Little Forest: Winter & Spring [review]

Little Forest returns with Winter/Spring edition.

Little Forest~Winter&Spring.2015.mkv_snapshot_00.45.48_[2015.09.01_00.50.26]

A two hour movie that will definitely be worth your time. Even if you may not be fan of Ai Hashimoto or say…Mayu Matsuoka, it doesn’t matter. But that being said, if you’re a fan, then it’s a MUST WATCH.

Little Forest~Winter&Spring.2015.mkv_snapshot_01.22.57_[2015.09.01_00.52.02]

Little Forest is a very simple movie set in a beautiful countryside named Komori and follows the daily lives of Ichiko. She survives on her own by planting all sorts of vegetables, paddy and being resourceful by hunting for edibles around the forest.

Little Forest~Winter&Spring.2015.mkv_snapshot_00.50.43_[2015.09.01_00.50.53]

It doesn’t have much dialogue, most of them are about food preparation, which is obviously the main subject of this movie. It’s such a pleasure just to watch Ichiko prepare from scratch the food on her own as she narrates the recipe and method.

Little Forest~Winter&Spring.2015.mkv_snapshot_00.32.25_[2015.09.01_00.48.44] Little Forest~Winter&Spring.2015.mkv_snapshot_00.35.53_[2015.09.01_00.49.06]


Little Forest~Winter&Spring.2015.mkv_snapshot_01.22.30_[2015.09.01_00.51.42]

That’s the only warning I have for you folks. Make sure you’ve already eaten or have some real food in front of you or you will suffer. Trust me. It’s not a movie to watch when you’re hungry.

Little Forest~Winter&Spring.2015.mkv_snapshot_01.32.31_[2015.09.01_00.52.58]

In this edition, we see more of Mayu Matsuoka and Takahiro Miura compared to the previous Summer/Autumn.

Little Forest~Winter&Spring.2015.mkv_snapshot_01.37.03_[2015.09.01_00.53.07]Little Forest~Winter&Spring.2015.mkv_snapshot_01.30.37_[2015.09.01_00.52.48]

For a movie that doesn’t have much plot or real storyline, it’s such a brilliant minimalistic film. It proves that you don’t really need an action-packed or tonnes of lines to make a good movie. The directing is really commendable, I love all the scenic views the director managed to capture which truly show the essence and spirit of Komori itself.

Little Forest~Winter&Spring.2015.mkv_snapshot_01.27.50_[2015.08.30_10.03.20]

I hope they’ll release the OST for this movie. I really like all the background music. So relaxing.

Little Forest~Winter&Spring.2015.mkv_snapshot_01.51.42_[2015.08.30_22.50.13]

When the movie ends, I felt slightly sad because I really want to see more. This is such a beautiful piece of film that everyone should try.

By the way, the young Ichiko is really cute. She looks like kid version of Aragaki Yui XD

Little Forest~Winter&Spring.2015.mkv_snapshot_00.04.17_[2015.09.01_00.46.25]


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