Meitantei Catherine SP [review]


First of all, the logic. How in the world can a US Vice President’s daughter get up close and personal with murders in Japan including the police sharing investigation information with her? I can understand if it was just the first murder as it involved her Japanese friend but the deaths after that?

[SP] Meitantei Catherine(848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_00.12.47_[2015.09.23_20.07.31]

Another thing would be the language spoken. Are we to expect she can understand Japanese quite well, including some very fast-spoken sentences, especially when they were explaining detailed information about the case to her? Maybe they just wanted us to assume that and get away with it.

[SP] Meitantei Catherine(848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_01.02.30_[2015.09.23_21.41.36]

Catherine Turner (Charlotte Kate Fox who was also in Massan) followed her father, Vice President of US to Japan for an official visit but refused to go back with her father after that because she wanted to learn more about ikebana (flower arrangement). Tanihara Shosuke acts as Ichiro, whose uncle is Japan’s Foreign Minister. He was basically forced to become Catherine’s escort despite his initial reluctance.

Isn’t it common sense not to touch anything in a crime scene with your bare hands?

[SP] Meitantei Catherine(848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_00.45.02_[2015.09.23_21.05.46]

Catherine had wanted to meet up and learn ikebana from Maiko who previously went to US to spread ikebana awareness. However, Maiko was acting strange, wouldn’t pick up her calls and even escaped from her when Catherine went to her mansion to find her. That was the last she saw of Maiko as she was found dead soon after.

Two other murders followed and the common point was the murders always occurred on Sundays along Horikawa Dori. Catherine suspected the murderer should be someone within the ikebana society.

Why the heck did Ichiro need to chase after Catherine who took off with the car using a mere bicycle when her bodyguards was driving another car? Why? Why? When he could’ve just got into the bodyguards’ car.

[SP] Meitantei Catherine(848x480 x264).mp4_snapshot_01.10.26_[2015.09.23_21.54.10]

Regarding the locked room mystery, a part of the door was ripped (Japanese traditional door), and it seemed appalling that the police didn’t even realize it until Catherine pointed out the trick. You can obviously see the layers of posters pasted on the hole. That was really so amateur.

[SUBPIG][Meitantei Catherine SP].mp4_snapshot_01.30.07_[2015.09.24_18.29.56]

While it’s probably a nice change of pace for us to see a foreigner acting as lead here, I just wished they spent more time writing a more solid mystery.

Rating: 6/10

The state of Special dramas have been quite disappointing as of late. I also recently watched Unfair SP~Double Meaning Rensa~ I’ll post a brief review after this but that didn’t do any better.


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