Marks no Yama [review]

This is quite old but since I’m in the mood recently for crime dramas, I’ve been looking for some to fill in the gaps before the fall dramas begin. I’ve heard great things about Marks no Yama (WOWOW). Been wanting to watch this for a while actually but only recently found decent quality files. Subtitles are available @d-addicts.

Marks No Yama Ep01.mp4_snapshot_37.18_[2015.09.30_12.45.12]

I will not include spoilers and this is not a recap either. It’s purely a review.

Marks no Yama is quite bold because it’s not shy to introduce multiple characters and cases to viewers in the first episode. I was slightly overwhelmed with the huge amount of information, mostly pieces of puzzles and clues inserted in between. It might be quite confusing at first as we switch from a scene to another and you’ll be left wondering how do they connect with each other. So it’s okay to actually go back and rewatch some scenes if you must in order to retrieve some forgotten memories or things you might have missed.

Marks No Yama Ep02.mp4_snapshot_05.52_[2015.09.30_12.46.02]

Pacing is fine from ep1-3 because there are so many things thrown at you during this period. Around episode 2-3, you’ll realize the link between the murders and victims, that’s also where things begin to escalate and starts to get more exciting. The murderer is also hinted already. End of episode 3, what a cliffhanger. Totally didn’t see that coming. Finale was slightly draggy and could’ve been shortened.

Marks No Yama Ep04.mp4_snapshot_06.55_[2015.09.30_12.50.51]

The brilliance of this drama is how well they’re able to disperse all the clues and give us little bits and pieces throughout the show. It may make you feel lost but stay with it. Everything will make sense and when it does, oh boy…what a sensation! This is the kind of show that really makes your brain function. You don’t only have the cops working on this case, there’s also a reporter and someone from the Special Investigators Division (which catches white collar criminals). It’s really captivating to see them digging around separately, finding new information and then when they’re finally linked, just perfect.

Marks No Yama Ep01.mp4_snapshot_31.59_[2015.09.30_12.44.59]

There’s just something I was slightly annoyed with. The all-too-common ‘competition’ within the divisions. If you’ve watched enough cop dramas, this can be seen in most of them. Like why can’t they just share information among themselves properly and actually focus on catching the criminals rather than being so secretive to get praises? I’ve had enough of them cops saying this kind of ‘competition’ among them will actually help them solve the case faster, in what way exactly? And yes, there are some cops who really over-react here and I was thinking…why so dramatic? There’s no need to shout. Seriously. Thankfully, this is only apparent in episode 1. After that, they seem to work more favorably together. But then you’ll hear lots of ‘higher ups’ later and that proves to be the biggest hurdle the cops have to face in this case.

No need to worry about acting performances here. They’re mostly veterans and the lead, Kamikawa Takaya is excellent. I also like his fascination about wearing white sneakers instead of the working leather shoes. Music is great too. Definitely one of the better ones I’ve heard.

Worth watching?
Oh yes definitely. Spare some time for this if you’re into crime dramas.


4 thoughts on “Marks no Yama [review]

  1. Just stumbled across your blog, it’s great, I love your reviews!! I really liked Marks No Yama! ! Have you seen Lady Joker ? It’s the loose sequel of this, loose as in only Kamikawa Takaya reprises his role as Goda Yuichiro but I really liked it too!!!

    • Hi there ^^
      I haven’t watched Lady Joker but I’ve also heard good things about it so I’ll put it next on my list 🙂

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