Ishi no Mayu trivia (part 1)

This post is mainly for fun.

Things Japanese fans discovered and also me personally XD

In first episode, Takano (Aoki Munetaka) was seen sipping a box of juice. It turned out later that it was tomato juice.

Ishi no Mayu ep1 (version 2).mp4_snapshot_25.42_[2015.08.30_19.24.03]Although in the first episode, we couldn’t see it properly, I’m 99% sure it should be tomato juice lol

He was seen drinking it again in episode 2.

CNWXnjPVAAAgTaNSeriously, I don’t know whether his character Takano is a tomato juice freak or Aoki himself likes it so much they decided to let him drink on-set lol


Ishi no Mayu ep02 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_14.49_[2015.08.30_19.24.50]Next, we have a little connection with Fumino Kimura’s character Kiko in Mother Game drama last season.

Tokushige-san likes to check the forums and one of the forumers actually used that famous line from Kiko as username.

“Hakkiri iwasete itadakimasu”

Of course, you’ll only understand the connection if you watched Mother Game haha

Not sure whether they deliberately did this because I think it’d be too much of a coincidence to put it there considering the obvious link to Fumino’s character in another drama XD

Ishi no Mayu ep1 (version 2).mp4_snapshot_37.40_[2015.08.30_19.28.35]Lastly, just a tiny bit on food. The thing Toko was spreading on her bread was not jam or butter.

Earlier today, when she posted a behind the scene picture on her instagram, she revealed it was actually red bean paste. Apparently the director loves it.

When I first saw this scene, I already knew but still think it’s quite interesting.


In episode 3, red bean paste will make another appearance lol

(pic taken from ep3 preview)

Ishi no Mayu ep02 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_47.28_[2015.08.30_17.44.40]Hopefully in the last 3 episodes, I’ll be able to make another trivia post
like this just to pick on interesting bits we can observe ^^


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