37.5°C no Namida ep8-9 [review]

I have been following this show since the beginning but don’t really have the time to recap everything. But the last 2 episodes were focusing more on Momoko’s family and how badly they treated her so I thought of discussing that a bit.

37.5°C no Namida ep08 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_30.24_[2015.09.13_13.52.44]

Momoko as we know from first episode is slightly timid with that awkward smile of hers. Among her colleagues, she’s probably the rookiest of all. These traits of hers were mostly caused by her troubled childhood.

37.5°C no Namida ep08 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_30.25_[2015.09.13_13.52.48]

Due to how her family treated her in the past, for example, her siblings bullying her (her elder sister seems to be okay) and the mother treating her like a stranger’s child instead of their own blood, Momoko grew up with inferiority complex. She had a traumatized childhood and even though she had escaped from them for the last 6 years, it didn’t really change anything. She’s still very much scared of her own family.

37.5°C no Namida ep08 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_32.48_[2015.09.13_13.48.52]

I was waiting and waiting for her to grow and overcome those fears. I guess things like that need a lot of time and the right support from people around her. Luckily, we have Asahina who has an inkling on how badly her family is treating her. But whether or not Momoko will take a step forward and stand up to her family remains a concern and it was a really long wait.


37.5°C no Namida ep08 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_37.50_[2015.09.13_14.03.22]

In episode 8, she stood up against her own brother. I like how she pushed his hands away when he tried to grab her hair again at the hospital. What kind of brother would do that to their own sister, seriously…anyways, for Momoko, this action at least brings hope to us that she’ll eventually confront her own mother and settle the family issues.

I really don’t like how they portray the mother though, she’s like bordering between having some mental issues and downright creepy. Not sure if that’s exactly what the screenwriter wanted her to be like.

Episode 9

Momoko met her former student council president who had become a jobless single mother. I’m not sure how closely they portrayed the harsh treatment of Japanese society towards single parents, especially, mothers, but it reminds me of Woman as well. If there’s sexual and age harassment, I guess you can call this the ‘single mother harassment’? Oh by the way, this kid was from Woman (Mitsushima Hikari).

37.5°C no Namida ep09 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_23.52_[2015.09.13_15.09.44]As to the ending of this particular case, why does everything have to be Momoko’s fault?

Momoko abruptly quit Little Snow after hearing that her father might not have much time. The only thing her father managed to tell her was “I’m sorry”.

That still doesn’t explain why the mother and brother hate Momoko so much!

Everything will be explained in the final episode though, so let’s wait and see.

37.5°C no Namida ep09 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_45.50_[2015.09.13_15.18.38]

As for who I’m rooting for in this show. Well, initially, I didn’t really want to root for any pair because I kinda like the idea of how Japanese dramas tend to focus on the theme itself and never really touch on other things. For example, let’s just take Mother Game as a reference. In that drama, they could’ve just paired Kiko and Shinnosuke together and happy ending for all but they didn’t. Kiko wanted to focus on raising Haruto. Truth be told, I was rooting so much for them both but at the same time, sometimes, I appreciate how some Japanese dramas don’t stray too far from their main genre and they keep it that way. You know how some dramas deviate from the main plot and they bring in messy romance when it’s not supposed to be romance at all? Yeah, something like that.

So back to this drama, I was pretty sure Momoko won’t end up with any of the two guys. But as the show goes on, if I were to choose anyway, I’d say…Asahina’s a good choice. Better than Shinohara. I like Kenta, the kid, a lot (the after-effect from MG lol) but Asahina understands Momoko a lot more than Shinohara. I felt Shinohara didn’t even spend as much time with Momoko and actually know her background. I actually find his confession to Momoko too rushed, it didn’t feel very right.

37.5°C no Namida ep08 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_41.58_[2015.09.13_14.08.11]


2 thoughts on “37.5°C no Namida ep8-9 [review]

    • I thought so too at first but there was a scene, I couldn’t remember which episode, that showed her grabbing her tummy when she was pregnant with Momoko. Or that scene could be misleading. Let’s see what they reveal in the final episode ^^

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