[News] Tori Matsuzaka and Kimura Fumino celebrate birthdays together

I don’t know whether this is such a sweet coincidence or what you call ‘fate’ but either way they’re so adorable!
Tori’s birthday is on October 17th while Fumino’s on the 19th. So their birthdays are only 2 days apart.

In celebration of that, the staffs ordered a custom-made birthday cake which depicts the ‘kissing scene’ on the sofa from the drama LOL

If you look more carefully, you’ll see that the other mysterious character, Tachibana Kara is also at the background as if stalking them.

I personally think this cake is awesome though both of them might be slightly embarrassed by it. Tori’s initial reaction when he saw the cake was like “Why did you use that scene?” ^^;;


They were also presented very fitting birthday gifts. A matching sweater for both of their characters in the drama Siren, which will start airing next week, Tuesday on the 20th October. First episode will be a 2-hour special so it will begin at 9pm instead of 10pm.
Tori expressed his appreciation to the staffs for their elaborate cake and gifts. Fumino added by saying, “I’ll wear this today!”

Looking forward to the drama next week!



4 thoughts on “[News] Tori Matsuzaka and Kimura Fumino celebrate birthdays together

  1. I gotta say, they look good together and have good chemistry on screen . . . but I wonder if they find this awkward lol like I know it’s their roles in Siren to be in a romantic relationship but this feels like they are also being paired up off-screen . . . unless they really are dating or are just really easy-going about stuff like this lol

    • Yeah lol I would find it awkward too but I guess all they could do was laugh it off since it’s also a good promotion for the drama. In fact, I think promotion-wise, it’s brilliant. Both of them seem very professional about it.

      Off-screen, I think a while back, there was a rumor of Tori being with Ayase Haruka but nothing came out of it now. Not sure whether both of them are ‘really’ single in their private life at the moment. I never read or heard any rumors of Fumino dating anyone. On-screen wise, their chemistry is already so good even before the drama starts (judging from trailer bits) I can’t wait to see more in the drama itself!

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