Jyujika / The Cross [十字架] movie release date

Just a brief announcement for this movie, Jyujika which will be released on February 2016.

Koide Keisuke, Kimura Fumino, Nagase Masatoshi, Yasuko Tomita, Hayama Shono


The movie depicts the tale of a 14 year old boy, Fujii Shunsuke who committed suicide due to bullying at school and the hope as well as anguish that plagued the family and friends afterwards.

In his suicide note, he wrote Yu Sanada (Koide Keisuke) as his ‘best friend’ while Sayuri Nakagawa (Kimura Fumino) is someone whose birthday overlapped with Shunsuke’s death anniversary. Nagase and Yasuko play the role of Shunsuke’s parents who still couldn’t forgive the classmates for what they did to their son. Each of them continues to carry their own cross for the next 20 years after the incident.



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