Ishi no Mayu [interview]

Starts airing on August 16th, Sunday 10pm on WOWOW.

“I was wishing to do a police role when this talk came along so the timing was just about right,” said Fumino Kimura who plays the heroine, Toko Kisaragi in Ishi no Mayu (Stone’s Coccoon), her first detective role. Aoiki Munetaka will be her buddy and also senior, Takano.


“In the novel, Toko Kisaragi is a short person. I’m not that petite in real life but because most of the men in this drama are about 180cm,when I looked into the monitor, I thought “Why do I look so small?” As such, fans of the novel should look forward to this without any worries.” This is the first time she’s acting with Aoki Munetaka.

Kimura’s first impression of Aoki Munetaka

Initially before I entered the shooting location, I thought he’s a scary person and if he gets mad, he might throw some fists around. I was wondering what kind of person is he. After I actually started working with him, I realized he’s quite playful on location. He’s like a ‘brother’ and if you played hard on him, he’d do his best to get even with you (playfully).

“Actually, for quite a while ago, she kept on stepping on my foot,” Aoki began and Fumino replied,”You should tell me quickly if I stepped on your foot.” They started joking. Aoki has a special impression of Fumino. “It’s more like a faulty impression, I think without thinking too much of her as ‘actress, actress’ would be nice.”

He continued,” On location when we’re together (playing respective roles), rather than having preconception (or prejudice), she’s the type to flatly accept all kinds of things. In the investigation team, Toko is the only woman but there’s no sign of incompatibility. Even though her position in the team doesn’t feel perfect from the beginning, you do get quite addicted to her character in time. That feeling is very good, the same goes with Kimura’s presence on location. She’s very focused when filming.”

Speaking about his role as Takano, “I’ve never really played such a ‘cool’ person before. When the camera started rolling, people at the back were laughing. It was a cheerful filming, everyone did what they’re supposed to accurately, I think this will produce a good result.”

On the other hand, Fumino voiced that the hardest part for her was to express Toko’s ‘swaying’ emotions. She confessed that she’s the type who wants to get it right in one strike. “Whatever it is, I like to do it right all the way. Isn’t that adequacy good? At least, that’s what I think personally. There are times when I think ‘it’s okay to bend a little’, but of course it has been decided that you should not bend. With so many jobs overlapping each other, as a person as well as an actress, it’s getting harder to ‘sway’. Maybe it’s better to have a core where you can stand by.”


Toko Kisaragi followed her deceased father’s steps and became a police at Tokyo Metropolitan Police Investigation Department Division 1. She’s someone with a strong sense of justice. On the contrary, her experience as a police is still low and is forced to face her first ‘dangerous’ case. Kimura described,” Toko is a police, but also a woman. Director Uchikata explained that this story is about Toko’s growth. Since I’m also playing my first role as a police, I thought if I’m able to express the ‘first time experience’ in the show, that’d be nice.”

Toko has both ‘girlish’ and ‘strong’ side. If these two personalities do not interchange and follow parallel lines, it’ll end up ‘coming and going’. That kind of expression is difficult…Though I planned to express that properly, I will also ‘sway’ personally won’t I? I became quite anxious about it. If I were to describe Toko, it’d be ‘she has the tendency to live difficultly’. That’s a huge gap between myself and her- Kimura Fumino

“Even though there’s not much violent action involved in this, I’m still grateful we finished filming safely.” Speaking of his police role, ”It’s something you can’t do without being tough or losing sleep. You have to do reasoning (on the case) and before long, you rack your brain. There’s not much emotion going on as Takano is logical, cool and very composed.”

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