Fall drama Siren [press conference]

The press conference for the fall drama, Siren was held yesterday. Browsed through some of the news articles and picked several interesting trivia. So I just thought of sharing. Obviously, I will be covering this drama, maybe not recapping every single episode (too much work) but reviews definitely.


Tori Matsuzaka
– Apparently, we’ll be seeing quite a lot of action scenes including jumping from 2nd floor in the first episode. Reporters also wondered whether there might be shower scenes in the future and Tori said in regards to that, “I’ll do my best.” (lol)


Tori Matsuzaka and Kimura Fumino
-They have been co-stars for 4 times. The last time they were in the movie Piece of Cake (Ayano Go, Mikako Tabe). In that movie, Tori acted as a gay friend of Fumino’s. So this time in Siren, Tori said it felt a bit awkward initially to be Fumino’s boyfriend, but the nervousness has now gone as trust is built in the process.

– She will have lots of underwear scenes in the show. As a model, she said it was normal for her but during the shooting for this drama, she did feel slightly embarrassed. At the location, she’s always in a bath robe wearing only undies beneath walking around. Tori joked, “The reason why on that particular day, lots of male staffs are present.”

(This extra bit below is shared by someone on Instagram who went to the press conference)

Regarding the kiss scene on the sofa
– Both Tori and Fumino were discussing with the producer who should be on top. It ended with Fumino on top and the producer suggested her to maybe jump onto him playfully or something (lol)

CQ1WZRNUEAEWgyS.jpg small

The drama starts on October 20th, 10pm Tuesdays. First episode will be a 2-hour special.
Opening theme song will be provided by rock band Alexandros with their new single “Girl A”. Theme song will be Taiyou ni Warae by Anly.


It’s based on a manga by Yamazaki Sayaka. All together 7 volumes.
Personally, I’m planning to collect all of them in the near future and will read while watching the drama.
Almost done with the 1st volume last night and it was quite interesting. Besides the mysterious girl’s appearance, what I’m looking forward to now is the relationship between Inokuma and Shinobu as buddies (work) and lovers (private). I think their chemistry already looks very good on-screen in the teasers. Shinobu is like a more laidback dude while Inokuma’s hinted to be quite a heavy drinker and does judo.



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