Ishi no Mayu ep1 [english subtitle]

This is my first time subbing a drama so I’ll apologize in advance for any mistakes, which I’m sure will be present. I’ll try to minimize them. Feel free to point out anything wrong or advice by either posting in the comment section below or send me DM at my Twitter.

Ishi no Mayu ep1.mp4_snapshot_17.09_[2015.08.20_00.36.31]

Special thanks to my cousin for assisting me. I’d like to credit the Chinese subbers at [subpig] as well for their version, which I referred to for the nitty gritty parts and fellow supportive Twitter members (you know who you are hehe).

I also made a thread at d-addicts.

ASS version
SRT version

-Change the name to the same as the raw.
-The subtitle is timed to the raw 720p version at this Korean site.
EDIT: now has the 480p version up.
Please try both SRT and ASS versions to see which one worked best for you.

Just to share the reasons why I took up this project. First of all, this is one of my most anticipated dramas this season and I love police dramas (my favorite genre followed by human drama). It being a WOWOW production is also a factor. Plus I like Kimura Fumino as an actress after watching her in Mother Game so I’m curious to see how she fares here. Lastly, upon watching the first episode, I feel like it’d be a waste not to share this nice drama with international fans.

So I hope you guys will enjoy this ^^


13 thoughts on “Ishi no Mayu ep1 [english subtitle]

  1. This show is so good. I watched the first episode earlier and I am hooked. At the time I had no idea there existed subs. Then I randomly did a Twitter search and found this entry. I will have to watch it again with your subs now. Really, huge thanks and such a surprise. I mean, WOWOW dramas are seldomly picked up.

    • You’re welcome ^^ Initially I wasn’t confident in subbing this because they don’t provide japanese softsubs and I’m still learning the language. But the first episode was great that I thought let’s give it a shot anyway. I’ll take it as a learning process. I hope more people will watch this and enjoy it as much as we do.

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