsuits and get ready to jump into the river or sea during the intense heat. They were served watermelons and ice so he was grateful for those. Fumino said with a cool face – “When you sweat in the midst of intense heat, it will produce good performance. So even though it’s physically tough, I didn’t take any preventive measures for the sweat.”

Hearing her say that, Aoki replied “It’s only her! I didn’t see any sweat, not even a trickle on her face. We, the men were all drenched in sweat, especially when we wore the bulletproof vest. She really has the ‘actress’ genetic composition.”


Anything about the director that surprised you?

“The director would often ask me every morning during shooting ‘How are you today? How’s your condition?’
Initially I thought I should never answer ‘I’m tired or sleepy’ but in the middle till the end, I wanted to try tell him ‘I’m sleepy’ just to see his reaction. But he wasn’t discouraged at all and continued to communicate. I was surprised by his determination” – Fumino.

“He’s really genki (energetic) on location. For example, yesterday during the crank up, in every ‘cut’ he was yelling with such enthusiasm. I like that kind of spirit. Also when you asked whether this scene is good or not, he’d know exactly what he wanted and carefully explained his reasons etc That really helped to let us understand.” – Aoki


The director mentioned, “The drama has a lot of intense scenes and continuous rising tension. Kimura-san managed to cleverly divide her ‘on-off’ moments, controlled herself while having fun at the location.” He complimented her “Yaru jyanai ka” (can mean = not bad, well done, you’re really something).


But he added a cute observation of Fumino. At least once every 2 days during early mornings, when Fumino arrived at location, her character’s attire was not in proper manner. For example, the collar of her shirt would not be upright but rolled inside instead and the hem of her suits rolled up. (I think she’s the type who doesn’t pay much attention to her clothing? lol) He said “probably during the moments she’s lacking of tension/relaxed, she showed this cute moment. During times like that, I feel like saying “Fumi-chan, please wear your clothes properly’ like a parent to child. Then she’d blush and say “Dad, I’m sorry”.

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Since we’re on this topic, might as well share some instagram pictures Kimura Fumino posted over the last few days.

She and her boys behind the scene XD

12All muddied up for a scene in the drama.


‘Crank up’ yesterday

12 (2)


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