Ishi no Mayu ep3 [english subtitle]

Here it is! Enjoy ^^


Timed to furransu’s RAW.CNjD8yNUEAAaUBf


3 thoughts on “Ishi no Mayu ep3 [english subtitle]

  1. Hi 🙂 I’m currently watching Ishi no Mayu with ur subs (thank you btw <3), but I have a little question. At the end of 2nd episode, they say Abe is a witness and that he did nothing wrong but at the beginning of the 3rd episode they talk about him as a huge suspect who was nearly be arrested. Is it a mistake of translation about the witness term in the 2nd episode, or that he just moved from witness to suspect ? Sorry for this annoying question but it bothers me and forgive my english, I'm french 😡

  2. Hi! The word they used in ep2 when they first introduced Abe is ‘参考人’ which can be confusing because it can mean person of interest, witness and suspect. So at that time, I didn’t know what role he is in, so I put ‘witness’ but on hindsight, I should’ve used ‘person of interest’. This is a good reminder actually (so next time, I should be more careful with my choice of words).

    I used ‘suspect’ after that because of the interrogation part where they obviously were suspecting him. My bad ^^ Sorry for the confusion.

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