Ishi no Mayu ep5 finale [review and recap]


This week’s finale:

Toremi and Toko’s confrontation

If I were to describe the final confrontation between Toremi and Toko, it’d be a pool of intensity and mixed feelings. The crime done by Toremi wasn’t exactly wrong, he was just taking revenge on people who ruined his life. I like how grey this is that I couldn’t blame Toremi fully for what he did. I was thinking how things will unfold between Toko and Toremi when they finally meet. We have these two characters, a cop and criminal who had been talking with each other for the last 5 days, it really did give a somewhat peculiar and complex situation, especially for Toko to finally meet the criminal, someone she had sympathized with and yet needed to capture as a cop.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_41.37_[2015.09.16_14.49.42]

There was a lot of talking in the finale but necessary to let us know Toremi’s intention and also Takaaki’s murder. Perhaps, the biggest twist of all wasn’t Toremi’s identity as we all probably already had an idea who he was by episode 2. No, the biggest twist for me personally was actually the reason behind Takaaki’s murder that I think nobody would’ve thought of. Masato was hinted not be Takaaki’s real son and so, he didn’t mind scheming a kidnap plan in order to get Doumon’s money. The plan fell apart and when Masato found his notebook, he killed his own father. So there was actually a third accomplice after all. As for why Toko and her mother were targeted, I think we know by now that Isao’s so-called ‘mistake’ caused Toremi to hold a grudge against the incompetent cops.

I actually hoped for more action between Toko and Toremi but on hindsight, I felt that was unnecessary. This show’s selling point is not action but suspense so the show had served its purpose. In fact, if you think about it, Toko’s mother was the one who saved the day lol. Of course, they can always let Toko deliver the final blow but I guess the part where her mother suddenly came to her senses and saved her child was nice. She was being confined for 5 days so her physical and mental state was unstable. May I point out the brief but convincing slightly ‘mentally disturbed’ scene of Toremi munching on the food and slamming the table a bit, that was sort of intimidating. There was a particular scene at the end where Toremi first found his mother’s bones, I genuinely felt sorry for him. I really did. That was just downright sad.

This really felt like a very very long Day 5. By the end of their confrontation, the look on Toko’s face could be understood clearly as she watched Toremi being driven away. Rather than sense of relief, it was a mixture of complex emotion and plain fatigue. She just survived an explosion and had to confront Toremi on the very same day. Her conversation with Chief Kamiya the next morning was a nice addition though I think it was pretty obvious she’d grown so much from this case. Well more like she was forced to mature given the situation she faced. That rookie ambience didn’t linger around anymore by the end of this finale, especially the last scene, which felt really good.


I like the way they began the finale. Instead of showing us the aftermath right away, they took us back to Toko’s childhood.

This particular shot is one of the cutest scenes ever. Father and daughter’s feet, then the daughter wiggled upfront.


Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_00.30_[2015.09.16_14.32.45]

Her father was looking at the newspaper and mentioned that there was a kid, around Toko’s age, whose mother was killed etc (obviously referring to Masato) and that if there’s anyone in trouble, they should lend a hand to help them. He also indicated that Masato might take revenge in the future towards the people who harmed him and his mother, including the police. So he told Toko to not become a cop.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_01.51_[2015.09.16_14.33.12]

Then we switched to the factory scene.

This is what you get Toko, for not listening to your father’s advice.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_01.57_[2015.09.16_15.27.24]

After the blast from previous episode, luckily both Takano and Toko only suffered minor injuries (I do have some gripe about this particular scene though, which I will explain in detail at the Overall Impression, coming up next!).

Takano shunin was friggin kakkoii in this particular scene haha

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_03.45_[2015.09.16_14.34.27]

Oh and I wouldn’t have expected him to actually say thanks to Toko for giving the earlier warning.

A very exhausted Toko

Ishi no Mayu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_06.42_[2015.09.16_16.26.03]

The police figured that the explosion at a factory a month ago might have some sort of connection with this. It could be Toremi who was testing the explosion before this case.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_06.57_[2015.09.16_14.35.09]

Later that day, Hayase told Toko to go home, an order from Chief Kamiya to rest fully. So Toko went back while the rest of the team worked on pursuing Toremi.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_09.17_[2015.09.16_14.36.26]Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_09.33_[2015.09.16_14.37.15]

Takano suddenly realized the reason Toremi peeled of the mortar. He saw an AED machine at the station and connected the dots. Izawa as mentioned by his family, had weak heart. There was also an alarm fuss at the supermarket near Izawa’s recycle shop, if you recall, it was mentioned by the ojisan during the questioning earlier.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_11.37_[2015.09.16_14.37.26]

Takano’s reasoning:
The day Toremi caught Izawa, he probably suddenly had a heart attack. So Toremi might gone into the supermarket to get an AED machine to revive Izawa because if he’s dead, then Toremi couldn’t get hold of Abe’s contact. He managed to revive him and in order not to let the police find out about him using the AED from the supermarket, he peeled Abe’s chest. That way, the police wouldn’t know where he got the AED and pursue the supermarket’s security camera.

So now they probably were able to see Toremi’s face if they checked the security camera. The police also announced that Yaginuma Masato was the suspect of the mortar serial murder.

Toko reached home but something felt wrong. The whole house was dark.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_15.04_[2015.09.16_14.38.09]

She found her mother lying on the floor, cuffed on the legs. There were candles everywhere and photographs of dead Izawa on the wall.

Toremi was behind and shocked her with a stun gun.

“Welcome to my lair.”

“You’ve always been my target all along.”

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_15.08_[2015.09.16_14.38.18]

Toremi sneaked into Toko’s house right after she left for the case. Meaning, all the mails she received were from Toremi, pretending to be her mother. He knew Toko would stay overnight elsewhere and wouldn’t return as long as the case was still unsolved.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_16.48_[2015.09.16_14.39.41]

Why was Toko and her mother targeted?

That’s because Toko’s father was basically the one who messed up the ransom exchange last time. So he held a grudge upon his family.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_17.17_[2015.09.16_14.40.05]

Toko then asked Toremi about the third accomplice. Toremi explained that there was a third accomplice, but he was already dead. It turned out to be his father, Yaginuma Takaaki. Takaaki wasn’t actually Masato’s real father. That was why he didn’t really care for both of their lives. He was scheming the kidnapping for Doumon’s money.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_19.37_[2015.09.16_14.40.33]Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_19.46_[2015.09.16_14.40.45]

Meanwhile, Takano and the rest found the suspect on the security camera. The face wasn’t clear but he looked familiar, the part-timer at OB Café, the place they always hold meeting.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_22.18_[2015.09.16_14.40.55]

Actually, this was quite easy to predict haha

But even when I knew the criminal all along, I still think it was pretty thrilling. Just to see Toremi’s course of action and so on.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_23.11_[2015.09.16_14.41.04]

Toremi didn’t initially work at OB Café to monitor their investigation progress. However, one day he heard about this new police joining the team by the name Kisaragi. He figured out that Isao has a daughter and began his revenge plan. Toko asked what was written in Takaaki’s notebook.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_26.16_[2015.09.16_14.41.55]I really liked this scene where Toremi was slightly agitated and mentally disturbed.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_28.31_[2015.09.16_14.42.23]

Toremi likes milk.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_29.48_[2015.09.16_14.43.29]

It was all about the kidnap plan and in there, Kisaragi Isao’s name was also mentioned as the reason why the ransom exchange fell apart. He began checking for Isao and found his mini essays. Working at OB Café also gave him an advantage, he could monitor the police’s progress.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_26.13_[2015.09.16_14.41.48]

Toko replied that her father had never forgotten about him and his mother till the day he died. Toremi then found the documents Isao wrote after he retired. Isao went to visit his family countless times to speak with Masato for more information, but only to be chased away by Takaaki.

There were some flashback scenes of Isao trying to investigate the case on his own.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_33.06_[2015.09.16_14.44.13]Toko tried to calm Toremi and lengthen the time. This scene was sort of awkward but on second thought, yeah…trying to soften Toremi’s heart.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_34.40_[2015.09.16_14.45.52]Didn’t work! Toremi electric-shocked her again.

“I’m going to harden you both with mortar.”

Anyways, Toremi went to the bathroom to prepare the mortar. He planned to kill both Toko and her mother as well as hardening them together.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_35.27_[2015.09.16_14.46.13]

So now, it was up to Toko to think of how to save both of them in this situation.

Toko untied her mother and saw her hairpin. She quickly used it to try unlock the handcuffs. I don’t think she really thought it’d actually work at first because of how surprised she looked when she got her leg free.

But time is running out. She needed to figure out how to settle Toremi.

Yes this was where it got more exciting. New background music too.

Toremi…you harden the knives in the sink?

Ishi no Mayu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_37.00_[2015.09.16_16.40.02]

Suddenly she saw her father’s altar and recalled that Toremi wore the watch.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_37.33_[2015.09.16_14.47.49]

So an idea came to her.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_38.01_[2015.09.16_14.48.06]

She turned off all the lights, blew out all the candles and waited for Toremi to come out.

She watched out for the ‘glow in the dark’ watch.

Knocked him unconscious …or so she thought so.

Ishi no Mayu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_38.56_[2015.09.16_16.58.26]

Toremi came around and as Toko was trying to free her mother, he knocked her over and strangled her.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_40.01_[2015.09.16_14.48.45]

Her mother was confined for the last 5 days so it’s understandable she was not responsive, sort of in a shocked state of mind?

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_40.09_[2015.09.16_14.48.56]

But luckily, Toko’s mother finally came to her senses and used the stun gun on Toremi. He probably dropped it somewhere, this wasn’t shown in the drama, kind of mentioned in the novel (from what I read in the spoilers).

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_40.50_[2015.09.16_14.49.23]Takano and the rest arrived around the same time and arrested Masato.

What an exhausting Day 5.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_41.37_[2015.09.16_14.49.42]

Chief Kamiya said it’s okay for Toko to take a break and transfer to another department if she wanted to, after this unprecedented event. However, Toko wanted to continue working in 1st Division. Looks like she’s finally understood the meaning of being a cop and ready to be one.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_44.57_[2015.09.16_14.50.28]Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_46.09_[2015.09.16_14.51.37]

Chief Kamiya returned the watch to Toko and said it’s a tough one.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_46.29_[2015.09.16_14.51.15]Toko returned to work and everybody, including the senior who was ‘bullying’ her earlier acknowledged her now.

Takano’s smile is seriously hilarious I laughed out lout when he flashed it.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_47.04_[2015.09.16_14.52.53]I bet even Toko wanted to burst out laughing but restrained herself haha

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_47.06_[2015.09.16_14.52.10]

The notebook they found at Masato’s aunt’s house was actually a trap. He wrote that recently and deliberately left it for the police to find.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_47.34_[2015.09.16_14.53.00]

The police found the place where Masato kept his mother’s bones.

Ishi no Mayu ep05 (848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_48.35_[2015.09.23_01.45.24]

Oh crap, I felt like tearing up at the final scene where they showed Masato first found his mother’s corpse. That was really…really sad.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_49.36_[2015.09.16_14.53.26]Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_49.40_[2015.09.16_14.53.33]I will write up an Overall Impression soon with more discussion.

Ishi no Mayu ep5.mp4_snapshot_50.58_[2015.09.16_14.23.19]


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