Risk no Kamisama ep1-3 [review] What went wrong?

I’ll be honest, episode 1 was great. Exceeded my expectation even.

I was half thinking ‘I shouldn’t have put down this show before it even started and felt ashamed of myself for doing so’ right after I watched the first episode.

Risk no Kamisama ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_03.23_[2015.08.08_15.51.59]

I think the pilot episode worked mainly because we were introduced right from the beginning to Toda Erika’s character who was being put on such high pedestal, all glam and successful. She’s young but already achieved more than most of her peers and needless to say, things were looking so bright for her until the faulty products began to show up that could jeopardize her entire project. The sole project that her whole career was based on. Audience like us, felt the weight of this incident and we don’t want that to happen. Even though I’ve probably only known her for like 30 mins or so, I was already caring for her and didn’t want to see her fail. That bit of empathy worked.

Risk no Kamisama ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_29.38_[2015.08.08_15.51.03]

From then on, we see her status started to crumble into nothingness. The entire episode was well crafted as they swooped in a savior who told her the bitter truth. She needed to apologize in public and recalled all the products before anyone else gets hurt. She also had to resign her current position.

Risk no Kamisama ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_46.22_[2015.08.08_15.46.46]

The public apology was a nice climax. I felt for her. Like…I genuinely felt sorry for this character!

(It reminded me of Zeni no Sensou when Tomio lost everything because of his father’s debt, though that first episode was much better executed)

Risk no Kamisama ep01 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_47.31_[2015.08.08_15.47.26]

Because of this promising first episode, my expectation soared. Initially, I didn’t really plan on watching because it’s one of those dramas that I don’t feel compelled to watch, if there’s no sub. But since it’s being subbed, I gave it a try and found it wasn’t so bad.

At least, for the first episode.

So what went wrong afterwards?

It’s the inability to connect with the people whose lousy management had caused the troubles that now required the assistance of the Crisis Management Team. Episode 2 was still okay except for that over-acting by the villain boss which sort of turned me off a little.

Then episode 3 just took a nosedive into the abyss of no return.

Risk no Kamisama ep03 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_31.50_[2015.08.08_15.56.33]

I was appalled by how the Crisis Management Team solved the case. The part where they sacrificed the model’s scandal for the politician wasn’t even the worst part. It was actually the lame excuse for explaining the politician’s absence and suspicious injury at the press conference in the end.

Risk no Kamisama ep03 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_26.17_[2015.08.08_15.56.10]

I felt so cheated.

The whole thing was just so absurd I almost just stopped playing and took a few minutes to continue, just for the sake of finishing the episode.

The politician who’s running for prime minister election was meeting this Venigoustan top official when their boat ran into another fishing boat. They both sustained minor injuries. So to avoid people from knowing that he was planning to cooperate or seek help from this dictatorship military country, they actually asked him to lie about him having a secret affair instead.

Risk no Kamisama ep03 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_37.48_[2015.08.08_15.43.16]

Like WHAT? I hated how they made it all so easy to cover up. They even had his wife sitting at one corner during the press conference and nodded with a slight smile when her friggin husband just admitted to an adultery in public. %$)#^$$(@^$*#

Even if the supposed ‘adultery’ or ‘date’ wasn’t true, it’s still making me raise my eyebrows.

“I’m afterall, still a man.” – What kind of excuse is that oh my god…nobody wants a future Prime Minister that speaks like that.

It was too hard to swallow. I couldn’t believe whoever wrote this script actually got a green light. I was wondering whether the actors themselves even think twice about the lines they had to deliver in this episode and thought ‘Why the hell do I need to spout these lousy script…that don’t make any sense?”

Are they thinking viewers are going to accept this? Viewers are not dumb and having seen the potential in the first episode, I couldn’t believe it fell this badly, just 3 episodes in.

Risk no Kamisama ep03 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_30.19_[2015.08.08_15.44.15]

Besides that, I’m beginning to wonder what’s the purpose of Toda Erika in this drama now. She seemed to just trot along behind her boss who either just used money to shut people’s mouths or relied on petty tricks. I wish they have better ideas than using money every single time. It’s like they’re trying to say…money can solve anything. So back to Toda Erika. Her character seemed promising at first, now she has crawled into a corner with nothing more than merely a presence in the show. She’s like Gouriki Ayame in Tenshi to Akuma where most of the work was done by Watabe Atsuro and she’s just the shadow.

The ratings for this show is not helping either. Though being called The God of Risks, FujiTV staffs are sure not taking it seriously enough when they decided to pit this against one of the strongest contenders of the season, Hanasaki Mai ga Damattei nai (an overrated show tbh). That aside, the Risk’s plots are disappointing so far even though it has lots of potential.

ep 01- 7.0%
ep 02- 6.0%
ep 03- 5.7%


2 thoughts on “Risk no Kamisama ep1-3 [review] What went wrong?

  1. I also really liked episode 1 even tho I thought I wouldn’t be interested in the drama. I felt so bad for Toda’s character and I like how the stakes were high. But I dropped the drama after episode 2…it’s a shame that the drama only has one good episode and then took a turn for the worst right afterwards.

    • Yeah, it was such a waste, the screenwriters are to blame this time. Even if the actors/actresses do their job right, when they’re given such lousy incompetent script, not even they can save the drama. I could still endure ep2 and gave it benefit of doubt but I just totally cringed so much during ep3.
      Not sure whether I’ll drop it yet, I guess I’ll still continue and see how far my patience can go.

      This season is such a lackluster tbh. Last season was slightly better. There’s no drama that I’m really chasing this time. The only drama I’m waiting for now is Ishi no Mayu next week. I hope it delivers as I put more faith in WOWOW than other channels.

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